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Humboldt Seeds Organisation is a cannabis seed bank who produce one of the best genetics on the planet. Currently this seed company has one of the biggest libraries.

Humboldt Seeds believes in the importance of building living soils. Humboldt Seeds has become the highest concentration of progressive organic gardening techniques maintained by some of the best growers and elite genetics in the world today.

The idea of progress within the cannabis industry resulted in a deep exploration of the many functions and benefits this unique plant can offer. Thorough selection during few years of regular breeding techniques are then transformed into Feminised, fast flowering, automatic seeds.

The basic aim by Humboldt Seeds is to educate sustainable methods of preservation and cultivation for creating the best cannabis in the world.

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? If you want to try something new or you are after a fantastic seed bank at the cheapest prices you will find online, here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell a huge range of Humboldt Seeds.

In this blog I am going tell you more about Humboldt Seeds, strain reviews, photos and growing tips from cannabis connoisseurs.

Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream Feminised.

Blue Dream is based on the combining of Blueberry and a selected Haze.

The plant produces top-quality huge buds and that yields with a tasty subtle aroma. It also demonstrates a big resin production. Blue Dream is suits for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors (in temperate climate and Mediterranean areas). The flowering takes 9 weeks and the crops bring to 550 gr/m2.

The smoke brings amazing aroma that reminds of Haze. It contains notes of citrus fruit and cedar. The rich taste provides a citrus pleasure with hints of pine, incense, sweet fruits and Haze. The effect is very potent and long-lasting. It is clear and cerebral.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream Feminised.

FUNKY! Every time I bring it out that's the first thing I hear. I got a Haze pheno, smells like lemon funk, so funky it's disrespectful. Strong sativa high and tastes exactly like it smells. High hits you immediately and feels like you're going up on an elevator for like 10-20 minutes then evens out to a happy, social high. Good stuff!

Nice smooth round with very strong and potent genetic with nice internode. I was afraid with this sativa, but result is very good overall. I grow many years, but this round was my first scrog.. I am happy that I chose this bank and this sativa strain for my first scrog!

Blue Dream comes on like a cannon fire on that first draw, then sets into an uncontrollable smile and waves of happy feelings on the second pull for an enjoyable experience that lasts hours after partaking. Has that unmistakable blueberry smell to it when you open up some nugs, and has a strong pungent smell on that jar opening. These buds are so covered in crystal, I can't wait to make some edibles from the trim.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Black D.O.G Feminised.

Black D.O.G. is the result of the combining two classic northern Californian strains: Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband. This is a mostly Indica plant that contains 85% Indica and 15% sativa genetics.

The cannabis plant has a medium size, produces a top-quality energetic yield of 450 gr/m2. The plant has a short flowering cycle of 8 weeks.

Black D.O.G. produces a complex rich taste and smell of grapes, berries and oil. The smoke provides a cerebral effect, brings a relaxation. It is strong and long-lasting.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Black D.O.G.

She ended up being a short stocky plant with ridiculously dense colas. I'm so happy I took clones as I'm really impressed with the quality of the bud and the yield. She was the smallest plant in my tent but ended up being the second highest yielder which is ridiculous.

She’s a real heavy smoke, great for nighttime, although I feel the initial sensation is uplifting giving way to couch lock if one is you are not careful.
Smells very strong of berries, grapes and fuel. If you are a fan of Kush as I am this strain is great.
The yield is mind blowing for me, this being my first Indoor grow experiencer, and my first time using the manifolding technique. It paid off.

I'm a huge Black DOG fan if you're just starting to follow. It's more of a night treat really unless you have chronic pain like I do it's an all-day toke. But it keeps pain at bay at a narcotic level and its all-natural beauty. She smells so spicy and fruity I love it, makes some delicious hash as well with a nice return.

I think I found a new love! This strain is tasty, with a fruity flavor but a spicy haze funk smell to it that punches you right in the snooze! It's been helping with my chronic pain very well though, got me dancing around like a silly mother fu**er and then sleeping.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Chocolate Mint OG Feminised.

Chocolate Mint OG is the Indica dominant strain that contains 20% Sativa and 80% Indica genetics. The legendary strains OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple are the parents of this creation. They provide a top quality of the resulting plant.

The flowering cycle is fast and takes about 9 weeks. The plant demonstrates purple colors during the blooming. It has not good mold resistance, it's recommended to control the growth. The crops are very rich, they bring to 550 gr/m2 of dense big buds with intense aroma.

The taste and smell contain notes of chocolate, mint, pine, species and a bit acid. The long-lasting effect is both physical and cerebral.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Chocolate Mint OG.

Fruity Gas smell is starting to ripen in the cure jars. Very "old school" style buds in the hands of a first timer, frosty with orange hairs and hints of purple. Nugs bust up into more than you'd think with VERY STRONG high, nice relaxing and mellow with a slight euphoria to start that settles into a slow/sleepy Indica with all-day use. Easy to fight through for daytime, easy to give into when curing is done.

