Bruce Banner 111 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice

Bruce Banner 111 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice

Growers Choice Bruce Banner 111 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a Sativa/Indica hybrid combining OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel a unique and delicious flavour.

  • Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel.
  • Sex: Auto Feminised.
  • Type: 50% Sativa/50% Indica.
  • THC Levels: 27%.
  • CBD Levels: Low.
  • Indoor Yield: 650 – 750 grams/m2.
  • Indoor Flowering Time: 11 weeks.
  • Indoor Height: 70 – Up to 150 cm.
  • Outdoor Height: 80 – Up to 210 cm.
  • Taste: Earth tones of the Kush with a diesel flavour.
  • Mould Resistant – High.
  • Climate: Warm and Cold climates.

Delta9 Labs bred Bruce Banner III from an OG Kush and a Strawberry Diesel.

This creates a high THC content up to 27% and guarantees a great flavour profile that maintains a unique diesel aroma mixed with sweet berry tones.

Grown indoors, Bruce Banner 111 Auto can reach heights up to 150cm where she will reward you with 650-750g/m² of world-class bud.

Outdoors, Bruce Banner 111 Auto may stretch to heights of 210cm, churning out as much as 800g/plant.

Potency is one of the top qualities of Bruce Banner 111 Auto.

For those on the search for the highest THC specimens around, you can rest assured your needs will be met by Bruce Banner 111 Auto.

Bruce Banner 111 Auto produces an incredibly powerful and fast-hitting smoke that may even overwhelm some of the more seasoned smokers.

Despite her crazy potency, Bruce Banner 111 Auto is nicely balanced, she will start you out with a burst of happy euphoria, which will then turn into equally awesome relaxation.

This makes Bruce Banner 111 Auto a good daytime smoke if you want a boost of creativity and inspiration.

Thanks to her Indica side, Bruce Banner 111 Auto also makes for a chilled-out session as well.

Bruce Banner 111 Auto delivers a very satisfying experience that features the earthy notes of a Kush, accentuated by the diesel notes from Strawberry Diesel with a hint of berry on top.

Rich, tasty, and mouth-watering, Bruce Banner 111 Auto is a top choice even for spoiled cannabis connoisseurs!

Grower's Choice brings us a stellar variant of the legendary Bruce Banner III phenotype that sure will not disappoint.

About Growers Choice

Growers Choice started out in 1996 with growing the beloved cannabis plant as a hobby.

A well-known breeder helped them out with tricks and tips and showed them how to blend strains and select the best ones from it.

With their first set of genetics on a couple of different cannabis strains and their passion was born. In the early years, they experimented like crazy and gathered a lot of knowledge on how to grow and breed.

As soon as they understand and perfected the art of feminising, many of the large seed companies in today’s market asked them to make their seeds for them.

In 2011, they wanted to make of their own cannabis strains and get more recognition for their work. So, Growers Choice was born and their team expanded with some enthusiastic growers who had professional horticulture background and lots of experience.

Growers Choice is one of the fastest growing seed companies in Europe and hope to further expand with their super genetics.

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