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Thai Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds

When you combine White Widow and Super Thai you get long sticky buds in a tall graceful cannabis plant.

  • This Regular cannabis plant can be cultivated both indoors and out with an outstanding germination rate
  • Thai Widow Regular indoor germinated cannabis plant is very compact with elongated gluey buds filled of sweet and spicy juice
  • Outdoors Thai Widow Regular cannabis plant will stretch into a monster with greatly developed branching build
  • Thai Widow cannabis flavours are easy going and spiced that has a sweet Asian perfume
  • Thai widow was formerly known as Crystal lightning
  • Genetic background: Super Thai X White Widow
  • Type: Sativa: 30% Indica:70%
  • Flowering time: 8-12 weeks
  • Height of the plant indoors: 75-200 cm
  • Suitable for outdoors: yes
  • Harvest time outdoors: October
  • Height of the plant outdoors: 250-350 cm
  • Cannabinoid content: medium-high
  • CBD content: medium-high
  • Effect: physically high, mentally high, euphoric, inspiring, motivating
  • Flavour: fruity, spicy, soft
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