The strongest THC Cannabis strains

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What are the strongest THC Cannabis strains out there?

Looking for a cannabis strain which will blow your mind? Then this blog will have the perfect smoke for you. THC levels in cannabis keep on rising and at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have incredible seed banks such as Anesia Seeds which sell cannabis seeds with the levels of THC up to 37%.

If you are new to THC or want to up your levels of THC then in this blog, you will find the strongest weed strains which you can buy directly from the cheapest weed store online Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Let me tell you more about THC if you are new to this type of strain.

One of the biggest reasons for THC’s popularity is psychoactive effects. While this is a big factor for recreational users who want to use cannabis to shift into a more relaxed and blissful state of mind, it can also be a huge benefit for certain patients.

Studies show that THC can act like an antidepressant, uplifting a patient’s mood, easing depression and calming anxiety. These mood-altering effects can be lifesaving for weed smokers who are struggling with deep depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or severe anxiety.

Another main reason cannabis smoker use high-THC cannabis is for its pain-relieving abilities. While CBD are also known to help with pain relief, research shows that THC offers the highest degree of pain relief that marijuana has to offer.

For those suffering from daily chronic pain, or even occasional pain like a muscle sprain, THC is the substance that is most likely to help.

Below are the strongest cannabis strains which contain THC let us look.

Girl Scout Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies and the many Cookie-crosses descending from it have hauled their way up the ladder of fame over the last several years, and it is not hard to see why. Expect a crushing wave of blissful euphoria that enshrouds both mind and body with warm relaxation for hours.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

With colossal potency levels of over 22% THC and incredible flavours It is no wonder Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular varieties of marijuana available on the planet today. OG Kush and Poison Durban combine to create this dominant Indica plant which obligatorily has compact resinous buds' structure of tinted purple leaves.

With a spicy, fruity flavour the Girl Scout Cookies effect is well-balanced, starting with a high enthusiast who will evolve into a vaporous drowsiness of pure relaxation and well-being. Pain and depression will quickly dissolve away and those suffering from nausea and eating disorders will also discover the benefits of GSC. Not only is always this strain one of the hottest, but also, as the name implies, she is also one of the sweetest.

Here I have a review from a cannabis grower on Girl Scout Cookies by Original Sensible Seeds.

Well, these girls were pretty good for my first rip. one really produced for me but.........went to mould honest mistake by the old lady it is what it is move along and keep growing. I get a sweet smell that overpowers everything when the jar is cracked. It is a really smooth smoke I would definitely grow this strain again that is for sure.

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Girl Scout Cookies is available to buy from Discount Cannabis Seeds at the cheapest prices online which is ready to buy in Feminised or Auto flowering.


Kush first blessed the world with its presence in 2010 and has been nabbing Cannabis Cup awards ever since. Its genetic background may be a mystery, but this strain’s keepers at DNA Genetics have refined a champion. Wrapped in a thick blanket of crystalline resin, you will hardly need a closer look to see that this tranquilizing Indica is not one for the novices.

8 Ball Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

8 Ball Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid. 8 Ball Kush is the success of the experiences through the years.

This strain is easy to grow. The plant has an excellent resistant to mould and fungus. It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor cultivations.

The plant produces great yields during the growing in soils and hydroponics systems. Usually, the plant is short and reaches 60 cm in tall. Flowering takes just 55 days and plants bring the crops of 450 gr/m2. It is surprisingly high result for so little plant. The buds are compact and dense.

The strain has a high-level THC and a low level of CBD that provide a very powerful, physical effect.

Here are some reviews from cannabis growers about 8 Ball Kush.

8 Ball Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds is always amazing stuff! I have written several reviews on it as I have grown it several times, and it is fantastic every time. Should probably only smoke this during the day if you are an experienced smoker!!! Otherwise, you might find yourself completely head blown and unable to think or even complete a coherent sentence.

8BK is my absolute favourite cannabis strain of all time. Which is funny because it is 100% Indica, and I normally prefer sativa strains! The quality of the high is just absolutely amazing. The smell is so earthy and spicy, it is somewhat reminiscent of that smell right before it starts pouring rain for a thunderstorm. Super easy to grow in a properly balanced medium.

