Cinnamon Buddha OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Humboldt Seeds Organisation

Cinnamon Buddha OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Humboldt Seeds Organisation

Cinnamon Buddha OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

  • Sex Feminised
  • THC Content 21 - 24%
  • Yield Indoors: 400 - 450 gr/m2; Outdoors: up to 4000 gr/plant or even more
  • Plant Height Up to 450 cm. outdoors
  • Grows Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors
  • Flowering Time 63 days
  • Harvest Month mid-October
  • Medical Conditions Insomnia, Pain
  • Medicinal Properties Yes
  • Taste / Flavour Cinnamon, Earthy, Lemon, Pepper, Spicy / Herbal
  • Effect Body, Calming, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative.


Cinnamon Buddha OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Cinnamon Buddha OG cannabis seeds has lineage of the renowned 'Florida cut' Triangle OG and Humboldt Seed Org's own private Fire OG which is not in general circulation.

This is a highly pungent, 85% indica, strain with great flavour. Plants grow with a classic OG structure; lanky and with relatively large internodal spacing.

Once in the flowering stage, plants will stretch to more than double the height and good support will be needed for the heavy buds. Both SCRoG and SoG work well for Cinnamon Buddha OG and, although not a heavy consumer of nitrogen, these plants get hungrier during flowering and providing sufficient nutes during this phase will serve to increase yields.

Indoors, flowering takes about nine weeks with yields in the region of 400 - 450 gr/m2. Outdoors, plants prefer arid, mountain desert climates and can grow to a height of 450 cm. producing in excess of 4000 gr. each with northern latitude harvests being ready in mid-October.

As would be expected from its name, Cinnamon Buddha OG cannabis seeds produces strong scents of spicy cinnamon with pine, nutmeg and lemon pepper with some earthy, citrus undertones, the latter being typical of OG strains.

THC levels are very high at 21 - 24% with low CBD of 0.1%. A strong body effect provides long-lasting relaxation and calm. Highly recommended for evening use and for pain relief. Also recommended for a great night's sleep.

About Humboldt Seed Organisation

Humboldt Seed Organization is a collective of breeders with more than 25 years in the cannabis industry. Purveyors of elite genetics for more than two decades, our meticulous selections are applied using science, technology, and years of experience in the field and in the grow room. HSO is constantly innovating and expanding our genetic library to bring new and exciting stable high quality cannabis varieties to small farmers and commercial producers alike.

Rooted in the ideology of regenerative agriculture, our core values remain in the preservation of all things in living by maintaining the ultimate respect for the natural world around us. We highly encourage organic cultivation techniques using sustainable methods designed for closed loop concepts which minimize unnecessary inputs in order to achieve great results.

Humboldt Seed Organization is distributed in over 50 countries and over 10,000 shops across the globe in over a dozen languages. For over a decade, Humboldt Seed Organization has become an industry leader in the creation of high-quality premium U.S. cannabis genetics in the international marketplace.

Humboldt Seed Organization has formed pharmaceutical research and development partnerships for both ISO and GMP certified licensed facilities to further our pursuit within the medical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

We are partnered with universities in Spain and in the United States to continue to expand our genetic research. We are excited to continue on our path of innovation and evolution in regards to the amazing plant.

From small home cultivations to boutique mom and pop farms to large scale commercial production, Humboldt Seed Organization is committed to providing the highest quality stable cannabis genetics the industry has to offer.


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