White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds is very versatile with high mould resistance,and can be cultivated in tropical to warm temperate environments up to 45°N.

  • This Feminised cannabis plant withstand heat and have been stress tested up to 48°C/118°F in a greenhouse. 
  • White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds cultivators in regions with a constant photoperiod or high humidity should especially consider growing this Feminised cannabis strain.
  • The Feminised cannabis plants have relatively long internodes, which has to be taken into account when growing in containers or a greenhouse,late planting and pruning is recommended if a moderate size is desired.
  • White Magic cannabis plant responds well to LST (low stress training) and she is generally easy to grow, trimming the bottom shoots further simplifies plant care and increases the strength of the upper branches.
  • White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds the flowering colas glistening in the sun you will know why she is called White. 
  • During flowering White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds produces a sweet smell when you brush against the plants,freshly harvested buds can also emit a peppery smell that is so typical of African strains, but this tends to disappear later during curing.
  • White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds high delivered is a creative intellectual awakening with an electric edge,with a very active buzz that leaves you functional and motivated.
  • White Magic cannabis plant assists against depression and lethargy.

White Magic Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

  • Type: Sativa-Indica.
  • Genetics: Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Cultivation: Outdoor/greenhouse.
  • Flowering time outdoor: Late October (south) - November (north).
  • Plant Height: Tall.
  • THC: 11-13%.
  • CBD: 0.16%.
  • High: Energetic up-high, uplifting, mentally stimulating, refreshing, active, creative. Great for partying, outdoor activities, daytime work.
  • Aroma: Skunky, peppermint, lemon cleaner.
  • Medical use: Assists against depression and lethargy.
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