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Dutch Passion Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Who wants to try a fantastic cannabis seed bank with great reviews, top quality cannabis seeds and incredible results? Then if this, is you, you will love Dutch Passion.

In this blog you will see why Dutch Passion cannabis seeds are Discount Cannabis Seeds customer’s favourite.

Discount Cannabis Seeds stock over 3,000 cannabis strains and Dutch Passion always comes out in our customers top 10!

Shopping for cannabis seeds could not be easier with Discount Cannabis Seeds, just click, purchase and grow with fantastic results. What is more to love?

Let us take a look at Dutch Passion.

The one of the world's oldest cannabis seedbank Dutch Passion was officially founded by Henk van Dalen, in Amsterdam in 1987. It produces a variety of original classic cannabis strains varieties and also some of the best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds.

Dutch Passion is an established leader in the cannabis business.

Dutch Passion has three important aims. First, the company collects and produces the best cannabis genetics, second, supports innovations, third, offers customers the best levels of customer service.

Today, Dutch Passion seeds collection is so strong. Dutch Passion company remain the supplier to many recreational and medical marijuana growers because of the focus on quality seeds and the reliable customer service.

Every one of varieties is carefully selected and produced to the highest possible standards. Many of varieties have won numerous prizes. Strains such as the original White Widow, Blueberry, Skunk #11, Power Plant and Mazar have become famous varieties. Many of the new seedbanks base their own varieties on Dutch Passion original genetics.

Despite inventing feminized seed Dutch Passion still retains around a third of their varieties in regular ‘non-feminized' seeds for those customers that like to experiment and make breeds and crosses of their own.  Also, Auto Fem cannabis seeds is an area which Dutch Passion has invested heavily in over the last few years.

Dutch Passion believes that all marijuana is medically effective. For example, such strain as Ortega Indica has been found to be particularly useful to medical marijuana growers.

Auto Blackberry Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Blackberry Kush is the result of crossing between original Blueberry and Hindu Kush. Auto Blackberry Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a top quality indica with a heavy stone effect and a fresh fruity taste. The Blueberry makes the flavour sweeter and fruity; the Kush makes it more earthy.

Auto Blackberry Kush tends to produce bushy plants with multiple blooms and brings impressive yields if conditions are good. It grows energetic with lots of side branches. Some plants demonstrate colour on the leaves and buds at harvest.

The plant develops the hard and compact dark buds. It reaches to 1m in tall and can be harvested after 10 weeks from seedlings with 20/4 light schedule.

Provides the strong effect of body stone.

Reviews of Auto Blackberry Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Great plant that I have grown multiple times now, Dutch Passion really have achieved a great consistency with this strain. Has shown stopper buds and it is great for an evening smoke to help you get ready for bed. Would also say it is super easy to grow and pest/disease resistant.
Really nice smoke this, Especially after a week of curing. I have bought blackberry Kush locally before and I would say this is nicer. Grew really well, the only thing being I seemed too have lacked in weight. But I did have to pull slightly early. I would say it is more of a night-time smoke being dominant indica. Really nice body hit off it and relaxes the mind. Works well before bed. :) Tastes and smells very much like Blackberries. Although all 3 phenos have slightly different Taste/Aroma all very much like blackberries. One of them smells so strongly of blackberries when I open the curing jar it is unbelievable. Really nice. Great strain overall, would recommend growing it.

It has a very fruitful smell, that goes combined with a fruity smoke.
This is really a social smoke! Has an uplifting effect and will put a smile on your face?
When this plant is grown in a place with other plants, she will be the dominant smelling one.

For growing she is not your ideal lady, she produces many big leaves, creating a lot of shadow that will not please your canopy.
Train and trim here well if you want here to be produced full.

Perfect smoke to relax before going to bed if you get the purple more indica phenotype, and if you get the more sativa/uplifting pheno of the plant, it is great for a relaxing smoke with friends, it makes you talkative. Delicious smell and taste.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds   Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto Glueberry O.G. Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Glueberry OG is a sativa dominant hybrid of Glueberry OG and Auto Blueberry. The auto flowering strain has retained the best qualities of its parents, such as taste and effect.
The plant is suitable for any growing environment and is great for SCROG and SOG methods. Outdoors, it can grow in warm climates. Its size can be impressive, especially when grown in a hydraulic system.

In its structure, Auto Glueberry OG resembles a Christmas tree and has many side branches. This is a really large cannabis plant.