Easy to clone -- both clones took roots and turned into the plants from my latest harvest! I even grew the clones under a desk lamp for about 85% of the vegetative phase because I had the moms flowering in the tent. The high starts out as an energetic and creative one but quickly gives way to a nice euphoric relaxation.

I fell in love with 8 Ball Kush a while ago. It is easily my favourite strain of all time, no contest. And when you grow it yourself using these Barney's Farm seeds, it is SO MUCH BETTER than commercially purchased 8BK!! No joke! Potent, amazing earthy/spicy aromas and flavours.

A short-lived energetic, creative head high that gives way to a full body stone that makes you feel like you are tripping through time and space. I am definitely going to grow this strain again and again. My first grow in like 30 years or so, and it was so easy to grow 8BK. It was very forgiving. All my clones took, and I was even able to do a transplant from one medium to another with the plants recovering in a couple days' time!

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Ghost OG.

Hiding in a white cloak of crystal resin, Ghost OG is a strain that is bred for its high-octane euphoria. Said to be a cut off the original OG Kush, Ghost OG’s potency is toned by a symphony of terpenes that fuel this strain’s powerful THC engine. Find a comfy seat and prepare to be swept into a powerful, euphoric current perfect for relaxing.

Auto Ghost OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

Auto OG Kush just got even better with the addition of Colorado Ghost OG. In this new and improved version of our Auto OG Kush we used the Colorado Ghost cut, improving the taste, flavour and effect. The only aspect that remains the same is the simplicity to grow.
Even a novice grower will be able to produce top quality THC crystal packed nugs in less than 75 days from seed to harvest which are both stimulating and relaxing. The taste and aroma remain seductive and earthy but with a heavier citrus and piney background delivering a powerful body stone with a happy euphoric effect leading to a dreamy relaxation with the power to elevate stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

These strong effects can also assist with pain and depression and is a great cannabis to boost your appetite and make you feel positive, especially following illness or just to make you feel better about the world. If you want the best OG Kush weed in the shortest possible time, these new Colorado Ghost auto flowering cannabis seeds from Original Sensible will deliver.

Let us take a look at some reviews on Auto Ghost OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Very nice strain from Original Sensible Seeds. Unique lemon/citrus profiles. Clean smoke with Strong citrusy exhale. Night-time smoke but you can use during the day in moderation. Head high which moves through your body relaxing all senses and clearing your mind. A few joints and you want to become one with whatever you are sitting/laying on. Quality genetics for all skill levels.
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Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner, appropriately named after the Hulk’s alter ego, is a heavy-duty hybrid with a staggering THC content. Rated the strongest strain in 2014 by High Times following its victory in the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup, Bruce Banner has since carved itself quite the reputation. Powered by OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel genetics, Bruce Banner delivers a dizzying punch of euphoria that anchors your body in deep relaxation.

Bruce Banner #3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds.

Bruce Banner takes its name from the alter-ego of comic book superhero the Hulk and it receives this name because it is quite a powerful strain, Bruce Banner #3 reaching nearly 30% in THC content!

Bruce Banner # 3 with more than 28% THC is the strongest strain, which was ever tested in the US Cannabis Cup. Bruce Banner has its origins in Colorado, where ANESIA has directly received an elite clone of our friend and profit-breeder Larry. The phenotype number 3 of Bruce Banner is OG-dominant and originated from the intersection of an OG Ghost with a Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel.

The effects come on quickly to provide an immediate burst of euphoria before easing into relaxation. This powerful hybrid has a great balance between the Sativa and Indica effects. The energy Bruce Banner gives is easily channelled into productivity, making this strain suitable for daytime or evening smoke sessions, though its potency is often too much for professional situations.

It is a pleasure to grow this strain: late in flowering, the fan leaves tend to turn a rich dark magenta colour. A coating of large-headed trichomes covers all surfaces, the buds are dense, completely frosted and slightly rounded. The aroma of Bruce Banner # 3 is very sweet with lemon undertones and leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste. The effect begins immediately with a euphoric head high, that lets you slowly drifting into a pleasant, relaxed body stoned, while the mind still accomplishes maximum performance.

The trip of the Bruce Banner # 3 never seems to die, and it is almost 30% THC will be an unforgettable experience. A great choice for experienced Marijuana users and those looking for a powerful and strong high.

Review of growing Bruce Banner #3.

