What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking Weed?

Smoking Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds
Whether you have smoked weed before or you are all new to the cannabis community here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we can answer any questions regarding this. 
The main advantages are now spoken about regularly and can be read about all over the internet from amazing cures which cannabis oil has had or changing someone's life who has reached rock bottom. 
Cannabis has many advantages for anyone wanting to use the drug. Scientists have been researching using cannabis to cure cancer and medical research has proven in some cases cannabis can be used to slow down or stop the cells from spreading whether this is used in the NHS is now being debated by many in the UK. 
Chronic back pain or Arthritis, so many people suffer daily with this and they have no cure just some painkillers to take the edge off. Cannabis has been used for treatment for these people who are helpless and find day to day living exceptionally hard. Cannabis can improve sleep which can help tremendously if you are suffering from pain and inflammation. 
When THC hits brain cells it causes them to release dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical which can be very relaxing and a good state of mind. Whether you find once you have smoked weed you have a lot of pleasure by eating or having sex you can experience a sense of euphoria.
Anyone suffering from anxiety or depression could benefit from smoking cannabis as these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated  completely which can be life changing for someone. 
Health Benefits of Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds
If you are a person who suffers from nightmares or sleep paralysis cannabis could be the answer for you as cannabis deals with the part of your REM sleep and does not allow your mind to enter the phase where you will have to deal with nightmares.
There are some disadvantages of smoking cannabis, the main one being cannabis is illegal in the UK therefore caught with the possession of cannabis can result in prosecution such as prison. People who buy cannabis or grow cannabis have to do this illegally in the UK and may not want to go down the route of being associated with someone who deals drugs due to the consequences. This may make it very difficult to get hold of Cannabis as it is not available from anywhere apart from nowadays people call it the streets. 
When smoking cannabis some people may hallucinate or hear things which aren't real most of the time this can be bright colours or funny facial changes however people who suffer from schizophrenia are not usually safe to take  this drug due to the hallucinations which may occur during smoking weed. Sometimes due to the hallucinations people may become paranoid and feel uncomfortable in their surroundings this is also why it is advised not to smoke weed if you have a severe mental health problem.
That's all from Discount Cannabis Seeds regarding pros and cons of smoking weed.

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