After 77 days, you can harvest a very large crop, which is not typical for auto strains. The variety is easy to grow and is suitable for novice growers. Please note that the variety has a very sharp and strong aroma during flowering.
The taste of Auto Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds is diesel, blueberries and fruit. Thanks to the buds richly coated with resin, the strain is suitable for the production of concentrates. Smoke gives a strong, invigorating effect, which can develop into a narcotic high and a couch-lock effect.

Reviews of Auto Glueberry O.G. Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Dutch Passion really knows what they're doing when it comes marijuana strains especially this beauty of an auto, Glueberry OG!!

She is the auto version of the hard-hitting, resin dripping photoperiod, Glueberry OG.
They cross (Gorilla Glue × OG) with the original auto Blueberry to ensure the same taste in effect as her photoperiod sister. The strain is a sativa dominant and very potent hybrid! THC levels are very high!! This is truly an American delicacy.
This is my second time growing this strain. I loved every second of it!!! This would be a great strain for anyone just starting out because she is very forgiving and is also very rewarding as long as she is treated well and kept happy.

This is high potent rock-hard sticky bud with a power full smell, it totally blasted away the smell of my other plant Zkittlez. The buds are as a said rock hard, heavy and when you crush them there is a lot of weed. it is a pleasure to smoke and the taste is way better than the smell.

Great for both beginners and experts, ready to forgive many mistakes but also given the perfect conditions will excel and reward you with a great yield. This strain is perfect for both day and night smoking. Leaves you relaxed but functional and if you pop in a little more it is great before bedtime. This strain also carries great pain relief properties for those looking for something medical.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto Colorado Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Colorado Cookies is an auto indica dominant hybrid Girl Scout Cookies and Auto Blueberry. The variety produces average/above average yields in 77 days. The plant grows easily both indoors and outdoors. The strain has a very high THC level.
Auto Colorado Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds have a fruity taste and aroma. Sometimes, it tastes like mango, like its parent GSC. Smoke gives an uplifting, happy high. It also relaxes and gives a "body-stone" effect. His American indica genetics is one of the strongest in the Dutch Passion line.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to grow this strain in your garden.

Reviews of Auto Colorado Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Colorado Cookies is wonderfully easy strain to grow, potent and delicious.
She grew without any problem and withstood some pH-malfunctions very well. Yield was good.
Effects are pleasurable and simply makes you happy. She got more earthy notes on her nearing the end and this was apparent on dry product as well. After strong earthy notes settle down the sweet blueberry pie-like smell and taste comes out.
Overall, very recommendable, tasty and easy strain to grow.This is top weed, it is a very soft sweet smoke it tastes like sweet berry and very nice body buzz weed, also this one is my favourite weed to take before night-time. All the buds on top are rock hard, the colour of the weed is very light blonde. This weed is also very nice to use in the vaporizer and it gives lots of vapes.

Anyway, smoke so smooth, tastes great, strong, one joint will set me up nicely, two and I am in the zone, three and I am taking a nap.

This one is a yielder too! much bigger than the GSC it grows more like a blueberry, that means bigger colas, more flower nodes yet that gorgeous GSC flower structure. bag appeal is decent, the biotabs one is more calyx than the rest the Mr. B’s one has madness amounts of pistils compared to the others. the frost level makes the weed look lighter coloured than it is, loads of pistils, crunches up nicely but it is still sticky then it puffs out nicely in the grinder, snow white ash, smooth smoke.

 It is kind of a tough thing being a GSC cross because you are always going to be compared to the GSC, which is such an iconic genetic. The Auto Colorado Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds are nothing like the GSCs and maybe that is alright because they taste amazing, and they have inherited that potency too. High is elated, visual effect and relaxing. Lasts about 2 hours for me then it is nap time.

 The way these are, if you like weed that tastes amazing at the rec-shop potency level then this is for you, easily rivals GSC-crosses I have had from dispensaries in terms of taste and potency. It is a good weed to zone out on a great weed to pass out with.

A hat tip to Dutch Passion for these, I will be growing their line up for sure!

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto Critical Orange Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a balanced cross between Orange Punch and Auto Critical Bilbo. This variety is easy to grow, so it is suitable for novice growers.

The strain yields in about 75 days and produces a giant crop. This is a very resinous variety. The plant has a size of 70-100 cm. This strain is famous for its large harvests.

This is a high-potential variety. The taste is very skunk, citrus and reminiscent of Afghan hashish. The effect gives a strong and long-lasting euphoria, due to the high level of THC.

This is a good representative of the Orange Family.

