American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

  • Classification: 70% Indica.
  • Genealogy: Afghani Skunk & Jamaican/Hawaiian Sativas.
  • Type of Seed: Regular.
  • Height: 100-125 cm.
  • Grow locations: Indoor or Greenhouse.
  • Flowering Time: 45- 50 Days.
  • Yield: Large.

American Dream Regular cannabis strain from Sensi seeds.

  • American Dream Regular cannabis strain, hybrid of Afghani Skunk and blend of Jamaican Hawaiian Sativas.

  • This Regular cannabis plant presents growers the best of worlds, fantastic quality and a great yield.
  • American Dream Regular strain is 70% Indica and enjoys a surprisingly short flowering period of just 45 - 55 days. 
  • It produces extremely high yields and large buds with a coating of trichomes.
  • The seeds are Regular therefore more robust than genetically altered plants, and have been used by those attempting to reintroduce cannabis into the wild.
  • American Dream Regular cannabis plant produces large colas with small side branching and thrives outdoor or the greenhouse.
  • American Dream Regular weed delivers a mellow and relaxing body high that begins upon exhale with a gentle massaging feeling moving over all the body.

Review & Rating of Sensi Seeds American Dream Cannabis Seeds.
The American Dream is gaining popularity with growers and tokers.
It is noticeably fruity and sweet weed with undertones of an earthy Skunk flavour that complements her fruity island edges.

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American Dream Regular

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