Sensi Seeds - Cannabis Seeds Strain Reviews

Sensi Seeds - Cannabis Seeds Strain Reviews

Sensi Seeds are Discount Cannabis Seeds customer’s favourite cannabis seed bank and in this blog you will see why.

With incredible cannabis seeds with top quality cannabis when smoking and fantastic yields Sensi Seeds are the one for you.

Sensi Seeds is a legendary seed company founded by Ben Dronkers, which in 1975 began to cultivate medicinal marijuana. He travelled the world in search of the best cannabis. Such expeditions took him to places like the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush – all over Central and Southeast Asia.

His crossbreeding programs brought some of the newest and most ground-breaking strains of marijuana to the world at large, and around this time he began to understand that the cannabis loving people of the Netherlands deserved to be able to enjoy the fruits of his works, just as much as he did.

In 1986, Sensi Seeds opened shop in Amsterdam and quickly became quite famous, offering not only incredible strains but also books on growing and breeding, equipment necessary to start growing.

Through years of experimentation and experience Sensi Seeds developed some of the most ground-breaking, powerful, and easy to grow hybrid cannabis plants the world has ever seen.

When it comes to the production, safe and discrete shipment, and incredible variety no other seed bank can even come close to what Sensi Seeds can do.

With these cannabis strains in this blog, you will find the cheapest prices at Discount Cannabis Seeds so head over to our cannabis seeds store and buy your Sensi Seeds from us today.

Hindu Kush Automatic Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Hindu Kush Automatic is a stable pure indica strain that is easily grown in all growing environments. The variety has a high potency and rapid growth. After 45-56 days, the crop appears.

The plant is strong, compact, with many branches. It is suitable for growing in small rooms. The strain does not require special conditions and is suitable even for novice growers. Also good for the SOG method.

The effect gives a long-lasting body-stone sensation. Smoke relaxes and helps to relieve pain or stress. Taste and aroma-a mix of sweet earthy, pine and sandalwood notes.

During flowering, the smell is not strong. Hindu Kush Automatic will appeal to fans of old-school indica.

Reviews of Hindu Kush Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Overall, this plant was really easy to grow. Perfect for a first timer like me. Even with my beginner mistakes, she thrived and gave a good amount of frosty buds. This strain can grow pretty bushy and 'big' though and my grow tent got a bit small for this plant. I do not need enormous amount of weed so I think I am going to use a smaller pot next time. I could have managed LST a bit better too, so I am going to keep my mistakes in mind for next time.

Really nice indica smoke, heavy and good for the body, this grew out really nice and the plant did what it was supposed to do, I made hash out of most of it, thanks sensi seeds, I made her into some hash and she was really smooth, before I knew it my lungs were full. this happened four times as the smoke was so smooth and you get really big hits, well got me pretty stoned and I must say again, thank you @sensiseeds Get this now people this strain is great, flowers in just 56 days, and she can be yours, great smoke and makes good hash.

The high is on the body high of the spectrum, definitely good for using before going to sleep, relaxing the body muscles. She grew really well considering she is my first from seed to harvest experience. The growing was really easy and even under harsh conditions.

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Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Black Domina is an almost pure indica plant that based on the mix of the best indica genetics in the world. The genetics of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA were crossed to create this crystal-coated hybrid.

The plant demonstrates an amazing appearance, fast flowering, a delicious taste. It suits both for masters and beginners. The plant develops dark-green leaves, a huge central cola.

The female Domina will be a good mother plant. The harvest comes after 50 days of the blooming and brings large yields of resinous buds.

Black Domina provides a spicy pepper smell, and the smoke brings a long-lasting effect of relaxation and sleepiness, therefore it is great for late nightly smoking.

Reviews of Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Old school strain, how does it taste? Well, it is a mix between a green apple, mint and lemon. Very fresh and fruity and a bit sour, like some kind of apple skittles. Very heavy stoned effects and a pleasant relaxing experience.
Flavour is something I never tasted before, spicy incense that stays on palate and tongue when you exhalate the smoke.... Afghan flavour with earthy minty tones. One of the best.
High is psychoactive at first, so you can play music or watch a movie, but if you want to sleep you are going to sleep deeply.

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Northern Lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Northern Lights Automatic is an indica dominant plant that is an auto flowering version of the original strain.

This compact strain has an average yield, but develops large buds covered with snow-white trichomes. It can be grown in any growing environment, even in cold regions.

The crop appears in 60-91 days. Northern Lights Automatic is suitable for stealthy cultivation and is easy to grow.

