Cannabis Cup The Best Cannabis Seeds Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

 Cannabis Cup The Best Cannabis Seeds Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

A look at award winning Cannabis Seeds Strains from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

In this blog we are going to have a look at incredible cannabis strains that have won cup awards for their wonderful potency, fantastic yield, high THC or CBD contents and many more.

Different cannabis cups happen globally, and they are held yearly in all different countries to determine the best strains of all time.

Spannabis is the most famous of these events and is the reference trade show for the cannabis sector worldwide. Many years of culture, innovation, and awards in the cannabis industry, hand in hand with the most outstanding brands of the moment.

What is your favourite cannabis seed of all time?

Here are some cannabis cup winning strains that you can buy from DCS.

Amnesia Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant feminized strain with 22% THC. This is the American version of the original Dutch hybrid.

The plant grows up to 120 cm when grown indoors and up to 2.1 m outdoors. After 10-11 weeks, you will get a yield of up to 600-650 g / m2. If it is growing outdoors, give the plant the extra care it needs. Beware of problems with insects, weather, and watering. The variety is best suited for hot and sunny climates, you also can use SOG and SCROG.

There is a strong effect of relaxation, even psychedelic. Even experienced smokers can often turn their brains off. The taste is pleasant, fresh and fruity.

Reviews of Amnesia Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Really great plant this, not your easiest to grow and maintain as she is 11 weeks of flower, mould prone and needs a lot of training to ensure the nugs do not just snap off.

Overall, such a beautiful plant and the colas are just beautiful things that just stack onto on another.

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds has been one of the most interesting and exciting grows I have had so far. It had some struggles in the heat of summer but recovered beautifully and changed rapidly from then on. It is a branchy plant that needs maintenance, but all those branches deliver seriously frosty buds all over, with thick long crown buds that stretch for the sky. Rich thick smell and resin, Amnesia is visually eye catching and a great yielder.

Great stuff, I love it. Growing it was moderately hard, however, this might be because this is only my second grow ever, and I still manage to keep her alive and happy for most of the 4 months! I have sampled it twice already a week apart each time, and the flavour is delicious, not really fruity, but more like piney, or spicy with a very hint of sweetness. Definitively a day strain, my wife and I get super energized and creative when smoking it. Actually, we sometimes lost track of time, and of how much work we have already done when smoking it, until we start to feel exhausted and note that we have been working for hours nonstop! At least this is how it feels for us.

She is a very nice smoke refreshing head buzz rolling into a nice deep relaxing euphoria citrusy fresh notes with a slight tang smoke is a bit harsh at the minute but will be curing so should smooth out not as hazy as some other hazes which is a good thing as I'm not a fan of the haze taste I would definitely grow again good structure easy to grow just take a bit longer next time I would definitely grow the full cycle these only had 10-week flower and has affected the outcome slightly.

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AK47 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Discount Cannabis Seeds.

AK-47 is a f1 sativa hybrid. Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani genetics were crossed to create this popular strain. It has a lot of awards and wins.

The plant is easy to grow. It has a medium high and good yields in a short time.

The flowering takes 53 - 63 days indoors and the harvest comes in the middle - end of October outdoors. The yields reach 350 - 500 gr/m2. The plant develops compact dense buds covered in shining crystals.

The smoke provides a very potent aroma and smoke. The effect is a conjunction of Sativa and Indica.

Reviews of AK47 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Absolutely amazing strain and pheno! This is some of the strongest stuff I have grown from seed in a while. A keeper for sure. Super dense buds, excellent trichrome production! Smells so strong! Very complex pungent aroma, difficult to explain. The effects are mind blowing, soaring cerebral buzz, seems like there is no celling to the high. Brain drops out your ass.

It is most powerful staff I ever try. You can get high even on leaves with first sugar. Highly recommended!
AK47 is the PERFECT medicine for my chronic back pain because it takes away all my muscle spasms immediately and lets me relax and eases my pain. For recreational smokers I would consider this a night-time smoke since she nails you to the couch. The aroma is very strong and slightly sweet, reminding me of Sandalwood. She tastes VERY GOOD when smoked.

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Cookies Kush Feminised cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm.

Cookies Kush is a cross between the well-known Girl Scout Cookies and the equally popular OG Kush. The variety is easy to grow, even in difficult conditions and does not require special care, so it is suitable for novice growers.

It gives a good yield and has excellent taste qualities. This indica-dominant strain even won the overall title at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2014.

So, this is a good choice for all fans of Indica.
When growing, the plant can emit a strong smell, the flowering takes just 8 weeks indoors. The plant can reach to 1 m in tall. The strain opens you the deep mint chocolate and citrus taste. It has strong relaxing indica effect.

Reviews on Cookie Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Guys I am smoking one now after a few days of curing and I must say this strain is unique!
Very fruity and intense taste with a very heavy effect suitable for the evening, absolutely recommended!

The taste and overall smell are Girl Scout cookies. It is when you grind the bud that the pine and earthy Kush smell is noticeable. It is very pleasant to smoke with a mild sweetness to it and the smoke does not expand much either so no coughing fits. That is a big plus for me and something I look for in strains. Overall an excellent strain and my new favourite. I highly recommend this to my fellow growers.

This is one absolute tasty strain, you can really find the flavours of both parents, the freshness of the GSC with the lemony taste of the OG Kush.

Incredible smell and taste! The high is long lasting and strong. Perfect strain to smoke before bed or movie nights.

She has a very sweet pungent smell, and the taste is very enjoyable. You get a quite intense stone for the first 20/30 mins and then it mellows down in the head and moves into the body which relaxes the muscles. Feel very light, able and pain free. I would very much recommend the strain.

