Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds Review

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Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds Review.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we added a new huge and upcoming seed bank to our wide range of seed banks which have some incredible weed strains. This seed bank is Growers Choice.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is a seed company that delivers premium cannabis seeds to the cannabis market.

The team of horticultural and medical experts has collected the best cannabis genetics in the world.

Growers Choice seed bank offer great strains for affordable prices and you can always get them cheaper with Discount Cannabis Seeds as we are the cheapest cannabis store online!

In this blog I am going to give you reviews on Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, strain reviews, photos of harvested strains and some growing tips, so if you are looking for a new fresh weed strain then this blog will have everything you could ask for.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds Reviews.

They have always honored their germination guarantee, but I only needed it once. I get gorgeous flowers that are potent and pungent. Awesome seeds.

Bought 3 Sour Kush autos and they all germinated are about 3 weeks from getting chopped. Followed the directions provided by GCS and everything has been great.

I've had my best products grown from grower's choice seeds. Just make sure you germinate them correctly. That's why most don't sprout. Water in a cup, see in the water, keep water kind of warm like on top of a running x-box, DVR, heat pad or something and go from there. Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds keep up your hard work. Your quality shows in the end results.

Every single one I planted germinated and sprouted and are doing better than ever I will do a review on my YouTube as well and show the ladies. Thanks, GCS, for the quality and hang in there.

the genetics are great, +90% of my seeds were viable and produced outstanding results. Five stars.

This company will be my ONLY go to Bank. 100% Germ & in the U.S.

The highest quality seeds around. I had three Blueberry autos that grew over 5 ft tall.

Great Company EXCELLENT quality!
ALL SEEDS have popped & are now growing beautifully!! I am growing the critical purple and the pineapple auto flowers seeds and they are just doing perfectly!

Growers Choice is on it, and making it right, I’ll go to 5 stars if the seeds sprout. The guarantee is real. More to come, I’ll let you know how it ends.
Happy ending! New seeds are growing.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds strain reviews.

Tropical Cookies feminised cannabis seeds are the auto-flowering version of an Amsterdam-born, sativa-dominant plant bred from a combination of two strains: popular G13 and a descendant of classic Haze.

This sativa-dominant strain develops large, dense buds that highlight it’s 30% Indica genealogy, and is dusted with a generous, resinous amount of trichomes that facilitate a strong body high when consumed in large doses.

Tropical Cookies Cannabis Seeds gets its name from its tangy, fruity scent and taste; upon consumption, it delivers a head rush that can improve mood and leave you feeling cheerful. Depending on your constitution, you may experience the burst of energy as happily lazy, or creative and productive.

Tropical Cookies cannabis seeds are particularly notable for their unique therapeutic traits: the flowers will grant you increased energy in addition to their considerable painkilling power.

 For this reason, Tropical Cookies Cannabis Seeds is the perfect choice for people who require some serious relief, but don’t have the time to take a few days off and relax with a more calming Indica strain.

This is a super easy grow and a great smelling strain that put up well with heat and even though it’s an auto flower and would do much better in an indoor grow it did surprisingly well outdoor.

I will definitely be growing her again as soon as I get my indoor set up going. A pleasure to smoke and the high is intensified by the amazing terpenes that gave me a very clean minded buzz that lasted a long time, great smoke for getting creative or doing any daily activity. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a tasty hard-hitting Sativa

The plant looked really healthy right from the get-go. Very stable genetics and I will definitely be picking this one up again in the future.
-Grower's Choice is underrated in my opinion. They produce some great seeds and some very stable genetics.
-I can hardly fault the strain for the bud rot. The conditions were perfect for mold to take hold and it did. Less humidity and more airflow and this plant would have produced some nice, frosty buds. I am sure of it.

Tropical Cookies Cannabis Seeds is a potent, mostly sativa anytime cruiser. Lost a lot of smell during drying but came back through and through with cure time. A little head-cloudy and a lot relaxed, TD doesn't keep you up at night but isn't too head-busy either. One of my all-time favs as a daily driver that makes anything more enjoyable.