This squat plant develops many bushy branches. Smoking has a relaxing effect and helps with insomnia. The aroma and taste are herbal, earthy. You can also feel the citrus and fruit notes.

The strain will appeal to fans of indica, as well as growers of the northern regions.

Reviews of Northern Lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Buds were sticky and firm. The end product smells nice and lights well. The high is mostly body high. Smoke is a bit rough but makes up for it in weight
Smoke is relatively smooth for being uncured, with a small amount of harshness with a big rip, probably the THC. They are so super sticky I cannot rotate them in the jars, Bud smells great dried, lemony peppery with no grassy-ness.
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Super Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Super Skunk is a champion Indica dominant variety, created as a result of crossing Afghani hash plant and the famous Skunk #1. Super Skunk is a more productive version of the latter.

It is an energetic, easy-growing plant with great potency and a strong Skunk smell. After 49-56 days, it produces a large crop of strong, large, resinous buds, which can be harvested several times a year. Super Skunk can grow in any growing environment, preferring a warm climate.

The strain is suitable for SOG and SCROG cultivation methods. It is also suitable for novice gardeners. Smoking gives a euphoric, relaxing, uplifting effect, helps well with pain, stress.

The smoke has a sweet, earthy taste.

Reviews of Super Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The easiest strain to grow. This is the strain that I will strongly suggest for beginners for their first grow. I believe it might have been created by a wizard or something like this. It always makes donkey dick buds full of resin. It can be ready in 56 days of flowering, but I really like to trigger the Afghan Hash plant side with the most CBN possible and I personally harvest around 65 days.

It is hard to define the flavour of the Super Skunk, it is very sweet, resinous and intense. The effects are devastating when you let it mature long enough, strong heavy stoned sensation, the perfect after’8.

This strain can take a beating and keep going and still produce, really easy to grow, this strain should be in everyone's garden. I will be doing this on again and again. She is a very large producer and is great for beginners as well as advanced growers. has a great taste going down and the high is pretty nice as well, if you grow this you will get a large yield and the fact it gives a nice high should be all you need to know so give it a grow sometime.

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Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Northern Lights is a legendary cannabis cup multi-winner. This is a feminized, almost pure indica plant. It is a standard for all other Indicas. The plant contains 90% indica genetics and produces a potent yield.

The indoor growing is the best, but the strain also suits for outdoors in a warm, sunny climate.

The flowering takes 45-50 days, and the harvest brings big yields of solid fragrant buds coating of THC-rich trichomes. The plant demonstrates purple hues during blooming.

The smoke offers a pungent, sweet smells. The effect is a quite strong and psychoactive due high THC content. It brings a euphoria and a body relaxation. Northern Lights is a good remedy against a pain, sleeplessness and stress.

Reviews of Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

I would highly advise anybody learning how to grow bud to give this strain from sensi a go even with all my beginner mistakes she held up strong and has produced some grade A smoke at the end of it, not fully dry yet still hanging so cannot put up the weight only smoked a few popcorn buds, but they smell lovely and smokes just as good I would definitely grow this strain again with a better result

I really enjoy this strain. Harvested in the middle of the window, mostly cloudy with a few ambers. No couch lock at all but you feel very calm and comfortable. Good for relaxing, stress relief and pain relief. Cannot really fault it, it is what I enjoy.

I loved to grow it; it was a dream coming in true. A strong and vigorous plant from the beginning to the end. No bugs, nothing could have stopped her. She was a monster, a kind and nice monster. I miss her. I will definitely grow this strain again.

Legendary for good reason! The effect was happy and euphoric with a zing... a vibration like a percussion instrument being played by an angel.

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Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Skunk is easy to grow indica dominant plant, that contains 80% indica genetics. It is a good choice for grower with a limited budget and for beginners. It is a feminize strain with energetic growth.

The Skunk fans will like it. The plant demonstrates a lot of classic Skunk characteristics. It develops potent branches, produces a big harvest and has a fast flowering.

The size of plant is easy controlled. Sensi Skunk suits both for indoors and outdoors cultivation in a warm, temperate climate. The flowering takes 45-50 days and the plant produces good yields of dense heavy buds.

The smoke offers a sweet smell with citrus notes. The effect brings a calm and a feeling of euphoria, relaxes tense muscles and relieves stress.

