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White Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds

White Widow Regular is one of the most potent and powerful cannabis strain that is famous all over the globe.

  • White Widow Regular is Indica dominant cannabis plant that is mainly recommended for indoor cultivation but can also be germinated outdoors
  • White Widow cannabis plants are shielded in glistening white resin that delivers a thick, acid taste and smell with a dash of sweetness 
  • This Regular cannabis plant carries killers crystals, the plants of THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves
  • Genetic background: Braziliaanse and South Indian Sativa/Indica 60/40
  • Type: Sativa: 60% Indica: 40%
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
  • Height of the plant indoors: 150-250 cm
  • Suitable for outdoors: yes
  • Harvest time outdoors: end October
  • Height of the plant outdoors: 200-350 cm
  • Cannabinoid content: high / extremely high
  • CBD content: high
  • Effect: physically stoned, sedating, happy, motivating
  • Flavour: sweet, fruity, soft, strong
  • Cannabis cups won: 9x Highlife Cup, 5x High Times Cup
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