The Story of Weed

The Story of Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Weed - In this blog I am going to give you something different this week, how about something for you to read before bed or just a leisurely read for those who are stuck with nothing to do.

I am going to share with you a story I wrote about cannabis and the story of weed, I hope you enjoy.

The first time weed came about which we humans' dates back to at least the third millennium BC in written history, and possibly further back by archeological evidence. Who would have ever thought our ancestors were sitting in a cave smoking a joint with their mates grumbling in their own language?  I wonder what their go to munch was! That’s the history part over so let’s get into the story.

The Caveman and The Weed

One day, an oversized overly hairy cave man was sitting in his cave wondering what the day would bring him. Every day was the same, wake up, go on the hunt for food, tidy the cave and then it was nighttime. It wasn’t much of a living back in that era.

I'm going to change my day today the caveman said to himself. It was just another ordinary morning but instead of going on the hunt for food in the usual places where everyone would go and know they could be fed he decided to go the opposite way. No one had ever been across the mountains and down to the other side, it was unheard of.

The wonder of what was on the other side was exciting and adventurous. He grabbed his stick and off he went. He went very early so no one would have known he had gone.

As he went across the mountain he saw just green grass everywhere, not a cave insight, not an animal insight either. This land looked like it had never been walked on. He decided to walk further and see if anything was around or anybody for that matter.

He continued his walk looking around and he stumbled upon a huge yield of vigorous plants with the smell of sweet fruit which the caveman had never smelt before. The smell was incredible, his mouth salivated just by the smell of these plants. His senses were alive, his eyes widened, and he gasped at the amazing plants. Wow he said to himself, he had to try one just one little plant.

So that’s exactly what he did, he took one small leaf and chewed it. The taste blew around his mouth and it tasted like nothing he had never tasted before. The usual taste of meat and carcass was nothing compared to the fruity, sweet aroma which took over his entire mouth.

He continued to chew savoring every last taste, he didn’t know who these plants belonged to, but right now he didn’t care. He thought to himself he must take some back to others, he had discovered something new something so delicious he must share it.

He got out his cloth and pulled the plants off, there were hundreds lined up all in a row so he knew who ever these belonged to, they wouldn’t have missed just a couple of plants. He finished taking them and was ready to set off home.

As he looked up, he saw a blue sky but not a usual blue sky, it was glistening with beautiful colours which he had never seen before. Incredible sparkles which reached out from the sun and covered the land with a mirror effect. As he walked along the grass it looked mesmerizing, the green colours were alive and every single strand of grass swayed with the gentle breeze which blew over.

He could feel the heat from the sun as he walked through the grass which made him feel all warm and cozy inside. This was the best day of his life he muttered to himself. As he walked back to the cave, the hunger set in and he heard what could only be described as a huge churn within his stomach. Gosh I'm hungry he thought. He wanted to eat an entire deer and the whole family at this rate.

As he entered the cave, he called the others over to tell them of his journey. They couldn’t quite believe it. How did he even think to go the opposite way, what was there, what did he find? The questions were endless. He answered them all, still feel incredibly hungry he wanted the sweet taste in his mouth again. He told the others about what he found he got out his sack and revealed these plants. They all gasped. What was this? Long stalks with a beautiful flower with resin buds attached to the end. The aroma they all could smell took their breath away. It was just as good as the first time he smelt it. The smell was fantastic, it was so sweet with all fruit flavours coming out such as strawberries, berries, apples and lemon.

Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

He offered the plants to everyone to try and they were delighted. It was a new food; it was a new experience for them all. They all enjoyed the plant and wanted more but before they could all finish the same experience happened to them all. Everything changed, the sky was bluer, the sun radiated a new kind of heat one which took over your body and gave them a warming feeling inside, the cave looked magical it if it was alive.

All of their stomach’s in sink rumbled so loud, they all laughed. They were starving. Luckily the others had been hunting so the food was shared out and my word it tasted better than it has ever done. The meat was delicious, it was tender and succulent. After it was all gone, they wanted more and more. The hunger was endless. They would be eating for days at this rate, so a couple of them decided it was hunting time again and went on the search for more food. The others stayed back and were amazed by the new surroundings which they saw, the noises of birds tweeted in a lovely rhythm, the trees blew in sync and the breeze swept gently through their long-rugged hair.

After eating silly amounts of food, giggling over stories and just talking nonsense for hours the night went on until dawn. They all wanted to go in search of these plants, they got their sacks and went again in the opposite direction over the mountains, through the grass and there they all were. The plants grew in rows, rows which you could see for miles. The heights were enormous, the buds on the end of the plants were glistening with a white glittery texture, the smells of each one took over their mouths. We must have more they said. What was this beautiful tasting plant they had found?

They picked some more and all tied their plants up in their sacks and headed back to the cave. This time more excited to get back to their cave which was dark, cold and wet but it didn’t seem it to them. In their mind after eating these plants it was lit up, the ora in the cave was electrifying. They all got back and began to share out the plants, but one caveman accidently dropped his sack onto the burning fire. They all tried to quickly rescue the plants but before they could, the fire was glimmering with the colours of the rainbow, the smell once again hit their noses and they inhaled the smoke which was being burnt by the fire.

What have they discovered, Weed? They would get the same effect by burning it and eating the plants! This plant seemed to be really versatile. Not only was it food, but it could be burnt and still get the same amazing effect as they did the previous day,

The night went on and so did the chatter between them, not any sense being made but they were enjoying themselves. It’s the first-time laughter had been shared, stories had been told and emotions heightened.

They continued their days sitting around the fire, eating or burning this incredible plant. Their lives were filled with happiness, enjoyment and adventure.

Over time the Weed plants grew in different parts of the world and were discovered by humans, the research was under way and in the 21st century it is known as weed, cannabis, hash or whatever you like to call it.

So next time you light up a joint, tell you friends about the caveman and the weed story!

I hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading.

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