How will smoking weed affect me?

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In a society where drugs are so openly talked about and mental health being the main headline of every newspaper we read or broadcast on our television via the news channels we are interested to find out if smoking weed will affect you mentally and the effects of smoking weed. 
Anyone trying weed for the first time will usually experience the 3 phases, uncontrollable laughter known as the giggles, Eating anything and everything in sight which is called the munchies and the mental state of not remembering anything said during the conversation known as the blackout. At this point people become addicted to the 3 phases and overtime while smoking weed these affects change. 
Well the reason behind smoking cannabis may differ from person to person whether its for a medical reason or social. We have seen many life changing articles wrote about people who lead a life without pain and symptoms which are reduced dramatically by smoking or taking cannabis. New revelations such as cannabis oil has cured many cancers this should be something taken very seriously. There has been a lot of interest in cannabinoids which is illegal in the uk. The research which has been carried out in a  laboratory Scientists have found that different cannabinoids can cause a cell to die, stop cells from dividing and stop cells from developing new blood vessels.
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Cannabis is also used for mental health problems many of us live with daily. Depression and Anxiety is now spoken about more openly and the help needed to treat these symptoms is widely accessible however most people who suffer from depression or anxiety do not speak up about having this illness. Research has shown cannabis can relieve both of these symptoms and for people who suffer daily this can be a huge life changer for them. This could be an easier option for some people rather than the worry of speaking to someone and getting worse with their mental health cannabis could be the option. The calming effect cannabis has can relax a person's mind and body and make them feel more uplifted which will reduce the symptoms. 
Whether cannabis is the option for yourself or if its just a topic you are interested in here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we can answer any questions you may have. 

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