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Cannabis on Instagram

Cannabis on Instagram - Discount Cannabis Seeds


The internet is full of cool people and places to follow for your Cannabis news and media consumption. For the last two years, I’ve regularly been on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Quora, communicating with interesting people and accounts from the world of cannabis. Do a quick search under the hashtag #cannabis and you will find a total of 18,000,000 plus mentions, so the activity there is huge.

What are Terpenes?

What are Terpenes - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis has so much to it and generally speaking we look at the properties like THC and CBD when picking a strain amongst various other factors like yield and flowering time, or whether it’s a regular, feminised or auto seed.

One other strand to this wonderful plant is terpenes.

Terpenes are what you smell. And let’s be honest, Cannabis smells wonderful. It’s so distinctive and strong and gives you another reason to love this wonderful plant.

What is THC?

What is THC? - Discount Cannabis Seeds


What is THC and what does it do?

To be blunt, pardon the pun, THC is the element that gets your high if you use Cannabis. You normally see articles like this positioned as THC versus CBD, the more medicinal side, but for the purpose of the post, we are just looking at THC.

A high THC strain is regarded somewhere between 15% to 20% +.

Cannabis Seed Resources

Cannabis Seed Resources - Discount Cannabis Seeds


A Selection of The Best Cannabis Seed Resources on The Internet

As a seller of Cannabis Seeds for souvenir purposes, we don’t or can’t get into conversations about growing or passing out advice, because alas, your seeds are souvenirs.

If you have seeds and the laws in your country permit it, then you might be looking for advice and help as to how to achieve the results you are looking for.

Cannabis Memes

Cannabis Memes - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Being in the Cannabis Industry is a funny old game. As the industry matures and grows, things get a little bit more serious and business-like, but we all have to remember to have some fun now and again - and the Cannabis Community sure know how to have fun.

In this post, we look at ten brilliant Cannabis related memes. Feel free to drop us your favourite meme’s on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and we might add them to a future post.

The Cannabis World

Cannabis Movers and Shaker - Discount Cannabis Seeds


The Cannabis World has exploded in the last few years. If someone said to you in the year 2000, ‘I’m a Cannabis Influencer’ for example, you’d think they were bonkers - or maybe a little bit high! But now, it’s commonplace. Heck, we even get family-friendly TV shows about Cannabis, but still, it can be a dirty word in places and still carries a stigma with some.