Bruce Banner # 3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. The best results provide this mostly Sativa cannabis variety as a Scrog with 9 plants per m². Bruce Banner produces big yields despite its extreme potency. The buds get very sticky, heavy and big and the plants have an expansive grow. Therefore, the strain often must be tied down to get the height under control. Makes 100% full melt bubble hash and has amazing yields on bubble hash and bho runs. Flush well.

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Ghost Train Haze.

Ghost Train Haze has proven to be a lively and vigorous strain. Inheriting genetics from Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, Ghost Train’s potency takes form in a jolt of euphoric energy that goes straight to the head, feeding focus and creativity.

Ghost Train Haze #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds.

Ghost Train Haze by Anesia is a sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. It is also a winner of High Times Strongest Strains on Earth. This potent strain has been tested with more than 28% of THC. Ghost Train Haze #1 has gained wide-scale popularity that almost borders on cult status due to the strain's incredible potency.
The aroma of Ghost Train Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds is sweet and piney, with hints of lemon, and spice. The dense and extreme sticky buds of the Ghost Train Haze are rich with trichomes and coated in light orange hairs. The smoke is extremely smooth, with more of an OG taste with a sharp, sweetly pine flavour.
This strain is well known for its potent, psychedelic effects with both the heady euphoria of Sativa and the heavy body stone of an Indica. While the strain can provide a boost in energy and uplifting euphoria, it is better used for relaxing. Best to keep the dose low if you plan on having an active day. This is an intensely strong weed, so inexperienced smokers should proceed with caution.

Growing tips for Ghost Train Haze #1.

Ghost Train Haze seeds produce plants of medium height with green leaves and dense, heavy buds covered in orange to amber hairs. This strain can be cultivated outdoors (especially in warm climate) and delivers indoors best results and high yields with impressive strength. Hailed by many as the strongest cannabis strain in the world. You can grow this strain by using the SOG method, and she can be cultivated in soil or with hydro growing. The flowering time is 10 to 12 weeks.

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Chemdog is a classic strain whose unforgettable potency keeps a vice grip on its fan base. Ripe with the scent of acrid fuel, Chemdawg delivers an unforgettable flavour profile alongside its invigorating euphoria, inviting creativity alongside firm stress relief.

ChemDawg Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds.

Chemdawg is a sativa dominant plant that contains 60% sativa and 40% Indica. It has a very high THC content of 24%.  The original Chem 91 elite clone is the parent of this new hybrid. The Chemdawg has become the parent of many diesel strains such as Sour, Headband, NYC Diesel and so on.

The plant demonstrates amazing colours ranging from light yellow to deep purple. It develops long compact buds. The plant has a mould resistance and suits both for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses.

The smoke provides an extremely strong smell of pine and diesel. The potent effect is not recommended to novices. It brings a cerebral high and a feeling of euphoria.

Reviews of ChemDawg Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This is a top strain buds look great she smells beautiful and taste like a light berry with a nice fuel aftertaste. buds are nice and dense and formed well smoke wise it is a good relaxing strain what makes time go by really quick and makes you feel worry free any experienced smoker will know the quality of this strain I had recommended to all growers as she grows well and is a dynamite smoke.
taste 9/10
high 9/10
growth 9/10
density 9/10.

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Original Glue.

Original Glue is named for the stickiness of its resinous buds, and this strain certainly lives up to its name. Multiple Cannabis Cup awards serve to back up the legends of Original Glue’s potency, but we doubt you will need the proof once you are stuck to the couch in stupefied contentment.

Nirvana’s Original Glue Feminised Cannabis Seeds (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4) packs an average THC level of 22% and has been recorded as having up to 32%!

Much like the flickering resin that builds up on your scissors when trimming, Original Glue sticks you to the couch as relaxation washes away all stress and leaves you with uplifting and euphoric thoughts.

Original Glue Feminised Cannabis Seeds high THC and high have led this strain to become universally loved, with more and more proclaiming that this strain may just break into the ranks of the top 10 strains of all time.

The mixture of sweetness and earthiness blends nicely as a night-time snack, which is only fitting since she is best suited for night use, and on days off when all you want to do is chill and tune out.

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What incredible cannabis strains with high levels of THC, that is all from my blog today on THC. Do not forget that all these cannabis seeds are available from the cheapest weed seed store online Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Stay High, Stay Lifted.