Passion #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion

Passion #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion

Passion #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion.

  • Type: Indica dominant.
  • THC Content: 18.6%
  • Yield: 250 - 750 gr/plant.
  • Cultivation: Greenhouse, Indoors & Outdoors.
  • Flowering Time: 6 Weeks.
  • Taste: Citrus.
  • Effects: Relaxing, Strong, Uplifting.

Passion #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds from Dutch Passion.

  • Passion #1 Feminised cannabis strain is almost 100% Indica dominant.

  • She grows long and compact light maroon cannabis buds filled heavily with resin and covered with large amounts of THC crystals. .
  • Passion #1 Feminised cannabis plants are strong and easy to grow outdoor/greenhouse and is not for the indoor grower.
  • This Feminised variety is tall (typically around 2mtrs +) and has a flowering time of just 6 weeks.
  • Her THC level content is around 20% making this a genuinely satisfying selection for your outdoor garden or greenhouse.
  • Recommended for when trimming this Feminised plant is to remove only the large fan leavers, the smaller leaves are often dripping with resin.
  • The smoke is soft and gentle with a fresh citrus aroma, then the weed strikes quickly delivering a strong exhilarating up high alongside a strong, heavy and pleasurable stone.
  • Passion #1 Feminised is probably one of the best outdoor plants available and has been ever since it hit the scene in the 1970’s as a legendary Californian Indica.

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About Dutch Passion.

Dutch Passion was the second European Cannabis Seed Company, established in Amsterdam in 1987.

Dutch Passion mission statement is to supply the recreational and medical home grower with the highest quality cannabis seeds.

Available in all countries where growing is legally allowed.

The Dutch Passion Cannabis Seed collection offers something for everyone.

The very best legendary cannabis strains with their original genetics.

Their latest high performance, high speed, Autoflowering cannabis strains.

Dutch Passion remains a leading supplier of the world’s best cannabis genetics.

Allowing growers the very best opportunity to grow quality Cannabis Seeds.

Their experienced team do their utmost to maintain the quality of their existing varieties and constantly strives to find new ones from an extensive network of worldwide sources.

Dutch Passion remains a leading supplier providing thousands of retailers and seed distributors around the world.

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