Auto Blue Nerdz Cannabis Seeds - Terp Treez

Auto Blue Nerdz Cannabis Seeds - Terp Treez

Auto Blue Nerdz Cannabis Seeds - Terp Treez.

  • Life cycle: 65 to 75 days.
  • Yield: 550g/m2.
  • Ratio: Hybrid.
  • Lineage: (Blue Sherbert x Zkittlez) x Afghan Ruderalis.
  • Sex: Auto Feminized.
  • THC: 20%+.

Auto Blue Nerdz Cannabis Seeds - Terp Treez.

We took our cross of Blue Sherbert and Zkittlez, then applied our Ruderalis to create Auto Blue Nerdz.

For trichome lovers,  Auto Blue Nerdz  does not disappoint.

We found due to the lineage, this plant displays very tight internodal spacing, combined with incredible resistance to pests and stress, and very fast production. All this, as well as yields of 550g/m2, just within a 65 to 75 day life cycle.

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Just like any weed in nature, (marijuana) cannabis plants set seed naturally in the wild to reproduce. Now with extensive research, selection and cross breeding, cannabis seeds have been hybridised to produce the very best attributes including higher levels of cannabinoids, larger yields, faster flower periods, climate adjustments and much more.

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