Cannabis Seeds The Best Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Seed Stockers breeders are always try to create special genetics, but it is the public who has the last word and decides which strains are most worthy of legendary status. That’s why we have created this list of top sellers by Discount Cannabis Seeds which is a guide to the must-haves in your garden.

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What makes a variety of marijuana better than another? 

Taste, resin production, flowering and speed.

In reality we can’t just look at one or two parameters, but it is the combination of several virtues that makes some cannabis seeds strains become the favourite of growers. Normally a team of breeders work hard to create genetics that meet the highest quality in several ways.

Here is why the variety makes better cannabis seeds which is better cannabis for the consumer. 

The taste and aroma of cannabis seeds strains is one of the elements that makes them appealing to the public. The most trained palates are always looking for new taste experiences that will surprise them. For this reason, those genetics that manage to differentiate themselves with a remarkable taste are more likely to stand apart.

Hardiness/ease of cultivation that a plant is resistant to. You need a cannabis seeds which is resistant to pests and disease and also does not require much care is a big relief for cannabis many growers since these plants will have a better chance at reaching full maturity.

Cannabinoid profile: We know that there are many cannabinoids beyond THC, and that they have multiple properties that are very useful. At Seed Stockers they have worked hard to create both strains either from high CBD or High THC. All this without forgetting the varieties with high levels of THC that many users like so much.
Productivity: that a cannabis seeds variety has a high yield will undoubtedly be one of the characteristics that contribute the success of a genetic.

Here are Seed Stockers most popular cannabis seeds. 


Critical genetics have for years stationed itself as one of the most cultivated around the world, and few varieties are as complete as it.

This classic maintains its popularity year after year as one of the primary selections for consumers. When seed stockers breeders began the selection process they were clear that they had to give a twist if they wanted to get an improved version of Critical, so they put all their efforts to get create a real monster out of BCN XXL CRITICAL

A hybrid born from crossing elite selections of Kritical Bilbo and Critical + cannabis seeds which comes directly from the Basque Country.

Once the best individual of this crossing was selected, our breeders crossed it with a selection of Critical. 

The result was the most resistant and productive version of this genetic ever created.

A cannabis seeds variety that produces huge harvests of very tight buds that emanate an intense citrus aroma with a lemony aftertaste, and with yields like these there will be enough bud to fill the pantry for a long season.

BCN XXL cannabis seeds is one of the multi-awarded of our catalogue with a fast flowering period of 8 weeks, this variety produces flowers full of resin with a high THC content (about 23%) so it is a variety that you should consume with caution if you are new to cannabis.


In the breeding and creation of this variety Seed Stockers focused on getting particularly huge harvests of very high THC buds (around 22%). This might be why BIG BUD cannabis seeds has become a best seller, as many consumers find it a quick way route towards obtaining large yields of flowers with a high-flying effect.

This strain was created by crossing elite selections of an Afgani and a skunk cannabis seeds variety. One of the great virtues of Big Bud cannabis seeds is its great stability, which comes from its Skunk ancestry. This leads Big Bud cannabis seeds to produce very uniform crops in each cycle. However, it is necessary to watch out for fungi and diseases that can settle in its tight and dense buds.

For this reason, it is recommended to be careful to maintain proper humidity levels, and not allow them to rise to high during the flowering stage when growing indoors.


AK420 cannabis seeds is Seed stockers is the result of a careful selection of the legendary AK-47; a genetics of Sativa dominance very easy to cultivate which offers an excellent production in a very short time (only 8 weeks).

A variety that develops plants of medium height, which are filled with resinous and compact buds with a penetrating aroma of wood, citrus and spices. One of the great virtues of AK420  cannabis seeds is that it is very versatile, so it offers good yields both indoors and outdoors. 

Its THC levels are medium, and thanks to its profile of terpenes and cannabinoids, this variety produces a psycho activity at first cerebral and fun that then gives way to a very pleasant relaxation. It is the variety that many choose for socializing and have a good time with friends.

CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Seed Stockers.

Coming from the cross between a CBD Skunk Haze X Amnesia Auto, this cannabis seeds CBD 1:1 has a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC (with about 9% each), making it the most popular choice among medicinal cannabis seeds growers. 

It does not need more than 20 hours of light per day and it takes around 85 days before being ready for harvest, with a height that is not too showy, so it will be perfect to go unnoticed.

Its buds are large and compact, covered with a large amount of trichomes  which evoke the citrus aromas and flavours of lime with lemon, with effects that are relaxing at body level and a very balanced psychoactive touch.

Undoubtedly, this is an ideal plant for those medical users who are looking for an automatic plant with a high CBD growing. 

Golden Lemon Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Seed Stockers.

A feminised cannabis seeds GOLDEN LEMON HAZE cannabis seeds that uses genuine Haze genetics (Lemon Haze x Golden Amnesia) and produces one of the best cannabis to grow, guaranteeing excellent results with only 10 weeks in flowering.

It is a beautiful looking plant, with resin coated buds that have a golden glow when ripe. With a THC content of over 23%, which causes a powerful effect, open-minded and high euphoria, which then leads to a pleasant feeling of body relaxation, so it also has certain medicinal properties.

Golden Lemon Haze cannabis seeds is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. Although where you will get its best version is in organic crops, obtaining buds with a powerful Haze aroma and a very fresh taste in the mouth, marked by a strong aftertaste of Skunk that lingers on the tongue.

With all these amazing cannabis seeds plus many more from Seeds Stockers available at Discount Cannabis Seeds you will be spoilt for choice. 

Low prices and amazing quality cannabis seeds what more could you want?

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