Best smelling strain I've ever had. My girlfriend says she thinks this was the best tasting batch I've grown yet. The Chocolate Mint OG was the only strain of the 5 that managed to not get spider mites or hermaphrodite. Best looking buds of the group, in my opinion. Also, best smelling and best tasting. It was a clean sweep; this strain won every category. Will absolutely be purchasing again.

This bud is amazing!! Surely to my top 5. Nice old school stoner weed. Really relaxed, uplifted and relaxed again high. Really euphoric and uplifted too. Smell is straight gas on pheno #2 #1 more colorful is more Choco minty like name stands.
Going to do this again and recommend to everyone who looking that top shelf evening weed.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Green Crack Feminised.

Green Crack is a premium cannabis strain that based on the famous Afghani and Skunk genetics. This is a sativa dominant hybrid that contains 60% sativa and 40% Indica.

The strain demonstrates energetic growth and great stability. It develops a beautiful structure with a Christmas tree shape and big number of nuggets. The plant has a good resistance to mold and pests. It is excellent choice both for indoor and outdoor growing in a sunny, warm and Mediterranean climate. The flowering period takes 9-10 weeks.

The smoke brings pleasant exotic, fruity and citrus flavors of mango, pineapple, cedar and incense and potent cerebral effects with enjoyable feeling of euphoria. Green Crack will be ideal choice for Skunk fans.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Green Crack.

Her smell is just the most intense aroma u can imagine! No carbon filter is going to eliminate her wonderful stank! Buds are all tight and dense right down to her bottom nug. Trichomes are there and in the plenty! Some real frosty flowers! Resinous rocks are how I would describe her fruit. Will be growing it again VERY SOON!
I couldn't recommend this higher to someone looking for a kick ass potent Sativa dominant that makes her flowers just like a traditional Indica! TIGHT AND DENSE!

Once dried, it really does smell like when you peel a mango, with the herbal/eucalyptus-y smell following very closely behind. I really enjoy the high. I spontaneously wrote an entire essay while high; the ideas just came flooding. Mustn't lay down on a couch though, because if I do, I can't get up.

Smell/quality is your typical green crack, although this was coming out extremely frosty (even for GC). High is also what you would expect, good mood, focused, energized - awesome strain for day medication.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Three Blue Kings Feminised.

Three Blue Kings seeds' parents, the heavy yielding Blue Dream and Three Kings ((Headband x Sour Diesel) x OG Kush), crossed make one interesting hybrid. The cross is a stunning marijuana plant that supports itself well and has even internodal spacing, heavy buds with a delicious gassy fruity aroma.

 A medium veg growth is recommended indoors while outdoors the greenhouse and dry, warm climates are preferred. The production of resin is above average.

The aroma of Three Blue Kings seeds reminds of fruity, sweet, zesty overtones while the intense flavor is pungent with hints of pine, fuel, petrol and lemon. A cannabis strain that produces a powerful, long-lasting couch lock high with a warm, cerebral effect.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Three Blue Kings.

Three Blue Kings is definitely more of an Indica leaning high that will hit you with the couch lock laziness pretty quick, great for chilling out at night leading you to a heavy deep sleep, smells unreal like tropical candy and tastes kind of earthy and sort of like a peach air freshener after 2 weeks curing, thinking these nugs will only taste better with time. This one’s been an absolute treat to grow and I think I want to run it again soon

A variety with very high potential. Excellent mold resistance. Very powerful smell and taste.
Flowers are all in crystals. Recommend for everybody!

Amazing strain, I'm not allowed to smoke but have plenty of pros to sample it and the wife.

Super heady and uplifting and then it reminds you that it's a hybrid with a calming relaxed but awake euphoria.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream CBD.

Blue Dream CBD is a marijuana strain with a fast-energetic growth and potent root system. This is a well-balanced sativa dominant hybrid that contains 65% sativa and 35% Indica genetics.

Blue Dream CBD was specially designed for medical users. It has high CBD content of 10% and 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

The plant develops big strong colas with heavy resinous buds that demonstrate amazing purple, blue and silver colors when the night temperatures are lower than day. The good distance between long, thin leaves provides an excellent ventilation and penetration of light. The flowering time is about 10 weeks.

The smoke brings strong pungent aromas with notes of sweet berries, citrus and pepper. The effect is soft and psychoactive with clear and energizing euphoric sensations.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream CBD.

I don't know where to start and I must admit I'm completely overwhelmed by this beautiful plant. She is a blessing! Excuse the outburst, but she is magical. Smoking her is a great and different experience to me. It's my first time with a 1:1 strain and I can notice the CBD content. She shows in a very well-balanced body high with a slight and gentle knock on the THC door.

The first couple of days I felt a craving for higher THC which settled down after only a couple of days. Then I noticed craving less, almost like only when my body and mind needed it. Very interesting and worth growing. So, you guessed right, I totally recommend growing this beauty. Especially if you are interested in exploring a 1:1 THC: CBD strain with all its magical medicinal values.

