Royal Queen Seeds Hulkberry Grow Review

Hulkberry - Royal Queen Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


This grower is crazy about Royal Queen Seeds as you will see from seed to harvest these weed seeds can look out of this world.

We spoke to the grower and asked a few questions about their grow so let’s see shall we.

  1. Where do you grow your cannabis seeds?
    I am an indoor cannabis grower, and this is how I have always grown my weed seeds.
  2. What equipment do you use for your grow?
    I use ACInfinity exhaust, vivosuis Grow light 600w hps/mh (12-12), n 4x4x7 tent and 3 five-gallon bubble buckets.
  3. What do you grow your cannabis seeds in?
    I grow my seeds in a tent and I keep my seeds in bubble buckets from seed to harvest.
  4. What lights and temperature do you use in your grow?
    My lighting is Grow light 600w hps/mh (12-12) and a VIPARSPECTRA 300w led for veg (24h cycle).

After that I can’t wait to take a look at these photos so let’s start with Hulkberry from seed to harvest.

Hulkberry - Royal Queen Seeds

Hulkberry - Royal Queen Seeds


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