Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds
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  •  Feminised Cannabis Seeds
  •  Cannabis Cup Winner
  •  Temperate / Continental
  •  Average height gain
  •  Flowering 45 - 50 days
  •  Yield Large Yield
  •  80% Indica

Sensi Skunk Reviews:

  • I'm now six weeks into the grow and the Sensi Skunk plants are simply outstanding. The structure, rate of growth and overall health of the plants truly is something to behold and I'm already getting that unique Sensi Skunk scent no other Skunk strain gives you. I've grown this plant many times before and I'll probably grow it forever more. The high is knockout and if grown to its potential produces top colas that I can only describe as donkey dicks. Very good calyx to leaf ratio, a ton of bud sites and a short flowering time. The high Sensi Skunk gives you is of a true Skunk nature but the flavour, a little lemony/piney almost is something very different from your usual Skunk varieties.
  • Very satisfied with this strain, the Sensi Skunk is very nice and will leave you with a good head high. I grew in soil with my own micture of nutrients and got a nice yield, usually This beautiful plant needs low nutrients, not higher than ec 500 under Led light. I used advanced nutrients and had no leaves or other issues/problems. Aurora is a very healthy strong plant. From 3 seeds I had one super seed and two seeds were smaller plants. But the smallest stretched the most. Sensi Skunk is a very thankful plant and easy to grow. The smell during the flowering is not too strong, nice sweet and fresh lemon. 

Sensi Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds 

  • One of the most reasonably priced and easy to grow Sensi Seeds strains, Sensi Skunk, is now available to buy as a Feminised cannabis seed strain.
  • Having more than proved its usefulness to growers on a limited budget or with only a small amount of experience, Sensi Skunk was an obvious candidate to be launched as a feminized seed variety.
  • The new Sensi Skunk Feminised is sure to excite experienced and debut growers alike with her rapidly-swelling buds and vigorous growth patterns.
  • In terms of flavour Sensi Skunk Feminised seeds presents you with something a little different to the usual earthy, herbal, garlicky fragrance of classic skunk. Instead, a refreshing sweet-citrus aroma infuses each bud, making it an exceptionally more-ish strain.
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