Dutch Automatic Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Spliff Seeds

Dutch Automatic Feminised Cannabis Seeds |  Spliff Seeds

Ruderalis genetics make Dutch Automatic Feminised cannabis plant very well suited for growing outdoor in more Northern countries.

  • Dutch Automatic Feminised cannabis seed is made up of Northern Light, Ruderalis, Santa Maria, Hawaiian Sativa and Afghani Gold genetics
  • She is a 55% Indica cannabis plant and has a decent THC level of around 10 to 15% and a high level of CBD
  • It is recommended to keep this Feminised cannabis plant on a 18/6 light cycle
  • She will start to show the first pistils after only about 2.5 weeks
  • The leaves and cannabis buds have distinctive light green colour, her size makes her suitable for SOG
  • Dutch Automatic is a stable weed producing heavier, more compact buds than her predecessors
  • The buds have a fruity, floral and skunky smell
  • She is an extremely smooth weed with a couch lock body stoned high
  • Medicinal value: ADHD,Crohn’s,anxiety and panic attacks

Dutch Automatic Feminised Cannabis Seeds |  Spliff Seeds

  • 55% Indica
  •  Genotype: Ruderalis x Northern Light x Santa Maria x Afghani Gold
  •  Fruity, floral aroma and flavour
  •  Auto flowering, from seed to yield in about 11 weeks
  • One single bud
  • Super early finisher for outdoor
  • Couch lock, body stoned high
  • Potential THC level low medium
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