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BC God Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds by BC Bud Depot.

The BC God Bud is one of the most fragrant strains in the world. This is a multiple Cannabis Cup Winner for World's Best Indica. The variety is extremely popular among professional and commercial growers. This is the result of combination of God, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk genetics.

The plant develops dense heavy buds with a fat layer of sparkling crystals. This indica dominant strain contains 75% Indica and 25% Sativa genetics. The flowering time is only 8-9 weeks indoors. The plant also suits for outdoor growing where it produces heavy yields in mid-October.

The smoke provides a strong body effect and a calming potent taste.

Reviews of BC God Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Men in term of beauty I think there is a clear winner, this thing is so beautiful, just look at it.

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Zamnesia Seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies is a top-shelf American import. This feminized strain combines the best of the breed into a delicious treat that is absolutely not for children. This is a good plant for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors, plants will reach between 85-105cm. This does not impact yield, however, which is an impressive 425-500g/m².

Grown outdoors in warm climates, she will reach between 150-190cm. Outdoor yields bring in an encouraging haul of 425-475g/plant, especially when harvested around the optimal time (October). The delicious aroma and taste of Cookies is sweet and earthy.

But it is the strain’s high THC content that is the real “dessert.” At 22%, she can easily overwhelm new smokers. For those looking for a high-yielding, highly potent bud, Girl Scout Cookies is the new kid on the block with a budding reputation!

Not only is Girl Scout Cookies outrageously potent, but it took home 2013’s High Times Cannabis Cup for the best indica category. Judges unanimously agreed that Girl Scout Cookies had what it took to become a Cannabis Cup winner.

Reviews of Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The smoke might be a bit too cerebral for daytime use, kind of a confusing high, still a great strain to get to that level of highness where you are floating above the average world.

A real good discovery, a taste to die for.
Even if I had already tasted this strain before, especially in Amsterdam, here the taste is much stronger and pleasant.
A taste of coffee with milk bathed in a haze flavour, a real delight.
Thank you Zamnesia for this top strain.

this girl was surprisingly not nice to smoke she smells sweet and earthy but taste really gassy for some reason the high is great though nice body relaxing high buds turned out great super compact covered in trichs and are solid as a rock.
smoke 10/10
high 9/10
taste 10/10
density 9/10
growth 8/10
yield 8/10

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Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

Zkittlez is one of the most unique Cannabis Cup winners of all time.

Zkittlez Auto is a popular auto flowering hybrid of Zkittlez with increased yield and growth. It has 23% THC. The strain will be good for relaxing on the couch or for meeting friends, because it balances well between the effects of sativa and indica.

 The variety needs a lot of watering and responds well to fertilizers, but the production of resin is huge. The main cola almost reaches the size of American footballs and has a unique triangular appearance. The variety likes fertilizers and abundant watering.

It is recommended to use carbon filters because of the strong smell during flowering. Zkittlez Auto grows compact no more than 1 m in height. This is a good choice for any growers. The strain grows well indoor and outdoor and yields up to 300 grams after 9 weeks.

Reviews of Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Smell - Very sweet almost like candy and a little floral
Taste - Very smooth (all weed tastes the same to me)
Effects - sedating, potent, and calming.

She gave some dense sticky buds. They are covered on the plants very evenly and she almost did not produce any small popcorns.
The plant itself is easy to grow and develops a beautiful shape. I am really happy how went it well. The quantity was also above average having in mind I had not been doing any LST
Taste when smoking Zkittlez is insane, I would say it is a mixture of sour and sweet candies with a little scent of lemon on the top and a berry marmalade.
I would definitely advise others to try the strain, you will not be disappointed.

These girls were a real treat to grow. Wonderful smells. Beautiful buds. The yields look pretty good. I will update with numbers just as soon as I can. Along with some regular harvest photos. She is a really powerful strain and the trichomes look great. Very impressed with this grow.

I highly recommend Zkittlez Auto. This is exactly the reason I started growing my own smoke. I was tired of friends telling me that they have some great smoke only to be disappointed with stale weed that tasted terrible.

I test smoked Zkittlez with that same friend then we both sat there stuck in our chairs mentally debating to ourselves that we should have stopped at the 3rd hit not the 5 or 6 that we took before we would admit to each other that this was some kick ass smoke.

This was definitely the strongest I have smoked in years. It started with more of a head high for the first 15-20 minutes then levelling out to a more balanced head body high ending with a nice body buzz lasting about 2-2.5 hours total. The next evening, I just took 3 tokes it was the perfect amount for a part time smoker like myself.

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Chocolope Feminised Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics.

Chocolope is based on the crossing between OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze.

The plant is a dream for beginners. It is easy to get big yields of heavy buds. This plant grows high and needs a lot of space. The flowering period takes enough time of 9+ weeks. But the results make you happy. The yields reach 500-600g/m2. It is good for SoG, Supercropping and trimming. The strain has resistance to the mould and pests.

The smoke has a fruity taste with a chocolate aftertaste. It is an excellent choice for a party, it activates thought processes and provides a good mood.

Chocolope Cannabis Seeds has won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards, making it a must-have in your marijuana seed collection.

Reviews of Chocolope Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sweet flavour where the chocolatey aroma really comes out. And the high is the raciest I have had in a long time.

During cure, the buds are now a mixture smell of chocolate and a sweet blueberry. The buds are frosty and sticky, very dense.

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There you have it, Cannabis Cup winning Cannabis Seeds strains for every type of marijuana lover. You can buy these cannabis seeds from the cheapest online cannabis seeds store DCS.

Thanks for reading.


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