Frosteez Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Frosteez Farmz

Frosteez Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Frosteez Farmz

Frosteez Farmz  Frosteez Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a cross of Tropical Zookies and Frosty OG.

  • Genetics: Tropical Zookies x Frosty OG.
  • Sex: Feminised.
  • Indica/Sativa Mix: Indica Dominant.
  • THC: 24%.
  • Yield: High.
  • Indoor Flowering: 55-60 days.
  • Outdoor Flowering: Late September.

Frosteez Farmz Frosteez Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Frosteez Farmz are an ultra-potent hybrid marijuana strain that delivers premium flavour and full throttle frost thanks to its sticky and exotic lineage which includes the best traits from powerhouse strains such as Cookies, Zkittles, Pineapple Skunk and Gorilla Glue #4.

Heavy, resin-covered buds emit dank, pungent fruit and candy aromas in both veg and flowering and is fast becoming a go to Indica for both recreational and medical users being relaxing, both physically and mentally, but also euphoric in the right circumstances.

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The Seed

Starting out, we were just 3 friends who knew people in shadow supply - distribution and logistics, connecting breeders with dispensaries. Hooking it up, getting it moved and making a cut on the middle man percentage..

Veg State

After some years and meeting alot of awesome humanz who knew a thing or two about commercial growing we started collectively upselling and supplying our own product to our contact list.. this way we made considerably more on each contract allowing us to finally start our own breeding projects..


Now, with 3 farmz and a considerable wealth of knowledge throughout every division of the Frosteez Fam we are officially at a point where we have a sizable genetic library and can bring these flavor focused frost factories to the world in feminized seed form! It's time to turn it up!

Stay Frostee!

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