Cannabis Seeds - Auto Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds - Auto Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Auto Seeds have a simple philosophy that can be summed up in three words: premium, easy, fast cannabis seeds.

 If you want to enjoy some of the world’s most famous discount cannabis after just 2 months of hassle-free grow, look no further this company Auto Seeds offers many cannabis seeds strains that are household names for weed growers such as Gorilla Glue, Candy Kush and Chemdog.

You can be sure that these classics have lost none of their best features when they were made by this team of breeders to flower automatically. At Auto Seeds, they love autos, and autos love them back!

Discount Cannabis Seeds

In this blog you will find the great Auto weed seeds available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Auto Cannabis Seeds are great for these reasons. 

  • Excellent genetic lineages with stable seeds.
  • Dwarf size – due to their Lowryder genetic origins, many original Auto Seeds autoflowers have a very short stature.
  • Ready in as little as 55 days!
  • One light cycle, one grow room.
  • The switch from vegetative growth to flowering is automatic, so no need for a change in photoperiod (18/6 -> 12/12)

Here are our top Cannabis Seeds by Auto Seeds. 

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Auto Seeds.

The Girl Scout Cookies Auto cannabis seeds strain just got better by inheriting auto flowering characteristics. With intense aromas and flavors of fresh cookie dough mixed with layers of oozing trichomes. Girl Scout Cookies Auto weed seeds strain is a masterpiece that all growers need to experience at least once in their life.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto weed seeds has it all. The flavor and aroma are filled with cardamom, nutmeg, caramelized sugar, roasted cacao, and notes of lemon. As you inhale, your eyes will bulge by the immense variety of terpenes present. The effects are instantaneous, and you will immediately find yourself riding a wave a pure euphoria. After the head rush diminishes, you will find yourself eagerly trying to find a comfortable spot to close your eyes and drift to sleep.

The Girl Scout Cookies Auto discount seeds cannabis strain contains a shocking amount of THC -  24% and up. These massive levels are prone to sending anyone who tries her directly to the couch. Additionally, these vigorous Sativa-dominant flowers will quickly bulk up - producing nearly 600g/m² in as little as 70-days from germination.

Gorilla Glue Auto flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Auto Seeds.

The Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds strain is for a true marijuana connoisseur - one who prizes quality over quantity. Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds does not shy away from packing on the weight by producing over 600g/m² of deeply resinous flowers. Cannabis snobs around the world will agree that this strain is an absolute winner.

Overwhelming tones of lemon-fuel, hashish, and pinesol can be found within this gem, as well as over 23% THC that is guaranteed to blow your hair back.

When growing Gorilla Glue Auto auto flowering cannabis seeds, you will find copious amounts of flowers on each plant - regardless of how you grow it. Make sure you place support poles on each plant to ensure the buds do not overwhelm the stems.

Gorilla Glue Auto weed seeds will benefit from lighting that is equal or greater than 600w HID or an equivalent LED. The plants should be no further than 40cm from the light.

Gorilla Glue Auto discount seeds produces effects that no one can resist. The moment you inhale her velvet smoke, you will find yourself questioning what day it is. Feelings of euphoria, dizziness, relaxation, and motivation are all interspersed within Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds. The finishing move from Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds is a body slam on the couch, where you will likely sleep hours on end.

Candy Kush Auto flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Auto Seeds.

Candy Kush Auto discount seeds cannabis strain that is for Kush lovers with a sweet tooth. This Indica-dominant hybrid is loaded to the brim with terpenes that offer an aroma and flavor reminiscent of burned caramel and spicy overtones. In as little as 65-days from germination, your taste buds will be begging to dip in.

The Candy Kush Auto cannabis seeds strain has amazing characteristics that every grower should want. She is very easy to grow and is highly resistant to weather and pest factors. Candy Kush Auto weed seeds contains upwards of 22% THC and 2% CBD as well. This means that although she is perfect for a recreational experience, Candy Kush Auto weed seeds provides medicinal relief as well.

When growing Candy Kush Auto cannabis seeds you must understand that she will grow up to 100cm indoors. This is a perfect height for those that have small growing areas or require a discreet plant.

Candy Kush Auto discount seeds are rapid growers and produce a single, large primary flower at the apex. Placing a support pole per plant will help to ensure your crop does not break due to too much weight from the flowers.

 Candy Kush Auto cannabis weed seeds strain is highly medicinal due to its high THC and CBD ratio. The effects are immediate, and all symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia will wash away. Once you indulge in Candy Kush Auto cannabis seeds you will never grow anything else again.

Berry Ryder Auto flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Auto Seeds.

Berry Ryder Auto cannabis seeds strain is the epitome of fast-flowering marijuana. In as little as 60-days from germination, Berry Ryder Auto weed seeds is capable of yielding up to 400g/m² of berry-flavored buds. When you’re looking for an auto flowering Indica on steroids, look no further than Berry Ryder Auto weed seeds.

Berry Ryder Auto weed seeds cannabis strain is beyond perfect for cultivators who need small plants. Berry Ryder Auto discount seeds grows to a maximum height of 60cm, which is perfect for closet spaces. Although she’s petit, Berry Ryder Auto cannabis seeds contains upwards of 22% THC, which will put you down for the count.

When growing Berry Ryder Auto cannabis seeds, you can expect small plants with spear-like buds at the apex. Small support poles will help to keep the weight from breaking a branch.

 Berry Ryder Auto weed seeds strain will benefit from being grown in an 8L container and under a minimum of 300w HID lighting or an LED equivalent.

It is recommended growing Berry Ryder Auto discount seeds in the Sea of Green arrangement.Once you inhale the sweet and skunky aroma of Berry Ryder Auto weed seeds you will be transported to a place of extreme comfort. You will instantly find repose, and your mind will no longer be occupied by negative thoughts. Berry Ryder Auto cannabis seeds packs a high concentration of THC, she will leave you blissfully dazed for hours on end.

Ultra Lemon Haze Auto flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Auto Seeds.

Ultra Lemon Haze Auto cannabis seeds strain is for the Sativa lovers who need flowers in record time. In as little as 65-days, Ultra Lemon Haze Auto cannabis seeds will produce robust flowers that are jam-packed with THC - roughly 21%. Growers will be shocked and overjoyed when the days breeze by, and they are left with over 500g/㎡ of drop-dead-gorgeous flowers.

 Ultra Lemon Haze Auto cannabis seeds strain is overflowing with pungent citrus terpenes. It is all there - pink grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and blood oranges swell to the forefront of the aroma and flavor profile. It is no wonder since this strain was bred by crossing the ultra-tasty Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Auto #1.

When growing Ultra Lemon Haze Auto discount seeds, you will find that she responds best to the 12/12 or 18/6 lighting regimen. Under a minimum of 600w HID or equivalent LED, you will watch the flowers increase daily.

Ultra Lemon Haze Auto weed seeds strain grows upwards of 80cm, which means she’s perfect for small spaces and discreet grow operations. Ultra Lemon Haze Auto cannabis seeds strain has incredibly potent effects that are not recommended for beginners. This strain provides uniquely psychedelic effects, and you will find yourself mentally stimulated and energized. Ultra Lemon Haze Auto cannabis seeds to put your head in the clouds, and you will never want to come down.

Auto Seeds are a great choice for auto lovers! At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have plenty of these weed seeds strains so shop today with us!