Hella Jelly Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company

Hella Jelly Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company

Hella Jelly Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company.

  • Genetics: Notorious THC x Very Cherry x Hella Jelly.
  • Detailed Genetics: Ghost of Von Humboldt OG x Caramel Cream x Unknown Strain x Matanuska Mist x OG Kush x Super Lemon Haze  x Unknown.
  • Lineage: 70% Sativa 30% Indica Approximately.
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks.
  • Yields: 650g/m2 indoors.
  • THC Content: 30% plus.
  • Height: 130-160 cm.

Hella Jelly Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seed Company.

What an amazing strain we have here with this delicious Cookies Kush type hybrid. If you are looking for something different with colour, potency and super high THC this is the choice. Buds are crystal covered potential to achieve over 30% THC content, with aromas and taste that are simply epic. You can expect many shades of green with purple hues and tints of blue in the bud with a fragrance that is pure bliss. The scent of the flowers is reminiscent of a candy store and the taste is sweet, soft and like a cocktail of strawberries, melons and grapes with a slight hint of mint. Bola Mintz is a premium variety that offers an immersive experience and delivers the highest quality yields. Because of its large resin production and wonderful aroma, it is ideal for making high quality concentrates.

Humboldt Seed Company Hella Jelly is a great Strain with very slightly more dominance towards Sativa genetics. This strain can be sedative with a nice relaxing effect on the body, but without completely Tranquilising you. Hella Jelly is a powerful strain that will make your troubles float away with a nice dreamy effect that will keep you refreshed and motivated at the same time. Hella Jelly is a good one for the early evening as it will relax you without putting you to sleep, but really it would be better enjoyed during the day.

Hella Jelly is a good one for stress relief, but it will not put you into a vegetative state. Hella Jelly is a good muscle relaxer that can help keep you in balance, but its powerful so if you are a beginner be careful.

Humboldt Seed Company Hella Jelly has genetics that stretch around and least 6 countries (possibly more). Hella Jelly comes from Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Thailand, Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush with some genetics created in the USA. With so many genetics all packed into this cannabis strain its hard to know the exact balance, but we would estimate it to be around 70% Sativa. Hella Jelly grows quite easily to a medium height finishing around 140cm. The buds develop fast and finish flowering in around 9 weeks with a solid central cola with protruding grape like hues and a silver like shine covering the buds. Hella Jelly is an amazing strain that will be very satisfying to grow and smoke for growers of all abilities.

Highest Quality

At Humboldt Seed Company we guarantee our seeds will perform to their best potential. We continually strive to provide you with the highest quality, for your ultimate satisfaction.

“I bred my first seeds in 1998 and fell in love with the idea of being able to create and explore new kinds of cannabis.”
 Nathaniel Pennington, Humboldt Seed Company Founder

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