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About Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds is a Cannabis Seeds breeder offering Feminised and Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds using organic cultivation methods.

Advanced Seeds specialise in Skunk and Kush hybrids, crossed with the more potent American and Dutch Cannabis Seed strains, e.g. Diesel, Ice and Jack Herer lines.

For powerful Cannabis Seeds that always deliver, Advanced Seeds constantly refine their techniques and processes to improve their Cannabis Seeds year after year.

The Story of Weed

The Story of Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Weed - In this blog I am going to give you something different this week, how about something for you to read before bed or just a leisurely read for those who are stuck with nothing to do.

I am going to share with you a story I wrote about cannabis and the story of weed, I hope you enjoy.

What are the strongest THC cannabis seeds?

Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds that will blow your mind? This blog will have the perfect smoke for you. THC levels in cannabis keep on rising and at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have incredible seed banks such as Anesia Cannabis Seeds which sell cannabis seeds with the levels of THC up to 37%.

If you are new to THC or want to up your levels of THC then in this blog you will find the strongest weed strains which you can buy directly from the cheapest weed store online Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Humboldt Seed Organization New Strains

Humboldt Seed Organization - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seed Organization offer six new strains for 2020, two Autoflowering and four Feminised varieties with pure Californian soul.

Chem-Bomb Auto, Chocolate Mint OG Auto, Forbidden Dream, Passion Fruit Punch, Velvet Octane, and Lemon Citron are the new additions to HSO’s catalogue. All Indica-dominant and with terpene profiles characterized by the traditional gassy aroma, sweetened with cutting-edge fruity notes.

New Releases from Original Sensible Seeds

Original Sensible Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Original Sensible Seeds have always strived to bring the most potent and productive cannabis seeds on the planet and their experience and knowledge to supply the best cannabis strains out there is unrivalled.

From their early pioneering days we set benchmarks then that we thought we could never exceed but with the cannabis industry expanding over recent years our ability to reach out and develop a wider range has exceeded any of their previous expectations, in particular our access to USA West Coast cannabis strains which we have been focusing on for the last few years.

Cannabis - How to Guide

Cannabis - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis - How to Guide

Have you wondered how to roll a spliff, how to grow auto flowering cannabis seeds or how to find a cannabis seeds store online well this is the place for you? I want to give you easy guides on how cannabis can change your life for the better and any questions you have about weed will all be answered here with me today.