HulkBerry Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Royal Queen Seeds

HulkBerry Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Royal Queen Seeds
  • Genetic Background: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel.
  • THC: 27%.
  • CBD: Low.
  • Yield Indoor: 400 - 450 gr/m2.
  • Yield Outdoor: 650 - 700 gr/plant.
  • Height Indoor: 80 - 140 cm.
  • Height Outdoor: 160 - 200 cm.
  • Flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks.
  • Harvest Month: Late September.
  • Type: Sativa 65% / Indica 35%.
  • Effect: Clear and energetic.
  • Flavour: Sweet.
  • Climate: Warm.

HulkBerry Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Royal Queen Seeds

  • For too long, couchlocking Kush has dominated the top tier of connoisseur cannabis. 2018 is the year head stash strikes back. 
  • HulkBerry is the fusion of Colorado’s dankest cannabis breeding stock.
  • The prized Ghost OG cut and the fruitiest Strawberry Diesel cultivar collided to smash open a new dank dimension from which HulkBerry emerged.
  • Samples of HulkBerry have tested as high as 28% THC and were previously reserved exclusively for the top shelf of well-stocked Colorado dispensaries.
  • Now, the most potent head stash in the world is finally available as feminised seeds. Clear out the grow-op to make room for the Hulk that smashes the competition.

Growing Tips for Hulkberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Most growers cannot resist chunky, gooey Kush nugs infused with a healthy dose of sweet, fruity flavours.
  • However, at least two other phenotypes certain to be of interest to connoisseurs have the potential to present in the grow-op.
  • Pheno #1 is closer to a 50-50 hybrid mix of both parent strains and what’s commonly known as pheno #5 leans in the opposite direction as #3 and resembles Strawberry Diesel more than OG Kush.
  • You may need to consider holding on to more than one mother plant as all three phenotypes are keepers.
  • Under a standard 12-12 light schedule, HulkBerry will complete bloom, bursting with frosty buds in 9–10 weeks.
  • Expect colas to stretch and swell significantly during flowering like OG Kush.
  • But you’ll be surprised by fruity berry aromas competing with the classic fuel and lemon-lime scents.
  • Even veteran Kush growers will be impressed with the heavyweight harvest potential. 
  • HulkBerry can smash a SOG or a ScrOG.

Effects of HulkBerry Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • The impact from just a few tokes of this herbal Hulk is phenomenal. 
  • HulkBerry turns into a monster upon combustion, sparking a spliff is more like lighting the fuse of a rocket.
  • Each lung full of brain fog takes you ever higher. 
  • HulkBerry hits you with a familiar earthy-fuel flavoured blast off, but just when you’re expecting to descend back toward earth, the second stage rockets ignite for a voyage to the final frontier.
  • While your body below is busy licking its lips and savouring the sweet and sour aftertaste, your mind journeys deeper into outer space.
  • Veterans may have the tolerance to exploit the creative potential of the high.
  • Most will enjoy a lengthy, happy head trip.

Royal Queen Seeds Hulkberry Grow Review

This grower is crazy about Royal Queen Seeds as you will see from seed to harvest these weed seeds can look out of this world.

We spoke to the grower and asked a few questions about their grow so let’s see shall we.

  1. Where do you grow your cannabis seeds?
    I am an indoor cannabis grower, and this is how I have always grown my weed seeds.
  2. What equipment do you use for your grow?
    I use ACInfinity exhaust, vivosuis Grow light 600w hps/mh (12-12), n 4x4x7 tent and 3 five-gallon bubble buckets.
  3. What do you grow your cannabis seeds in?
    I grow my seeds in a tent and I keep my seeds in bubble buckets from seed to harvest.
  4. What lights and temperature do you use in your grow?
    My lighting is Grow light 600w hps/mh (12-12) and a VIPARSPECTRA 300w led for veg (24h cycle).

After that I can’t wait to take a look at these photos so let’s start with Hulkberry from seed to harvest.

Hulkberry - Royal Queen Seeds

Hulkberry - Royal Queen Seeds

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