Cannabis Seeds The Best Sativa Auto Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Sativa Auto Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Auto flowering Sativa cannabis seeds are arguably the most important achievement of modern breeding because for many growers, it’s the only way to grow their own Sativa-dominant buds, given their climate conditions or indoor setup limitations.

Auto flowering Sativa cannabis seeds doesn’t grow much taller or take much longer to mature than any other type of auto flower cannabis seeds so it’s a convenient way to produce top-shelf Sativa smoke discreetly and quickly. 

Some growers have second thoughts about trying Sativa auto flower cannabis seeds strains because of their sprawling structure, unkempt appearance, and inferior bag appeal compared with the best Indica specimens.

However, introducing just a little bit of Indica DNA makes Sativa auto flowering cannabis seeds varieties indistinguishable from any other picture-perfect symmetrical X-mas tree. And even if not, auto flowering Sativa cannabis seeds strains have unique characteristics that make their cultivation totally worth it.


The Advantages Of Sativa Auto Cannabis Seeds.

  • Sativa auto flower seeds are better suited to hot and humid conditions.
  • They are more resistant to mold thanks to a looser and airier bud structure.
  • Their greater height and longer flowering time often translate to bigger harvests.
  • Some auto flowering Sativa-dominant seeds have unique and exotic terpene profiles.
  • The uplifting properties of Sativa cannabis seeds can’t be achieved with any other type of weed.
  • They give patients a chance to medicate heavily while remaining functional.

Lemon AK-47 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Fast Buds.

Smoke some Lemon AK Auto cannabis seeds buds and you’ll feel calm, confident, and focused, as if you had an AK-47 slung over your shoulder.

With this I-take-no-crap-from-no-one attitude, you can tackle any challenge or stress of the day and find a creative solution to any problem.

This makes this Sativa auto flower the best choice for your wake-and-bake routine on work days. Just don’t get carried away inhaling too much of this lemon-scented goodness, as the 24% THC will eventually take its toll and you’ll be lost in a world of your own.

The effect of Lemon AK Auto is highly cerebral, typical of Sativa-dominant strains. Users feel uplifted, energized, and calm after the effect quickly sets in. You will immediately feel refreshed, focused, and creative.

Lemon AK Auto is a feminised cross with a well-known family tree. Its lineage includes the legendary AK-47 and a limonene-loaded Ruderalis for that classic citrusy flavour.

Fruit Punch Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds.

Fruit Punch Auto cannabis seeds is like an uppercut to the chin that sends you flying (but lands you on your back, flat and motionless, if you smoke too much of this 21% THC powerhouse, so be warned).

It’s the ultimate smoke for partygoers because of the balanced effects that make you energized and talkative but sublimely cool at the same time Fruit Punch Auto cannabis seeds is a perfect combination to approach strangers or have deep conversations with the people you know.

Smoke these mango- and citrus-smelling buds to be the smartest person in the room or, better yet, share them with others and take that party to the next level.

Fruit Punch Auto’s effects are happy, uplifting, talkative, social, and relaxing, making it one of the more chilled-out strains available. While this strain is most popular for social situations, it can also help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Fruit Punch Auto's cannabis seeds family tree is impressive, with fan-favorite parent strains. It's a cross between Skunk, Haze, and Ruderalis. These complex sativa-dominant genetics deliver uplifting, energizing effects, balanced with a relaxing buzz from the Skunk and Haze.

As it contains 1.1% CBD, Fruit Punch Auto cannabis seeds is useful for relieving stress and soothing anxiety. This strain’s CBD content makes it great for having an uplifting social day, before chilling out as the evening winds down.

Jack Herer Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds.

Named after a famous advocate of cannabis and hemp, Jack Herer Auto cannabis seeds is supposed to be not just a tribute to a great man but an attempt to create the best Sativa auto flower ever.

Jack Herer Auto cannabis seeds plant has just enough Indica influence to improve on such essential characteristics as yield and bud quality her oversized fleshy colas pack a lot of weight and produce up to 700g/m2 (2.3oz/ft²).

At the same time, the breeders made sure that the effects would remain pure Sativa, with an immediate onset and an intense cerebral rush accompanied by a buzz of bodily euphoria.

Equally as famous as the man it is named after, the Jack Herer Auto cannabis seeds strain carries a legacy which is presently enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts all over. This hybrid is a creative mix of Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk genetics, which features the spicy herbal taste of the original strain but also provides a relaxing indica feeling.

