Big Bruce Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Megabuds

Big Bruce Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Megabuds

Megabuds Big Bruce Feminised cannabis seeds are a Sativa dominant strain developed from a cross of Bruce Banner #3 and Critical Kush.

  • Genetics: Bruce Banner #3 x Critical Kush
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Height: 160 - 180cm
  • THC Levels: 27% 
  • Yield: 500 - 650g/m²
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor 
  • Indoor Flowering: 8 – 10 Weeks
  • Harvest Outdoor: Early October
  • Effects: Intense, satisfying buzz

When you want the biggest yield and you don’t want to skimp on strength, there is only one cannabis seed, Big Bruce Feminised by Megabuds. 

Megabuds started with possibly the strongest strain on the planet, Bruce Banner #3, using this as the mother they crossed it with a monster yielding Critical Kush father creating the perfect pairing of strength and size.  

THC Levels of Big Bruce Feminised cannabis strain consistently clock in at 22% and above showing the addition of the Kush genetics have only added to the final package.

The Diesel heritage of the Bruce banner mixed with additional Kush makes Big Bruce Feminised weed is a heavy hitter in the flavour department. 

On top of this the potency means that you know when you have smoked Big Bruce Feminised weed.

An intense hit comes straight in and brings on a very satisfying buzz.

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