Raspberry Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed

Raspberry Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed

Raspberry Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed.

  • Genetics: Zkittles x Raspberry Cough (most likely).
  • Lineage: Around 25% Indica 75% Sativa.
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks.
  • Seed to Harvest Time: 10-11 Weeks.
  • Height: 90-130cm.
  • Yields: 500-600g per m2.
  • THC Content: 15-20%.
  • CBD Content: under 1%.

Raspberry Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Cali Weed.

Raspberry Zkittlez Auto is a combination of the awesome genetics with the newcomer of recent years Zkittles crossed with a slightly old school master Raspberry Cough. Raspberry Cough is an all round epic potent hybrid with the Zkittles it becomes super interesting with juicy delicious tasting buds that demands a very high street value.

Raspberry Zkittlez Auto is a 75% Sativa dominant cannabis strain. Buds are light green with various colourful tints of blue and purple, but not too deep. With a lightly Diesel, fruity, blueberry like aroma and tropical taste. Raspberry Zkittlez Auto is an exotic cannabis variety which should achieve around the 20% THC level.

AUTO Raspberry Zkittlez Auto is a mostly sativa dominant variety that will keep you motivated throughout the day and give you the benefit of an awesome creativity provoking high. Raspberry Zkittlez Auto can be good for people that feel a little down because it gives a good Sativa boosted high. Some Indica strains make you think too much and so with a good mix like Raspberry Zkittlez Auto the added Indica can ease stress whilst the Sativa keeps you motivated.

This unbelievably aromatic autoflower literally explodes into a pine flavoured Christmas tree in a mere 75 days, producing an abundance of glorious kushy flowers covered in huge amounts of juicy trichomes with a final height indoors of 80-100cm can be expected producing an average 500 gr/m².

Auto Raspberry Zkittlez Auto has a massive history of genetics that stretch around the world and are too vast to list. The plants grow to a medium height finishing somewhere around the 90-130cm range with some variations in different phenotypes. Auto Raspberry Zkittlez Auto is relatively well balanced leaning very slightly towards the Indica which shows in the slightly looser bud formations and slightly taller finish.

About Cali Weed Seeds

So, how do you guarantee you’ll never run out of seeds to sell, how do you guarantee that they are the best seed money can buy, and that if plants are grown from them (in a state or country where it is legal to do so), the cannabis obtained meets, if not exceeds all expectations where quality and yield are concerned?

There was only one solution.

Cali Weed decided to invest in the long term, in the future, and we began a slow and meticulous breeding program where, rather than trying to grow plants of numerous varieties and strains, we would concentrate on one and develop the ‘best of the best’ where just a few varieties were concerned.

Cali Weed took a risk, though we like to think it was a well-researched one. After six years, we began to supply seeds from our very own plants. The response was greater than we could have ever imagined, and very soon Californian strains of cannabis plants grew in popularity as, unsurprisingly, did the demand for the plants’ seeds.

Today, Cali Weed now supply large quantities of cannabis seeds for a range of Cali strains, we’re confident you won’t find better seeds or a more reliable supplier.

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