Apple Fritter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Advanced Seeds

Apple Fritter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Advanced Seeds

Apple Fritter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Advanced Seeds.

  • Seed Type Feminized - Photoperiod
  • Cross Sour Apple x Animal Cookies
  • Genotype Mostly Indica
  • THC 25%
  • Flowering (indoors) 55-60 days
  • Harvest (outdoors) Early October
  • Height Indoor 70-90 cm
  • Yield (Indoors) 450-500 g/m2
  • Height Outdoor 180-250 cm
  • Taste / Smell Fruity, Sweet, Earthy.

Apple Fritter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Advanced Seeds .

Feminised cannabis seeds of Apple Fritter from Advanced Seeds, an irresistible cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. With a potent THC content of 25%, it delivers yields of 450-500g. Its indoor height of 70-90cm and outdoor height of 1.8-2.5m make it a versatile choice. Enjoy its flowering cycle of 55-60 days and harvest between October 1st and 10th.

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About Advanced Seeds.

Advanced Seeds is a Cannabis Seeds breeder offering Feminised and Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds using organic cultivation methods.

Advanced Seeds specialise in Skunk and Kush hybrids, crossed with the more potent American and Dutch Cannabis Seed strains, e.g. Diesel, Ice and Jack Herer lines.

For powerful Cannabis Seeds that always deliver, Advanced Seeds constantly refine their techniques and processes to improve their Cannabis Seeds year after year.

Advanced Seeds was initially created after a group of Spanish breeders spent time researching Dutch genetics. Despite the incredible aromas and tastes of these genetics, the breeders found a number of problems with germination and vigour. In light of this, these breeders decided to set up their own seed bank in 1999.

During their first years, Advanced Seeds started selling its strains from a small grow shop in Murcia, Spain. It was a very basic set-up, with no packaging for products and no marketing to speak of; sales were slow, despite the high quality of their strains.

To achieve a substantial growth, Advanced Seeds decided to create a line of feminised genetics that combined a simple cultivation process for consumers, with the incredible flavours that they had seen in legendary Dutch genetics. Such was the success of these strains that Advanced Seeds became a professional seed bank in 2006.

Paying special attention to their advertising and corporate image, Advanced Seeds very quickly established themselves as one of the most popular and reliable seed banks in Spain.

Today, Advanced Seeds continues to work hard to offer the very best quality products to its loyal and ever-expanding customer list.

Apple Fritter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Advanced Seeds

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