Very balanced high from this, it provided a nice happy euphoria at first and just settled in to a relaxing high. I felt neither excitable nor couch locked. A functional type of high I think might be the way to describe it, I felt clear headed and maybe a little talkative as well. Overall, I would have to say it was a very comfortable high, considering I smoked more than I normally would.

Sativa dominant for sure, good hits and ashes great, it's like a nice cup of coffee to refresh you any time, be aware the smoke is pungent overall great plant grows tell so recommend topping or training.

The high is almost instantaneous. Very nice head rush! If toked too close to bedtime it may keep you up for a while. The buzz is long lasting and great for visuals and music. It has a 'medium' level of CBD in it and I have noticed that when my back or hip pain flair up, after toking this the pain diminishes for hours! Way better than taking pain meds like aspirin or Tylenol. I also occasionally tweak my groin muscle, and this soothes the pain very quickly.

The relief is noticeable and fast. While some of the non-CBD flower I’ve toked does make you forget about the pain, this seems to help with the healing. I also took one cola 2 weeks early; it had many clear trichomes. It's like a super strong cup of coffee!

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Seeds.

Gorilla Cookies cannabis seeds feature the Diesel-backed genetics of popular Gorilla Glue #4 and our trusted and tested ruderalis strain.

The result is a fast-flowering, automatic cannabis plant; an excellent choice for new and established gardeners, that will impress with its effects.

Growers Choice Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Seeds is a great option for any time of day – it offers just enough relaxation to keep you feeling loose and soothed, but not enough to put you to sleep. That means, if you have some things to do, Gorilla Cookies will let you get them done while still delivering the relief you need.

The relaxing and uplifting qualities of Gorilla Cookies cannabis seeds do offer some therapeutic benefits along with the obvious recreational ones.

You’ll find your stress – and even some symptoms of depression – washed away after a treatment, your woes being overtaken by a sense of gentle happiness and – not surprisingly – a bit of hunger.

Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Seeds is a beautiful plant! fuzzy all over! Refreshing piney aroma as it blossomed. Super sticky when touched, and the aroma of the resin on my fingers was sweet and intoxicating. Large calix's making dense pretty flowers. There were drops of sweetness oozing out on some of the buds.

At 6 weeks cure time and the fuzzy buds did not disappoint. Never had cured weed that left my fingers sticky after pinching a hit off. The jar smell is mellower than the harvest smell, piney earth with sweetness. The bong taste is also mellow and tasty, a little piney with a smooth finish that reminds me of dessert.

I can taste a little smooth chocolate, reminds me of a chocolate mousse. Nice creeper and long lasting, very strong buzz. Good for relaxing and surprisingly also good when actively doing stuff. When it fades, I crash hard enough to fall asleep in the chair. A nice well-rounded strain with super amounts of resin. Going to make some good hash.

This strain of Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Seeds was an easy grow. All seeds germinated and showed no signs of disease or bugs other than a few Daddy long Leg Spiders that got into the grow area. The Gorilla Cookies is a beautiful plant with a decent yield.

She grew way taller than I expected but was a strong and hardy plant with great structure. I can only imagine what her potential is with a more experienced grower than myself. I would give this baby plenty of root room to grow if you have the space and you will not regret it.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Critical + Cannabis Seeds

An Indica-dominant hybrid strain, Critical + feminised cannabis seeds trace their lineage to popular Critical Mass and Big Bud.

 Originally, the pair were bred together in order to improve the yield and stability of Big Bud. Critical Mass is known for extremely heavy, dense flowers, and Critical + cannabis seeds carry on this desirable trait.

One of our highest THC strains, Critical + is a potent plant, expressing its Indica roots with a heavy, relaxed effect.

If you’re new to marijuana or even just to this strain, you may find early treatments with Critical + leave you feeling completely sedated, but whatever your tolerance, this strain is certainly best kept for evening or nighttime use.

