AK Regular Cannabis Seeds | Spliff Seeds

AK Regular Cannabis Seeds | Spliff Seeds

AK Regular cannabis seed was created by using AK as the mother and then crossed with Northern Lights Special (90% Indica).

  • The result,AK Regular Indica dominant (60%) and a very quick finisher
  • AK Regular cannabis plant performs well on hydro, coco or soil and is excellent for the SOG method
  • This cannabis plant is very easy to grow,virtually idiot proof,she can stand both higher and lower temperatures
  • AK Regular requires some space in between individual cannabis plants to reach their full potential
  • Prune the lower buds to create one major bud or super crop if you have space due to AK ferociously quick flowering
  • The cannabis buds are covered in red hairs and lots of trichomes
  • The aroma is a pungent,spicy smell resembling noble wood,and the taste is spicy and sweet
  • AK is amongst the most potent weed with a body stoned high with a good head buzz
  • Medicinal value,pms,muscle pain,joint pain and neuropathic pain,ms,insomnia,and depression

AK Regular Cannabis Seeds | Spliff Seeds

  • 60% Indica
  • Genotype: (Colombian Gold x Highland Thai x Mexican x Afghani #1) x NL Special
  • Incense aroma and spicy, sweet flavour
  • Produces uniform plants
  • Very stable
  • Compact resinous buds
  • Body stoned high with a good head buzz
  • Potential THC level high
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