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In our Medical Cannabis Seeds BLOGS we look at the medicinal benefits of using Cannabis.

Medical Cannabis

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Medical Cannabis

In a society where drugs are so openly talked about and mental health being the main headline of every newspaper we read or broadcast on our television via the news channels we are interested to find out if smoking weed will affect you mentally and the effects of smoking weed.

In this Blog I am going to talk to you about the effects of what cannabis has had on real people’s lives. I have spoken to a number of customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds to see why they smoke weed and why.

Medical Marijuana Strains

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In this blog I am going to talk about medical marijuana strains and which one is best for what type of medical problem you may have or someone you know. With so many choices with cannabis strains as here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have over 3,000 different kinds I can make the choice easier for yourself and see what can help you and most importantly why.

CBD Rich or Crazy?

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CBD is big news these days and is getting more media coverage by the day.

Issues such as the parents of young children with epilepsy struggling to get the cannabis oil they need, CBD lotions, potions, cosmetics, vapes are all making the headlines.

There is no doubt that the health benefits of cannabis have been known for years and that the CBD in cannabis can provide welcome relief for many conditions.

CBD - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD? | Discount Cannabis Seeds

Although CBD Oil has been really popular is the USA for many years, until recently it has been pretty much unknown in the UK.

So what is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural ingredient which can be extracted from cannabis and hemp plants.

So what's the difference between cannabis and Hemp plants? The key difference is the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives the psychoactive effects and is contained in high levels in the cannabis plant. The hemp plant contains only traces of THC and is bred for CBD use without the effects of the THC.

World Health Organisation gives thumbs up to CBD

World Health Organisation | CBD | Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis got a big boost from international health authorities when the United Nation’s World Health Organisation said that CBD should not be scheduled as a controlled substance, an initial finding that comes about a month after the agency reviewed cannabidiol therapies.

The World Health Organisation also said that it wants to undertake a complete review of cannabis and has scheduled a May review of “cannabis and cannabis related substances.”