How To Detect, Prevent & Treat A Stress Rash

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Think of your health and wellness as a cup of water. Throughout your day, this cup is replenished with sleep, exercise, laughter, and various other forms of positive reinforcement.

Yet, there are pressures that can cause the water to gradually evaporate from your cup. These forces can include difficulties at school or work, relationship issues, and money problems as well as many other environmental factors.

Indicators of Stress

CBD - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD? | Discount Cannabis Seeds

Although CBD Oil has been really popular is the USA for many years, until recently it has been pretty much unknown in the UK.

So what is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural ingredient which can be extracted from cannabis and hemp plants.

So what's the difference between cannabis and Hemp plants? The key difference is the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives the psychoactive effects and is contained in high levels in the cannabis plant. The hemp plant contains only traces of THC and is bred for CBD use without the effects of the THC.

Shame on the Home Office

The Home Office

“It's horrendous that children are suffering because of Home Office bureaucracy."

Billy Caldwell

Billy Caldwell had earlier been granted a short-term licence by the Home Office to allow him access to cannabis oil which his mother Charlotte says the medication helps to control his seizures.

When is the licence going to be made permanent?