Reviews of Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

I would recommend this strain to anyone that wants an affordable and easy strain to grow. It was very resistant to everything I did with it and recovered quickly after extreme training. There were no problems with nutrient deficiencies or nutrient burns. Sensi skunk handled every beginner mistake I made like a champ.
Resistance to mould is really impressive. I only had to deal with mould once and that was during rainy periods with no sun with combination of caterpillars eating the bud.
The yield is very high. After removing branches and leaves I was left with 4.1 kg of wet bud. After drying and curing the final weight was 1.16 kg.
Sensi skunk has a nice citrusy smell to it. During harvesting I had to discard some buds that were affected by caterpillars. I stored them in a plastic bag and opened it the next day. It smelled exactly like lemons. Not just similar to lemons, it smelled just liked lemons. The high from sensi skunk is very strong, one of my friends experienced amnesia after smoking it.

Silky smooth funk is the best way to put this one. A hint of a subtle unnameable fruit with great mellow skunk tones. Does not reek but the smell is still sharp. Smokes great with a very heady 100% milky trichs. Will make you forget what you were doing very easily!
Overall, it was a very good quality smoke very clean very smooth, happy uplifted alive, daytime smoke depending on your energy levels, really good pain reliever also. Cannot get much better than a smoke of sensi skunk especially when it is organically grown. Had some close people rate it highly also. And this was a great experience overall and I really enjoyed watching my morning glory’s live in a mutualistic symbiosis together with the sensi skunk.

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Shiva Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Shiva Skunk is one of the representatives of the Skunk family, which has a strong indica potential. This is the cross between Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1.

It is a stable, vigorous plant, reaching an average height. It is more resinous and productive than its parents and yields up to 500 g / m2 in 45-55 days.

The variety has a strong pungent smell. It is easily grown indoors, as well as in warm climates, as its squat shape and lateral branching are not suitable for cold regions.

Smoke has a mind and body effect. Basically, it is a euphoric, energetic, uplifting high. It can also be relaxing, but inexperienced smokers should try it with caution.

The taste is creamy, oily, musky, with hints of citrus. This is a good choice for fans of the powerful Skunk.

Reviews of Shiva Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The Shiva Skunk smokes delightful, it has a clear body effect, but not too strong. The head-feeling is happy and creative. The aroma and taste are mildly sweet and musky with a hint of lemon in it. A VERY NICE SMOKE!

One of my favourite strains. It is an easy game to grow with a proper Indica flowering period that will be ready in 56-60 days or more longer if you want some more heavy stoned feelings.
The flavours are unique, it is sweet and flowery, like some kind of jasmine hint. The effect is a proper Indica effect, good lazy feelings where you can get proud of doing nothing.

This strain is absolutely amazing, the flavour is fantastic, very fruity, sweety and flowery, it is such a beautiful taste. I strongly recommend for peoples who enjoys sweet flavours. The smoke provides a heavy stone effect, making you feel lazy .... so lazy that you get proud of doing nothing.

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Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a famous champion indica dominant hybrid that brings huge harvests. Its origin is associated with the crossing of varieties from Thailand, Afghanistan, Central and South America.

This is a strong, vigorous plant with dense buds that develop in 45-56 days. Skunk #1 is best grown indoors or in greenhouses. It can also grow in temperate climates. SOG and SCROG methods are well suited for its cultivation.

 Its leaves by the end of flowering acquire a rich dark green colour, like those of the Afghan relatives. The smoke gives a soft relaxing, creative buzz. Sweet earthy notes make up the main flavour composition.

Reviews of Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This strain was easy to grow with strong stems and buds!!! Recommended for beginners.

Very nice taste, which is fruitier than I remember. The pain relief is great, and the high is great for midday and night-time. The smell is also fruitier than I recall.

Skunk #1 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Skunk #1 Automatic is an Indica dominant mix between Skunk #1 and a Ruderalis. It was created to simplify the cultivation of the famous strain. This is a stable, compact plant that develops strong resinous buds after 45-55 days of flowering. It grows well in any growing environment.

This strain will allow you to get several crops during the year. To maximize your yields, use Lollipopping or SOG methods.

Smoke gives a powerful effect of relaxation and uplifts the mood. The taste is pungent, earthy-sweet, which is typical for a Skunk. The raw notes of Ruderalis are almost not felt.

Reviews of Skunk #1 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This strain is one of my favourites. The smell of these buds is amazing and the size they got are way more impressive. Growing was awesome as far as being beginner friendly. Will definitely be growing this again for sure.

Buds came out very tight and lost its usual 75% but still not a lot of airy buds. 75 percent of this plant had hardly any popcorn buds. Love this strain and cannot wait till the other 3 are ready for the chop.
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Happy shopping and thank you for reading.


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