Reviews of Auto Critical Orange Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

She deserves the most aggressively growing plant I have ever had.
A strong stable plant with good resistance. I can recommend people who just want to start or just want to grow something enjoyable because she is.

So, I am going to give 10 stars for the plant to grow it was really nice experience and I also give 10 stars for it effect because I enjoyed very well, I am overall happy with this plant and everything. I recommend and I hope everyone will have the same or at least similar experience.

This is a great plant to start with in my opinion, responded very well to LST with inter nodal spacing being good but not too tight

I think this pheno leans very much to the sativa side, stretched like crazy in pre-flower and there was some fox tailing.

The smoke is very smooth even before cure, has a nice orange popsicle smell with an almost piney taste on exhale. Very good daytime smoke that does not leave you locked in.

Very strong cerebral that mellows out into body a bit, all in all creative euphoric for me - can be used all day for me. lovely feeling smoke.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Think Different Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Think Different is a strong auto flowering strain with wonderful crops. This variety is based on the AK420 that is AK47 hybrid.

Even beginners can receive 100 grams from one plant.  And professionals can take 200-300gr+.  The plant produces to 500g/m² especially using SCROG and the powerful bulbs indoors. The plant reaches 1m in height and brings high harvests after 10-11 weeks from seedlings.

The strain offers sweet and pungent smells and the fast-hitting, uplifting effect that stimulates creativity and expands consciousness.

Reviews of Think Different Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Higher than expected THC content. Sets your mind on fire, very much sativa feels. Easy to grow, high yielding outdoor auto that I will grow again for sure! What a pleasure.

Strong smell, strong stuff. Very talkative but more nigh than day. If you will cook cakes, it is just an unreal... next level at all!

the taste is really nice, fresh and smooth. Buds are very frosty and a lime green. Good denseness and was not too bad to trim. Look exactly like the pic on their website which is always great to see.
Will definitely grow again as it helps with Anxiety and to relax.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto Cinderella Jack Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Cinderella Jack is a cross of Cinderella 99, Jack Herer and Magnum, giving the strain a high THC level, almost 26%. Also, such genetics give high yields of 400-500 g/m2.

The variety has very powerful long-lasting effects. The plant grows in any growing environment, and harvesting occurs in 70-77 days.

This strain has a compact structure and an average size. It is easy to trim. The buds are abundantly covered with snow-white trichomes. Auto Cinderella Jack is easy to grow, but you should take care of the humidity level.
Aroma and taste this is a mix of pine and herbal flavours, with notes of fruit and citrus. Because of its powerful effect, the strain is recommended for experienced smokers. It gives a body stone and uplifting effects.

Reviews of Auto Cinderella Jack Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The buds are the densest I ever grew rock hard, super heavy and quite fat too.
The smell is something unique too when you open the jar, I can feel strong tropical (mango) flavour with herby background really amazing it always keeps me there smelling it for minutes.

Buds cured out nice and the smoke is great! Smell's kind of citrusy/lemony, but the taste is more like skunk grapefruit. Such a nice buzz too. Potent, but does not lock you to the couch. Been my go-to smoke out of the 5 strains I got right now. Definitely going to grow this again!

She was a very easy plant to grow and train. She took really well to LST and grew without any issues. She does contain a good amount of THC (DP state 20%) and I think that there is truth to that. It is very frosty and the effects are potent and quick acting!

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Zkittle Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Lemon Zkittle is a Feminised cannabis strain with high THC levels of about 20%. It is based on the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk that was crossed with Zkittlez.

Lemon Zkittle Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid that contains around 60% sativa genetics.

The strain produces big yields of potent bright green and yellow buds. Lemon Zkittle has amazing lemon aromas during flowering. It is easy to grow plant with high resin production. The flowering period takes 9-10 weeks.

Reviews of Lemon Zkittle Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Really nice strain with more Lemon than Zkittlez I would say and is a strong grow with fat buds towards harvest.

The taste is wonderful, it is a berry grape peppery taste, the pepper is more like a hint in the taste even an after taste. The most impressive is the grape/berry part which is a real taste explosion in your mouth.
She produces nice colas and loves training; buds are dense tend to produce good yield. The smell is not that very strong still it is but not that very strong one. It has like citrus lemonish smell.

Energetic, creative high - good for day or night-time use; lemon sugar scented dense buds that are potent; this is up there with Lemon G - delicious and sweet!

