Purple Cherry Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Positronics

Purple Cherry Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Positronics

Positronics Purple Cherry Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a perfect combination of two legendary American genetics, Purple Punch and a wonderful Cherry Pie.

  • Genetics: Purple Punch X Cherry Pie
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Indica/Sativa Mix: Indica Dominant
  • THC Levels: Very High (20%+)
  • Yield: Medium - High
  • Flowering Time: 60 – 65 Days
  • Harvest Month: October

Positronics made Purple Cherry Feminised from two varieties of similar characteristics of colours and aromas, resulting in a hybrid with an Indica predominance.

Purple Cherry Feminised has a robust structure with short branches, it’s stems are a short which will be covered with medium-sized flowers.

In addition to quantity the quality of Purple Cherry Feminised resin, it has a very high level of THC.

Purple Cherry Feminised effect is devastating and soothing.

Purple Cherry Feminised has an intense combination of fruity aromas.

About Positronics

Positronics' origins date back to the 1960s, when our founder, Wernard Bruining settled permanently in Amsterdam and began his studies to become a teacher and discovers that his true passion was and continues to be cannabis.

Purple Cherry Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Positronics

At the beginning of the 70s the “Second Home” commune was united, flooded by the hippie atmosphere of the time in which they even shared the “hash” that they negotiated directly with the few contacts of the time.

The creation of this “second home” was the origin of the “Mellow Yellow”, the first of the famous Dutch “Coffee Shop”, an old bakery transformed into a tea shop with a revolutionary novelty: you could buy “hash” in ready-made sachets and smoke while you had a drink with friends.

An innovative proposal that spread rapidly, and although unfortunately the “Mellow Yellow” burned down at the end of this decade, its model has become a hallmark for which the Netherlands is known internationally.

Wernard decided to travel to the United States in the late 70's to continue investigating the plant. There he discovers the “Sinsemilla”, a first-class marijuana, that when coming from an unfertilised plant produces more THC, and other psychoactive substances, in its flowers. And most importantly, you have the great fortune to meet the experienced cannabis producer, “Old” Ed Holloway, father of the well-known Ed Rosenthal in California, with whom he returns to Amsterdam loaded with a select collection of seeds. The objective is to transform the Netherlands into the Jamaica of Europe

He once again innovates, giving rise to the so-called "Guerilla farming". The apprentices became growers under the expert directions of Wernard and Ed to supply the “Coffee Shop” and they shared the profits.

It is in 1985 when Wernard decides to take the big step and creates Positronics Seeds, the first European seed bank. The name comes from the combination of the words "Positive Electronics", positive electronics, from the combination of the use of electricity and technology with nature to achieve positive and healing energy.

In the following years he designed his own grow lamp for indoor production, introduced the cuttings so that everyone could grow the same variety and published with his team the first Dutch cannabis newspaper, Soft Secret, a newspaper that is distributed today free day in the growshops and in associations throughout Europe and some Latin American countries.

Wernard also creates the Mediwiet non-profit system, made up of “Coffee Shop” and “Grow Shop”, with the aim of supplying cannabis at 50% of the real price to patients who benefited from the use of the plant. In addition to continuing his promotion of the “Coffee Shop” as a social phenomenon, he gives courses and seminars as a recognized figure in the cannabis world, focusing on its medical applications.

After two intense decades, in 2004 Positronics was reborn with the meeting of Wernard and Sebas, also passionate about plants and with a “Grow Shop” for more than 15 years in Malaga, Spain. Together they decide to share the genetics of both, applying their knowledge, experience and testing the best crosses, they launch three regular varieties: "Old Ed, Old Ed" in honor of "Old" Ed Holloway, "Cristal Misty" and "Double Fun".

In 2008 the Positronics Seeds team, expanded with the additions of Zurdo and Mintxo, presented 7 new genetics already from feminized varieties:

  • 4 INDICAS: Critical # 47, Caramelice, Blue Rhino, Black Widow
  • 3 SATIVAS: Claustrum, Purple Haze, Jack Diesel

Over the years they have continued to expand the catalogue without losing their main objective: to thoroughly investigate the plant and develop new varieties for all palates and senses.

Autoflowering genetics, such as the Afghan Express and the Automatic versions of the champions such as the Critical # 47 Express or the Super Cheese Express.

Genetics with high CBD content selected for their medicinal versions, such as CBD + Black Widow and the new CBD + Jack Diesel and CBD + Caramelice; and expanding our catalog with newer varieties such as the Special Editions Positronics Vibes Vol. 1 One Love Haze by Little Pepe and Gordo Master Kush, claiming and positive music as a gift for revolutionary seeds.

Positronics Seeds has grown to become one of the best and most recognized international seed banks, as evidenced by the numerous awards won and the loyalty of thousands of growers to their unique species.


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