Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds. 

  • Classification: 95% Indica.
  • Genealogy: Multiple Afghani Cultivators.
  • Type of Seed: Regular.
  • Height: Average.
  • Grow locations: Indoor.
  • Flowering Time: 45-50 Days.
  • Yield: Large.

Afghani #1 Regular from Sensi seeds.

  • Afghani #1 Regular is a fast easy growing indoor cannabis strain that produces huge yields, even for inexperienced growers.

  • This strain is for serious Indica lovers.
  • This Regular cannabis plant exhibits compact dark green leaves along with a strong aroma, sturdy stems and high yields.
  • The smaller buds on the lower parts of the plant will boost your yield, so make sure you pluck them well.
  • This Regular cannabis plant is very easy to grow, but you should remember that this strain is designed for indoor cultivation.
  • ​These Regular plants will only thrive outside in a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.
  • Afghani delivers a strong acrid hash like smell and when smoked, delivers a pungent hash flavour with a narcotic “couching” effect.

Strength of Sensi Seed’s Afghani Cannabis Seeds.

  • This powerful cannabis strain is a meshing of genetic elements yielded by Indicas throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
  • Afghan Indicas paved the way for the success of modern day cannabis cultivation.

Review & Rating Sensi Seed’s Afghani #1 Cannabis Seeds.

  • Fast yielding, easy to grow, the Afghani #1 strain is an outstanding choice for all home cannabis growers to experiment with.
  • A must for the Indica connoisseur.

About Sensi Seeds.
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