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Expert Seeds Mega Promotion

This is the best promotion from any Seedbank, anywhere in Europe.

Buy any pack of Expert Seeds and get FREE SEEDS, here's how it works:

All Expert Seeds packs come with Free Seeds:

  • 3 Seed Packs have 2 Free Seeds + We send you 2 more Free Seeds = 4 Seeds in Total
  • 5 Seed Packs have 3 Free Seeds + We send you 3 more Free Seeds = 6 Seeds in Total
  • 10 Seed Packs have 5 Free Seeds + We send you 5 more Free Seeds = 10 Seeds in Total
  • 15 Seed Packs have 8 Free Seeds + We send you 5 more Free Seeds = 13 Seeds in Total

Free Seeds

The Free Seeds in the pack you order are the same strain as your order.

The additional Free Seeds are random Expert Seeds strains.