Cali Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed

Cali Glue Auto  Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed

Cali Glue Auto  Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed.

  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue x Possibly Californian Orange.
  • Lineage: 60% Indica 40% Sativa.
  • Seed to Harvest Time: 10-11 Weeks (70-84 Days).
  • Yields per m2: 400-500g.
  • THC Content: 15-20%.
  • CBD Content: under 1%.

Cali Glue Auto  Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed.

Cali Weed Cali Glue Auto will go from planted seed to harvested buds in as little as 70 days (including natural veg time)

Cali Glue Auto buds are light green and orange. The are spicy, peppery and herbal with a fresh slight citrus taste to the buds when smoked. A Delicious Citrus with slight Indica Dominance.

Cali Glue Auto is around 60% Indica so it gives a very nice relaxing effect that will clear your stress and give you a true full body stone. Its a better one for smoking in the evening time and can be good for sleep. There is some Sativa in Cali Glue Auto genetics so it will give you a slightly clearer head than the original Gorilla Glue. This strain has a powerful effect and medium high THC level so its more for the slightly more advanced smokers. Experienced users claim this strain makes them more focused and creative before the couch-lock feeling sets in.

Cali Weed Cali Glue Auto Originated from a Pure Afghani Indica Clone crossed with around 40% Thailand Sativa genetics so you can expect it to grow relatively short with wide fan leaves that are thick. The stems will grow thick to supply the very dense buds that form packed with resin. Plants generally should finish flowering in 8 weeks with seed to harvest times around 10-11 Weeks. There should be no real issues with height with plants finishing around the 80-120cm range. Flowers are beautifully light green with bright orange hairs. Buds are spaced further apart, like a sativa, making ventilation less of a problem. Dried buds are packed with crystals.

Due to the fact Cali Glue Auto has Auto genetics this means it will have ruderalis in its genes which gives it the ability to flowering without the need for a timer. Ruderalis comes from regions of Northern Siberia, where cannabis plants evolved to grow in land that has 24 hour daylight during summer months.

About Cali Weed Seeds

So, how do you guarantee you’ll never run out of seeds to sell, how do you guarantee that they are the best seed money can buy, and that if plants are grown from them (in a state or country where it is legal to do so), the cannabis obtained meets, if not exceeds all expectations where quality and yield are concerned?

There was only one solution.

Cali Weed decided to invest in the long term, in the future, and we began a slow and meticulous breeding program where, rather than trying to grow plants of numerous varieties and strains, we would concentrate on one and develop the ‘best of the best’ where just a few varieties were concerned.

Cali Weed took a risk, though we like to think it was a well-researched one. After six years, we began to supply seeds from our very own plants. The response was greater than we could have ever imagined, and very soon Californian strains of cannabis plants grew in popularity as, unsurprisingly, did the demand for the plants’ seeds.

Today, Cali Weed now supply large quantities of cannabis seeds for a range of Cali strains, we’re confident you won’t find better seeds or a more reliable supplier.

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