Assorted Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Buddha Seeds

Assorted Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds |  Buddha Seeds

Assorted Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds |  Buddha Seeds

  • BREEDER: Buddha Seeds
  • GENETICS: Mixed
  • FLOWERING TYPE: Autoflowering
  • SEX: Feminised
  • GROWS: Greenhouse, Indoors &Outdoors
  • FLOWERING TIME: Varies between 50 - 55 days until 80 - 85 days
Assorted Feminised Auto Mixed Pack cannabis seed is bursting with great value and is one of the best seed mixes available for wide-scale purchase, the Buddha Assorted Mix combines superb quality with a variety that has obviously been carefully considered by the people at Buddha seeds.
What will you get?

 Assorted Auto Feminised Mix Pack includes this breeder's best selling autos including Syrup, White Dwarf, Deimos & Red Dwarf as well as six mystery seeds that could include either new releases or experimental strains.

  • Assorted Auto Mix Pack of Feminised cannabis is a great value buy
  • A Random Mix of 4 Established Strains and Experimental Hybrids
  • Top Rated Genetics, Incredible Power and Connoisseur Quality

The only drawback to Buddha Seeds Assorted Mix Pack is that all these premium Feminised cannabis seeds come in a single tube without any indication of what's what.

If you are not willing to take the risk with your seeds, Discount Cannabis Seeds also sells each one of the named strains individually.

Buddha Seeds works on stabilizing and improving the genetics of cannabis and especially bases its efforts on the production of the best Autoflowering.

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