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Ganesh Regular Cannabis Seeds

Ganesh Regular cannabis seed is an excellent choice for closet cultivation or a home box due to it’s short stature and the even growth pattern

  • Cannabis plants vegged for 3 weeks in soil reach a height of approx. 60cm when mature and to harvest a field of baseball bat type colas in regular sized grow spaces it is recommended vegging 4-5 weeks for organic (soil) cultivation.
  • Ganesh Regular cannabis plant grows perfectly with little or no feeding in quality soil,producing thick shoots from mother plants provide quality cuttings over an extended period.
  • Ganesh Regular Cannabis Seeds due to the extreme density of the cannabis buds approx 20-25% of the plants show some mould susceptibility in the top third portion of the head bud in the last week of flowering.
  • This Regular cannabis plant is best grown in spaces with humidity control (extraction fan, ventilation, night temp. above 20°C or 68F),also water sparsely in the last week of flowering.
  • Wait until the cannabis plants have slightly droopy leaves and give them just enough for their daily requirement.
  • Ganesh Regular cannabis plant produces dense and crystalline buds that have a rich, skunky smell that underlines the top quality of the smoke,a heavy duty grinder is recommended for these chunky buds.
  • Ganesh Regular Cannabis Seeds tastes produced is sweet and earthy with a chocolatey finish.
  • Ganesh Regular Cannabis Seeds is a great smoke for fun activities.
  •  For medical use this Regular cannabis plant shows potential against depression & anxiety, it can be used as a muscle relaxant.

Ganesh Regular Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

  • Flowering time outdoor: September (south), early-mid October (north).
  • Flowering time indoor: 60 days.
  • Recommended light intensity: 400 - 600W HPS/m2.
  • Yield (dry weight): 400-450 gr/m2; 500-800 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground.
  • ​Plant Height: Short.
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