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Back to the Future #2 - Tastebudz

Tastebudz Back To The Future #2 Feminised cannabis Seeds are created by going back to the future and researching the ancestry of Future #1 to elect the strains which displayed the most desirable characteristics.

  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue#4 A.K.A Original Glue x Alien Tahoe OG.
  • Indica/Sativa Mix: 20% Sativa – 80% Indica.
  • THC Levels: 33%.
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks.
  • Harvest: September
  • Yield Indoors: 800 gr/m2.
  • Yield Outdoors: 2700 gr/plant.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Height: Tall.
  • Smell: Earthy Pine, Sour Lemon.
  • Effects: Body stone, euphoric, couch lock.
  • Back To The Future #2 Feminised cannabis seeds have been developed from two big hitters, Gorilla Glue and Alien Tahoe OG.

  • The revered Original Glue (AKA Gorilla Glue#4) boasts an impressive THC content of over 30%.
  • Proud parent of Starfighter F2 is Alien Tahoe OG, a highly regarded Indica dominant hybrid.
  • Back To The Future #2 Feminised produces chunky resin covered buds densely packed with trichomes and crystalline particles.
  • This  Feminised cannabis plant has a rapid growth rate making it an ideal candidate for the Screen of Green (SCROG) growing method.
  • Back To The Future #2 Feminised will thrive in warm climates and indoors.
  • Tastebudz recommend regular pruning and trimming to facilitate better growth.
  • This Feminised cannabis plant has an intoxicating fragrance of earthy pine and subtle hints of sour lemon.
  • Back To The Future #2 Feminised cannabis strain delivers an extremely potent effect inducing an almost sedative like effect, which helps to assist with stress, pain, insomnia, and nausea.

Tastebudz Seeds were founded after years of experience working within the cannabis seed industry. Their main objective being to develop cannabis strains with full bodied flavour alongside premium genetics that deliver stability. 
From their research it was discovered only a small number of elite cannabis strains are really predominant to the smokers palette, which led them to breed their own elected  unique strains for the most reliable cannabis plants. 

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