Green Mountain Grape Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds

Green Mountain Grape Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds.

Green Mountain Grape Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds.

  • Genetics: Purple Satellite (Oaxacan Gold purple line / purple Baglung Nepalese sativa) x proprietary strain
  • Height: Medium
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
  • Taste: Creamy Sweet, Slight Pine, Grape, Berry, Candy And Fruit
  • Smell: Green Grape Juice, Cherry Fruit Stripe Gum, Watermelon, Cotton Candy
  • Effect: Creative, Social, Upbeat
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor.


Green Mountain Grape Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds.

Green Mountain Grape is a 90% sativa leaning hybrid, selectively bred to be another one of the fastest most northern outdoor friendly, mostly pure Sativa strains, only bred by Vermontman.

The fragrance is overwhelmingly mouth watering Green Welches Grape Juice, watermelon cherry, berry fruit stripe gum. Her fragrance is very pronounced from mid flower to finish.

Indoors: Does best under red/blue heavy Galaxyhydro LED grow lights.
The buds fatten up along the whole stem forming long solid purple/blue/silver blunt spear shaped colas tightly packed calyx laden with glistening trichomes with ropy red brown hairs, that come in as fast as 8 to 9 weeks. As well as exaggeration in bud coloring mirroring the tones of a Blue Spruce tree. Under HID or white LED the coloration is less pronounced, but still of superior quality.

Outdoors: Green Mountain Grape is also spectacular for the outdoor grow, Coming in amazingly fast from the end of August to Mid Sept. Though the bud coloration is far less intense, than her indoor counter part. Green Mountain Grape really shines because of  her dense bud formation, often with fuchsia pistils and frosty green/purple buds, with a knock you over fruit stripe gum fragrance. Sporting blueish/purple leaves with heavy wine red to purple black veining running through out the strong self supporting stems.

Outdoors she is less apt to develop the rich coloring of her indoor counter part since Green Mountain Grape comes in well before the cold weather set. The biggest benefit to growing G.M.G. outdoors is that she ripens with the intensity of the August sunshine really bumping up her quality making Green Mountain Grape another amazing outdoor addition to be rivaled with for quality for such a short season mostly sativa genetic.

Green Mountain Grape is largely self supporting and compact with buds forming with great density and awesome flower to leaf ratio making manicuring a breeze.

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