Frosteez Farmz

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After some years and meeting a lot of awesome people who knew a thing or two about commercial growing, Frosteez Farmz started collectively upselling and supplying our their product to their contact list, allowing them to finally start our own breeding projects.

Now, with 3 Farmz and a considerable wealth of knowledge throughout every division of the Frosteez family they are officially at a point where they have a sizable genetic library and can bring these flavour focused frost factories to the world in feminised seed form.

Frosteez Farmz believe their product packaging should be useful and not pollute our world. That’s why our packaging is a bio-based tube made from plants you can carry your rolled up magic in.

Frosteez Farmz - Discount Cannabis Seeds

It is produced using plant-based granules from sugar cane waste, sugar canes absorb CO² whilst growing too!

Eco friendly Sugarcane Doob Tube with every pack!