Afghan Hash Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

Afghan Hash Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

Afghan Hash Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm 

  • Type: Regular.
  • Photoperiod: Normal.
  • Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor.
  • Genetics: Afghan.
  • Outdoor Yield (g): 700.
  • Flowering Time (days): 50 - 60.
  • ​Height (cm): 80-100cm.
  • Height: Medium.
  • Indica: 100%.
  • Indica/Sativa:100% Indica.
  • Medical: Yes.
  • Aroma: Rich sandalwood aroma undercut with a punch of citrus.

Afghan Hash Plant Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm 

  • The AHP was chosen from seeds collected in the 1970’s, from the best traditional hash makers in the Mazari Sharif region.
  • An exciting few years were then spent growing out and selecting the strongest and tastiest phenotypes for breeding stock, from there the Afghan Hash Plant Regular cannabis seed was unearthed.

  • Afghan Hash Plant Regular is a champion hash making variety and is one of the favourite pure Indica strains.
  • This has become an important building-block in other Barneys Farm hybrids.
  • With just 8 weeks flowering,Afghan Hash Plant Regular cannabis strain develops dense resin-dripping flowers, releasing a rich sandalwood aroma that’s undercut with a punch of citrus.

Regular cannabis seeds from Barney's Farm are now available for the first time! Barney's Farm status as one of the world’s top cannabis breeders stems from their unique collection of cannabis genetics gathered for many years from around the world. They have now taken the decision to release an exclusive selection of regular cannabis seeds. All Barney's Farm Regular cannabis seeds have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. These are pure genetics, bred from male and female parents that produce male and female plants and seeds.


About Barney's Farm Seeds.

The team at Barney’s Farm are all highly experienced Cannabis Seed breeders and have progressively been gathering landrace genetics from each corner of the world since the early 1980’s.

Barney’s Farm has won numerous international prizes for the flawless quality and stability of its products, making it a recognised world leader in the production of top quality Cannabis Seeds.

Barney’s Farms search for rare genetics will never end, they are dedicated to the creation of new and exciting Cannabis strains.

Despite a history spanning nearly 30 years, Barney’s Farm’s popularity has never diminished. New strains are frequently released, allowing for an ever-increasing audience to continue to enjoy high quality seeds from a company that started, literally, at the top and has remained there ever since. 

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