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Cannabis on Facebook - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Welcome to Blog 3 in my ‘Cannabiz on Social Media’ mini-series, where I look at the Cannabis Community and where they hang out across Social Media. Today we look at Facebook.

The internet is full of cool people and places to follow for your Cannabis news and media consumption. For the last two years, I’ve regularly been on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Quora, communicating with interesting people and accounts from the world of cannabis.

Cannabiz on Facebook

Facebook’s approach to Cannabis activity is a little strange. They will let you have a page to post and comment on but they won’t let you do any paid advertising, which means as a Cannabis Seed company we have to be more creative in getting in front of our audience. The other caveat with Facebook and speaking all things Cannabis is that you might be worried your old Auntie Jessie sees you commenting on Cannabis related posts and might ruin the angelic image she has of you. This may make you less likely to join groups & pages, but, believe me, there is a huge amount of Cannabis lovers and media creators on there. Let’s take a look at 5 accounts I recommend you follow.

1 - Cannabis Now Magazine -

Cannabis Now - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Now is actually a print magazine (yes, we said print), which you can pick up around the globe or online via their digital version. Their Facebook account has over 4,000,000 followers so you can be assured they have some top content to keep that audience happy. Drop them a follow today and tag DCS in a post and tell them we sent you!


2 -The Facebud -

The Facebud - Discount Cannabis Seeds

The Facebud is a cool little Cannabis Community page sharing fun content on a daily basis. It’s a take on the lighter side of marijuana and should provide you with a daily giggle as you scroll through your Facebook timeline. Drop the page a follow - you won’t regret it.


3 - Chief Greenbud -

Chief Greenbud

This page belongs to Chief Greenbud, who creates awesome music which is Cannabis themed. A lot of his music is good at making a point through jest, like this absolutely hilarious video here: . CG has over 2,000,000 followers and posts some of the best ‘Canna’ related content around.


4 - Legalise Cannabis - UK and Everywhere

Legalise Cannabis - Discount Cannabis Seeds

This isn’t a page, but a group. Groups are hard to find on Facebook as they have disabled the facility to search for Cannabis-related groups, so you need to source them via a Google search. I’m still sourcing new groups to join so if you can recommend any please recommend in the comments below. This page does what it says on the proverbial tin, so give it a follow if you are behind the legalisation movement.


5. Discount Cannabis Seeds -

DCS Facebook - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Tune into our own Facebook page too so that you can keep tabs on our latest deals, offers and promotions. We strive to ensure we have some of the best Cannabis Seed prices on the net, with Johnny the owner doing regular checks across the market, to make sure you’re getting the best deals around.

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks post. We’ve still got sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit & Quora to look at so we will be back with more next week.

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If you have any other good pages on Facebook we should be following drop them in the comments.

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Written by the Cannabis Social Media guy, Gary Eff, for and on behalf of Discount Cannabis Seeds. Til next time #cannacommunity...


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