This beauty is an excellent daytime smoke high in CBD goodness with enough of a THC kick to have you floating through the day. Love it. Can't wait to make hash with the trim.

This was my favorite one to grow from the run the bud came out incredible. It grows faster than everything else and stretched like a bitch. It smells HEAVY of mangos and citrus the smell is 10/10 it couldn't be better. The smoke is one of the smoothest I've had and tastes delicious.

A few hits give a nice uplifting head change. The effects are very subtle but that's what I was looking for. It's also nice to mix it together with a more potent strain to make a nice balanced blend. I wish all my buds smelled this good I highly recommend to the CBD lovers.

The easiest in growing out of all strains that I tried in my first three crops. The plant responded perfectly to my first topping and produced a good result after FIM.
The first time I tried a strain with a high content of CBD, and it's just excellent. Clear high without stoned mode and strong, perfect relaxation, I can count my muscles.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Mango Sapphire Feminised.

Mango Sapphire is the Indica dominant plant that contains 15% sativa and 85% Indica genetics. Its parents are Bubba’s Gift and OG/Afghan X.

The plant produces good yields both indoors and outdoors in a short flowering period that takes only 48-53 days. The harvest produces more 550 gr/m2.

The smoke provides a sweet and fruity aroma. The calming potent effect is long-lasting. The taste brings you a coconut pleasure with notes of mango and hints of sour fruit.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Mango Sapphire.

Classic Mango Sapphire from Humboldt Seeds is a small medium sized plant, extremely fast flowering and resin production. Always close with phenotypes but the smell and the stonedness is always on point and you know what to expect.

So frosty, colored, and tasty. The high is mostly physical but also mental. Really beautiful dried nugs.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Sugar Breath Feminised.

Sugar Breath seeds' parents, the famous Do-Si-Dos and the OGKB elite clone, combined create a wonderful and tasty variation of sensations. This hybrid is a beautiful marijuana plant that oozes quality and that yields compact dense buds covered in shiny trichomes.

 A longer veg growth is recommended indoors while outdoors the greenhouse warmer climates are preferred. The production of resin is very much above average.

The aroma of Sugar Breath seeds is a sweet, gassy blend of grape and petrol, while the intense flavor is joined with hints of pine, incense, vanilla and cinnamon. This cannabis strain, which produces a powerful, long-lasting couch lock effect, is definitely not for the shy!

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds Sugar Breath.

These buds were nice and heavy dense, the buds didn't lose much weight by the time it hit the jars, very gassy very sticky I fully recommend this strain.
Starts to tickle on the top of your head and slowly works it's self-downwards relaxing every muscle tension on the way. Leaves you to happy place. At first even talkative and euphoric very relaxed. After 60-90min you are getting stoned of your ass as Indica side kicks in good. Lovin every bit of this strain!

This bud will make excellent bubble hash! Buds are coated in powdery like resin all over. Very nice. Hope some of its beeriness in taste transforms in hash also. Smell is very pungent and GASSY. Myrcene and pinene I think are present. Strongly.

Good bud instant change of feeling from the first puff. Makes kind of warm space helmet inside your head. You feel just fuzzy and happy. Muscles relaxes and loses pretty much all tensions after good hits. No paranoia whatsoever! Loving this one, Humboldt knocked out the park with this.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seeds The New Feminised.

The New, descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies (Sherbs cut) and a selected Larry OG, is our first of many collaborations with Mario Guzman, aka Sherbinski, known worldwide for his passion for top-of-the-line marijuana.

The resulting hybrid is a stunning quality-oozing plant with above-average resin count that boasts buds wrapped in a delicious subtle gassy cinnamon aroma. A medium growth is recommended indoors, while outdoors the greenhouse and dry, warm, temperate, and Mediterranean climates are preferred.

Reviews of Humboldt Seeds The New.

This is some high-quality next level bud! Sherbinski and the Humboldt Seed Organization put out some killer genetics! This one her taste and smell isn't as in your face as other strains I have but the is a softness and subtleness that swirl's in your mouth when you light up that joint.
The complete joint from spark to roach is an experience that will give you a deep appreciation on the flower and the genetics that bred it. She has some gassy overtones and hints of cinnamon/Cookies that is just heaven and she is covered in crystal.

Piney, sweet, creamy and minty - cookie dough like taste. think going to get better with some cure. Awesome for chilling! One of my favorites for sure. Evening stuff because if you have something to do better smoke this one after.
Potent kick that starts to weigh your body down and make your head feel like floating. Very euphoric, giggly, talkative, relaxing and yes it gets little trippy and you don't even have to smoke that much so be careful!  I like this one!
Also, that smell in the jar every time something different. From menthol/ minty, citrus, doughy, sweet, earthy, piney, creamy.

Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

With all these fantastic cannabis strains how can you not love Humboldt Seeds? If you want some of these weed seeds, then head over to our cannabis seeds store which you will find Discount Cannabis Seeds is the cheapest online.

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