Grower's Choice are really high-quality genetics from my experience. Both of my GC strains yielded more than my other plants and they were really easy to grow. I'm sure that if I had Given this one enough time, she would have produced a ton of good bud. I will be getting more of these in the future.

One-Hit-Wonder Critical + I have one only one word to describe this strain: "HEAVY". Definitely be bedtime buds - it knocks me out Every. Single. Time. It starts with a wave of calm and moderate body buzz; so you sit down. Then your eyes start to get heavy, and....then... you're...asleep. If you manage to fight yourself awake for the duration, you're in slow motion with basic functions being a pretty good challenge. If you manage it as a daily driver, prepare to be heavily dopey/stoned with lots of 'next day stupid's'.

This grow experience started as an experiment to see how well these plants can grow with the most natural settings using the least amount of specialized equipment. I started with a simple garage-style florescent lamp, which did very well during the seedling stages. Then the majority of the grow was in a small dark room with just a fan and a LED grow light. I eventually caved in and bought a grow tent, which helped with the drying phase by keeping the smell down.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds.

Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants.

Many users of this strong strain caution that it should be used sparingly (think one hit and quit), because a little goes a long way. Since it can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to feel the effects of the high – when smoking or vaporizing – it is important to use Cinderella 99 mindfully and take it easy.

At 70% sativa, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity; avoid using Cinderella 99 too close to bedtime; you’ll likely find it difficult to fall asleep, though once the high has dissipated a little, it has been known to fade into sedation.

It was a wonderful experience to grow this strain. About the c99, the smell is sweet and reminds fresh mango, definitely to use during the day. The effect lasts for a while and is a type of cerebral high. The first time we used it we laughed and talked a lot.

Energizing not sleep inducing. 10/10 daytime strain.

The sizes of the plant are perfect for the 4x4 tent when doing the single plant. It had a light fragrance of sweet lemon and a hint of pine. It took a little longer than predicted by the breeder. The plant took full strength nutrients the entire grow until partway thru the flower phase. Had zero issues with mildew or pests.
The jar aroma is still light sweet lemony pine. The buds are very dense, frosty and sticky. Sweet lemony pine scent when breaking apart a bud for a toke. Light lemony taste when toked and a nice even sativa energy high.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds
OG Kush Cannabis Seeds.

OG Kush Feminised cannabis seeds hail from a popular strain that has served as the basis for many cannabis varieties developed on the American west coast. Though its actual origin is shrouded in mystery,

OG Kush’s first cannabis seeds are thought to have been taken from Florida to California in the early 90s.

OG Kush’s trichome-coated, neon green buds have an early effect of heavy euphoria, paired with a combination physical and mental high.

As a result, most users find the strain leaves them with a relaxed and happy feeling and, quite often, a case of body-numbing couch lock. These trance-like sensations make OG Kush Cannabis Seeds best suited to evening use, though whether you’re seeking therapy or just a good time is entirely up to you.

For my first grow everything went pretty smoothly. I’m sure I will do better on my future grows.

She smelled like sweet candy but now it's more of a sweet melon scent that's a little skunky. The smoke is super smooth and flavorful. I can't put my finger on the taste yet but it's fruity and sweet. Super good high too, very body tingly with a calm and relaxed head buzz.

I grew 2 OG Kush from Growers choice seeds and both were different!! One finished first out of the 4 in my tent. Also, that one looked completely different but was just as good. They both are super sticky and very great smell!! Lots of trichomes! My first finisher didn’t yield a whole lot but the quality was super!!! Smells of lemon and fruity!! Yummy! My second one took much longer to finish but yielded way more.

The trichomes were starting to go amber right when they said they would. Def would grow these Cannabis Seeds is again. In fact I am currently, lol.
Recommend for any beginner cultivator. Definitely an easy super easy strain to grow.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice have a huge range of Cannabis Seeds available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds which you can buy today and receive within 2 days!

Why not start your cannabis journey with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds today.

Thanks for reading guys.