6 Tips To Grow Your Cannabis Ecommerce Store

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In the present scenario, cannabis is at the receiving end of public acceptance and is also on the slow route to legal recognition. It is only obvious that the transition in perception is creating wider acceptance and much-needed popularity. Given that most states have not yet conferred a legal status, the only mode of selling becomes the online mode. Despite physical selling being the preferred mode, online selling has become very popular.

Socio-legislative transition is an opportunity for many budding entrepreneurs to open their cannabis e-commerce store. Despite the obvious challenges, there is an enormous scope in such ventures if pursued in the right manner. You can find some tips and techniques to help you grow your cannabis business into a more lucrative e-commerce venture in the following points.

1.Digital Presence


An essential prerequisite for any eCommerce company is to have an up-to-date modern website in today’s world. This is because digital presence is the most critical part of e-commerce culture. Due to apparent advantages, the consumer buying trends showcase that most customers try to locate businesses by Google-searching them online.

As is the case with any company or product, the contemporary customer prefers online mode before any other. Thus, part of your brand image and reputation, therefore, stems from your search listings and social media presence.

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2.Boosting Searches Through SEO


SEO remains one of the most essential and effective strategies for several cannabis e-commerce entities. It is useful if combined with an effective content marketing plan. Positive blog posts and exciting content on cannabis promotes cannabis-related searches. Once the interest of the masses is piqued, SEO on related search results and keywords can optimize the search and redirect your landing page.

After Blog Outreach strategies, any e-commerce entity can significantly boost traffic volume to its website and landing page. SEO strategies are also very effective as they are operating on the relevant search results and keywords. Companies will have to find out the right keywords that trigger relevant search results to implement it properly.

3.Online Engagement


Online engagement is part of the modern marketing standards, and with the present situation, it can be foreseen as the future. It is happening as we speak, wherein brands respond to the customer's feedback. The engagement has many forms, be it responding to social media comments or addressing feedback.

Most companies see engagement as a brand-building exercise. Engagement is perhaps one of the essential factors for any cannabis eCommerce being an erstwhile outlaw. Companies that monitor the comment section to their social media content must respond to good and bad comments. Although bad or negative feedback can significantly impact your reputation, it can also help elevate and sustain it at par with consumer expectations.

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4.Using Technology Advantageously


Technology facilitates ease of doing business. Technological indulgence in the e-commerce industry is all about convenience and easy transactions. It has been noted far too often that technological integration through digital payments, e-wallets, etc. encourage customer purchases. This is because technical integration acts as a two-way benefit for the e-commerce entity and the customer. The customer incentivizes investments through reward points, loyalty bonuses, and cashback apart from ease of payment.

For the e-commerce entity, it is a convenient option to ensure faster closures to open-ended transactions. Thus in both cases, the transaction is not only comfortable but also profitable for either party.

5.Social Media Strategies


Social media has, for a long, kept a regressive attitude towards cannabis-based entities. Recently Facebook has lifted the sanction on cannabis-related pages. Thus the erstwhile difficulties in the promotion and other marketing activities are slowly mitigating. It is also creating a conducive environment for e-commerce entities to promote their products through positive rebranding actively. It is also making a festive window, albeit a slim one, to begin strategizing through innovative cannabis marketing plans.

Social media plans also include link-based content marketing through social media groups. Link-based content posting can help people land on your website without flouting social media privacy or posting norms.

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6.Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing has been one of the most affordable and exemplary marketing tools in recent times. As a result, it comes as no surprise that it can significantly boost customer purchases for any e-commerce company dealing with Cannabis Budder products. The best part is that it is straightforward for cannabis companies to list the program’s details on the website. The e-commerce entity can then start hiring marketers on an ad-hoc commission basis.

Companies can also market their affiliate programs with influencers’ help on social media or join affiliate networks. These affiliate networks further boost your promotional activities by enabling better internal channels for more promotion.


Though, for the most part, e-commerce entities can easily surpass obstacles through common resources of conventional marketing, there are some serious challenges too. Cannabis-based e-commerce entities must rely on innovative approaches and tweaks to strategies to exceed these challenges. The legal framework is the least of the challenges these companies face. What will matter more in the coming times is how they are branded and how they project their reputation.


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