Jack Herer Auto cannabis seeds  consists of sativa, indica, and ruderalis genetics and is immensely capable of relieving pain and tension in the body.

In appearance, Jack Herer Auto is much like the original Jack Herer cannabis seeds strain  the new version is rather mini-sized and given its auto-flowering nature, can be grown nearly anywhere.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, this cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow and a good option for novice cultivators and experienced veterans alike.

Orange Sherbet Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

Orange Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds offers that no-ceiling smoking experience where the more you consume, the higher you get, but never to the point of feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Instead, you’ll be brimming with creativity, exciting topics for conversation, and bright ideas about anything you happen to think about. With 24% THC in her dense and crystal-covered nuggets, Orange Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds feels refreshing both to the palate and the mind, while the body is filled with a happy tingle.

Orange Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds is very generous at harvest time, yielding as much as 650g/m² (2.1oz/ft²) indoors and up to 300g (10.6oz) per plant outdoors.

You will notice its social butterfly effect and a boost of energy. That carries through from start to finish of your next session. Consumers enjoy this strain for its creativity and to remain busy all day. When you feel like you’re dragging in the afternoon, try some Orange Sherbet Auto.

Orange Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds buds are also extremely resinous and ideal for making concentrates. No matter your preferred smoking method, you'll enjoy these flowers each time.

Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Expert Seeds.

Amnesia Haze Auto cannabis seeds is a genetic that has endured for decades. This particular cultivar has been perfected for nine generations, with breeders painstakingly working on productivity, plant size, and flowering speed while retaining every precious Sativa trait.

The sweet, floral, and woody notes are a reminder of the plant’s exotic origins, and the effects are like the tropical sun  it energizes and exhilarates when taken in moderation but makes you motionless when you have too much of it. To be honest, with 21% THC, the boundary is kind of fuzzy.

As with all Haze strains, Amnesia Haze Auto cannabis seeds effect will be typical Sativa energetic, uplifting and cerebral which makes it a great strain to use while the sun is up. Flavors and aromas are sweet and flowery with hints of earth and wood.

Amnesia Haze Auto cannabis seeds buds will be long, airy and fluffy providing for average yield up to 80g per plant outdoors or up to 550g/m2 indoors.

By adding Ruderalis to the mix, Expert Seeds have increased resistance to pests and disease allowing growers to grow it, even in harsher environments and climates, although to get the best results, warm and sunny climates, or greenhouses are best solutions for outdoor.

Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Delicious Seeds.

When shopping for Sativa auto flower cannabis seeds, don’t pass on Critical Neville Haze Auto cannabis seeds as you rarely come across such a high Sativa dominance 90%  in any other auto flower. But don’t worry, this isn’t an untamed variety likely to cause you trouble.

The influence of Critical Mass genetics guarantees massive yields of large, rock-hard buds, and they only take 80-85 days to reach full maturity. The high is a blast of energy and creative mood, purging you of fatigue and providing fuel for the entire day.

Critical Neville Haze Auto is an auto-flowering feminised cannabis seeds strain created to please all of our Sativa lovers. This sweet and powerful strain came into our hands as the result of crossing Neville Haze Auto with Diavolo Auto. It is high in THC and evokes a long-lasting state of euphoria.

Critical Neville Haze Auto is one of the cannabis seeds strains that have the highest Sativa percentage and just 10% Indica. Critical Neville Haze Auto cannabis seeds may be cultivated indoors and outdoors, producing 600g/m2 and 400g/plant respectively, according to your possibilities and space because this version actually comes smaller in size but without compromising the product in quantity or quality.

Critical Neville Haze Auto cannabis seeds it has a great resin production, plenty of buds and abundant crops. It’s a lovely choice for novice growers and usually takes approximately 80-85 days to reach full maturity.

Look at our list and you’ll notice how many of the auto flowering Sativa cannabis seeds strains bear citrusy names. It’s because the terpene called limonene contributes to the tonic vibe associated with a good Sativa. The juicy Auto Orange Bud cannabis seeds is a perfect example of a citrus terpene profile, but it also packs a mind-boggling 26% THC. This beast will huff and puff and blow down the tolerance that you’ve built for years but if you learn to moderate your consumption, it’ll be your best friend in any creative endeavor or leisurely pursuit.

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