Auto Trainwreck Feminised cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds Originals

Auto Trainwreck Feminised cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds Originals

Auto Trainwreck Feminised cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds Originals.

  •  Taste: Lemon, Pine, Spicy, Sweet
  •  THC: Up to 22%
  •  CBD: < 1%
  •  Harvest EU Indoor: 350 – 550 gr/m2
  •  Harvest US Indoor: 1.1 – 1.6 oz/ft2
  •  Harvest EU Outdoor: 60 – 150 gr/plant
  •  Harvest US Outdoor: 2 – 5 oz/plant
  •  Size: XL
  •  Height: 70 – 120 cm
  •  Height US 27 – 47 inches
  •  Flowering 8 – 9 weeks
  •  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Gender Feminized
  •  Genes Sativa 55%/Indica 45%
  •  Genetics Trainwreck Auto
  •  Autoflowering Yes

Auto Trainwreck Feminised cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds Originals.

Auto Trainwreck fast flowering hybrid variety suited for all types of growers, it’s an easy-to-grow strain that takes 9 weeks from seed to harvest, growing up to 120cm and yielding 550gr/m2 without needing much maintenance or extra effort.

Expect hard-hitting nugs that will catch everyone’s attention due to the sweet pine-sol terpenes that stink out the whole room as soon as you light up the joint.

Auto Trainwreck will be among your favorites once you experience the exceptional effects that may not seem too potent at first but slowly creeps up on you and get you high as a kite for hours.

Auto Trainwreck buds grow quite thick, with plenty bright yellowish-orange hairs that wrap around the medium-sized calyxes, complementing the light-green nugs beautifully.

Expect extremely dense buds that grow stacked and end up looking like one giant nug in each branch.

You’ll be amazed by the trichome production of Auto Trainwreck, the sugar-dipped nugs with some colorful leaves coming out of them will leave your fingers full of resin and, as soon as you start grinding them, overwhelm you with a pungent lemony pine-sol with a touch of sourness and a spicy background.

After a couple of hits, you will experience a really cozy and stimulating head high that will get you in a comfortable state of mind and feeling good with everything and everyone;.

The long-lasting uplifting effect of Auto Trainwreck promotes a very calm and centered state of mind with a relaxed edge at first. The motivating effect will gradually transform into a more Indica-like high that deeply relaxes your muscles and relieves pain without leaving you too sedated, an ideal choice for those who want to stay alert during the morning and need to relax when the workday ends. 

Growing on the taller side, this autoflower can reach up to 120cm while growing quite compact and bushy, you’ll see lots of dark-green fan leaves coming out of everywhere and a couple of side branches that can grow as tall as the main cola. Thanks to its Sativa heritage, this variety yields as much as it grows; Expect yields ranging from 350-500gr/m2, making it an ideal choice for all types of growers who are looking for a low-maintenance and fast flowering version of the classic.

Auto Trainwreck Hit you like a freight train. A potent high that will leave you feeling good all day long.
Super yields. Auto Trainwreck grows up to 120cm and yields 550gr/m2 in just 63 days!
Perfectly balanced. Especially bred to develop the best of Indica and Sativa traits.
Auto Trainwreck is Suited for everyone. Top-quality buds without much maintenance or extra attention.
The good old days. An upgraded fast flowering version of the classic, bred to perfection.

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