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Grow Review - Auto Northern Lights - Female Seeds

Auto Northern Lights - Female Seeds

In this blog as well as talking to you about growing cannabis, I will show you images for Auto Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seed By Female Seeds which is pictured from seed to harvest!

This incredible blog will tell you how its grown and why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy Northern Lights Auto from Discount Cannabis Seeds!

Interviews with Cannabis Growers

Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


In this blog I am going to interview a number of cannabis seed growers who we sponsor and talk to them about cannabis seeds, their favourites and what they like to grow. I love to get an insight on how our customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds get on once they have purchased their seeds from us!

1.What type of cannabis seeds do you grow?
I love to grow Auto cannabis seeds, these are my favourite type of cannabis seeds however I also grow feminised photos.

Seed Stockers 100 Seed Bulk Packs

Seed Stockers 100 Seed Bulk Packs


Seed Stockers have established links to the best of the Spanish and Dutch cannabis seed industry.

The Seed Stockers team offer high quality seeds from the very best breeders including the latest USA genetics.

Quality is the foundation of Seed Stockers success, the seeds are all sourced and produced using prize winning genetics direct from the breeders. 

How to find the world’s best weed?

Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


I am going to talk to you about finding the world’s best weed and it all starts at Discount Cannabis Seeds. If you want the best weed then you need the best weed seeds and you can find them at our cannabis seeds store for discounted prices all the time!

Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have over 3,000 strains for our customers to choose from.

How much THC is there in weed seeds?

Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


In this blog I will talk to you about THC in cannabis, you may know a lot about THC or nothing at all so I am going to discuss what THC is and if you are looking to grow THC cannabis seeds then I will give you my personal favourites.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive ingredient found in the cannabis plant and because it affects your mind gives you that euphoric high when smoked.

What’s the best method to grow cannabis?

Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


I will talk to you about growing cannabis although whatever type of cannabis grower you are, this blog is strictly for people in countries where cannabis is legalised.

If you are looking for the best tips on Auto Flowering cannabis then look no further, I have the information that will give you the perfect cannabis bud at the end of the cycle.