Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Yieldmonger

Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Yieldmonger

Yieldmonger Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a Sativa dominant cannabis strain producing a lush and fruity tasting variety.

  • Genetics: Thai and Russian roots.
  • Sex Autoflowering Feminised.
  • THC Levels: 18 – 23%.
  • Indica/Sativa Mix: Sativa 63%, Indica 35.5%, Ruderalis 1.5%.
  • Yield Indoors: 500 – 750 gr/m2.
  • Yield Outdoors: 70 – 350 gr/plant.
  • Height Indoors: 120 – 160cm.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor.
  • Flowering Time: Average 10 – 11 Weeks.
  • Flavour: Orange Fruit, Sugar Candy.
  • Effects: Euphoric, Mood Enhancing.

Yieldmonger Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a lush and tasty, high-yielding, Autoflowering cannabis strain that is a credit to her Thai and Russian family roots.

It has taken Yieldmonger many years to settle this advanced genetic into her new home at Yieldmonger, but it has been worth every minute. Candied Satsuma is now a beacon of the Yieldmonger Autoflowering family.

Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised is a rather large Autoflowering cannabis strain that when finished packs immense flavours of orange fruit and sugar candy.

The high that Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised delivers is both euphoric and relaxing, making her a real mood enhancer that doesn’t cloud your judgment.

We rate Candied Satsuma Auto Feminised as a desert island strain, for sure.

About Yieldmonger Seeds

Yieldmonger is a long-lasting collaboration of professional breeders and cannabis experts from both Europe and the USA.

Yieldmonger have two main objectives:

1) Track down and secure the very best cannabis genetics from across the globe.

2) Breed these elusive genetics in ways that produce a consistently increased yield.

Yieldmonger have been working in absolute secrecy for almost 10 years, developing and refining their methods.

They have now perfected the Yieldmonger technique and believe that the time is right to share their work. The Yieldmonger technique is essentially a strict selection and breeding program that achieves pheno-stabilisation and maximum yield potential.

When you choose Yieldmonger seeds you can rest assured that you have chosen some of the most stable and highest yielding cannabis seeds available.

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