Farmer's Daughter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company

Farmer's Daughter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company

Farmer's Daughter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company.

  • Genetics: Vanilla Cr¨me Pie (Fire OG x Emerald OG x Vanilla Cr¨me) x Pound Cake (Notorious THC x Wedding Cake)
  • Lineage: 70% Indica 30% Sativa Mix
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
  • Height: 80-130cm approximately
  • Yields per m2: 500-600g
  • THC Content: 25-30%
  • CBD Content: under 1%

Farmer's Daughter Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company

Farmers Daughter strain is an homage to the young women who will hopefully carry the cannabis community into the future, fostering justice and equity. The strains potent THC flowers are not to be messed with but will yield unrivalled beauty when given the proper care and respect. Strong branching and growth doesnt require overbearing support but will respond well to guidance from a knowledgeable hand who knows when to just let the plant grow. This is one of Humboldt newest 2022 genetics thats intended to help small farmers survive the tough times were seeing in the free market. With genetics like this we hope that a family farm can survive another season so farmers can grow with their daughters.

This cannabis strain is pure awesomeness for the with a delicious OG lovers blend of genetics that made Farmers Daughter the next top choice. With a combination of various OG Kush varieties and a delicious variation of different cookies this one is certainly something special to try.

Farmers Daughter is set to be a popular strain with a taste of chocolate mint cookies with a sweet, Citrus and earthy aroma that people absolutely cannot get enough of. Farmers Daughter buds are incredible with 4 shades of green and some very dark purple tones, the bud is of a cup worthy standard. The glistening coat of THC is packed in there with claims of over 25% achievable.

Humboldt Seed Company Farmers Daughter is a good balanced strain but has more Indica so can be a little more sedative with more body effect. Indica strains are better if you want to switch off your brain and chill out. They are very good for if you want some alone time. Farmers Daughter still has a good amount of sativa so it will not completely couchlock you, Farmers Daughter will keep you active, but calm. Farmers Daughter is a good strain for a one to one social situation as it can make you go into your own thoughts for some time. This one is a very powerful strain with over 25% THC content so go easy if your not so experienced.

Farmers Daughter is a good one for stress relief, but it will not put you into a vegetative state. Its great for muscle relaxation and has a calming body effect. High THC Strains like Farmers Daughter can help with a variety of medical conditions, but by law we cannot give specific medicinal information as we would need research to prove any claims made. This one is probably not best suited for tiredness as it is more a switch off strain rather than a motivator.

Farmers Daughter is packed with genetics from at least 5-6 countries including Afghanistan (Indica), Southern India (Indica) Mexico (Sativa), Colombia (Sativa), South Africa (Sativa) and Thailand (Sativa). This may sound like it would be a mostly Sativa Strain but its actually very well balanced with near equal Indica and Sativa. The Plants grow reasonably fast finishing around 8-9 weeks with a height around 125cm tall. Farmers Daughter is not for absolute beginners, but those with even a little experience should get good yields of champion level bud. This one is a little bit special with a delicious shimmering coat of trichomes that will shine over the large sized buds.


Highest Quality

At Humboldt Seed Company we guarantee our seeds will perform to their best potential. We continually strive to provide you with the highest quality, for your ultimate satisfaction.

“I bred my first seeds in 1998 and fell in love with the idea of being able to create and explore new kinds of cannabis.”
 Nathaniel Pennington, Humboldt Seed Company Founder

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