Pleasure to grow this cup winner, Dutch Passion never fails! The girls are very well reacting to all kinds of training, even from serious wounds, regenerating like wolverine :D very good for SCROG and I am happy so say I established my personal grower record with this strain! Resin packed, dense buds, with an amazing fresh-sour smell, the high is well balanced for me- good for work and good for chill, Well rounded genetics!

Lemon Zkittles flavour and high is Unbelievable!
I love Lemon Zkittle. Easy to grow with good harvest. I had 3 different phenotypes but every Pheno is great.
The Aroma of one Pheno is my favourite. It is the only fruity one. At first, she smelled lemony sweet but after storage she smells like coconut/sweet/fruity very delicious.
The other Phenos are less Fruity. But I had great Colours, Yellow/Black/Purple. The high is strong and long lasting. I am very pleased with Lemon Zkittle.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto Mazar Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Mazar is a cross between the original Mazar and auto flowering indica.

The strain has such positive qualities as high yield, powerful effects and a pleasant soft taste that does not cause coughing. Experienced growers can get a yield of 100-200 g per plant.

However, even novice gardeners will get a good harvest. On average, the plant reaches a small growth of 70-80 cm.
This strong plant is a typical Indica. It ensures the stability and resistant to pests and diseases. The taste and smell are as the original earthy Indica. It has the intense and very pleasant physical effect.

Reviews of Auto Mazar Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

I like this strain very much, it is great for me on all day, because it is not tiring strain. I recommend this.
A very easy to grow strain, that produces a large yield of top-notch buds.

Auto Mazar Feminised Cannabis Seeds are really easy to grow, and disease resistance is pretty good. It is a very forgiving strain. It even grows under suboptimal circumstances.
Earthy taste, fruity scent & powerful body stone.

I liked this strain very much. The yield was ok for a fast auto, and the buds came out quite dense. High is very suitable for evenings, and THC levels seemed great. Will do it again sometime in the future for sure!
Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto Daiquiri Lime Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Daiquiri Lime is a powerful cross between Sour Diesel and California Orange. This sativa dominant plant grows well in any growing environment.

After 77 days, the strain produces a huge crop of compact, resinous buds. The variety needs only adequate care and a small number of fertilizers. Auto Daiquiri Lime is another strain that novice growers can easily grow.

 It usually reaches high growth and has a bushy structure. Beware of rot. The THC level is very high. It has a powerful effect and rich fruit flavour, with lime and diesel shades. The smoke is smooth. This American genetics is of high quality.

Reviews of Auto Daiquiri Lime Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Very nice strain to grow. She has been strong and easy-going for sativa. Flavours are on spot with this one and it has very strong effects. Not recommendable for night use.

Mind-blowing Sativa dominant strain. The citrus/lime notes are right up there, with a refreshingly sour aftertaste, but note - she is a creeper! The take-on is steady and smooth but it certainly hits hard. I would have got way more yield out of this if she was not a mutant. I lost a lot of veg time, but pleasantly surprised at the recovery. Had to chop a bit early because of bud rot issues but will grow this again for sure!

Delicious and strong weed. Plant easy to grow. First time!
Beautiful experience, this weed can let you on Mars hahaha, bye sleep.
Lime and some fruit strong odour
Love it!

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds is the original, classical cannabis with fruity aromas and blue colours on the leaves and buds.

The Blueberry genetics consists of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa and dates back to the 70’s.

The plant has good yields in the ideal conditions. It is not easy to grow for beginners. It is selected by growers who looking for specific, relaxing and elegant Blueberry effect.

Reviews of Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

As for the effect: Cosy and relaxed high, pretty heavy on the body, helps you get into the zone when exercising - great evening smoke indeed.

Blueberry for me gold standard indica, have amazing blue buds, and magic berries smell, just magic.

smoke 10/10.
high 9/10.
taste 10/10.
growth 9/10.
yield 9/10.

Very strong sour/tangy fruity smell, very surprised how strong the smell is since it is outdoors (usually find it has a more earthy taste). Overall love the genetics, beautiful buds and colours and the plant it sets stretches to perfect internodes.

Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds is one of the best strains!!the taste is like berry !!in the head is perfect you are relaxed but you feel so nice and you want to talk and have fun !!one of the best strains!

Beautiful, easy plant to grow! Big fat buds, pretty resistant to mould but always allow a great air flow through her! Nice strong blueberry taste & smell.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Discount Cannabis Seeds love Dutch Passion and so do our customer’s! Now you see why they are a loved seed bank. Shop today at Discount Cannabis Seeds for the cheapest online cannabis seeds and grow yourself happy.

Thanks for Reading.


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