Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

A number one cannabis seeds bank by Humboldt Seeds are back and with new cannabis strains!

If you are looking for the cheap weed seeds uk then Discount Cannabis Seeds is the perfect shop for you. 

In this blog you will find the best weed seeds strains by Humboldt Seeds.

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The cannabis seed bank Humboldt Seed Organization showcases a wide variety of feminized seeds derived from Californian genetics noted for their excellence, heavy yield, strong effect, and genuine flavours and aromas. Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have selected the very best weed seeds ones. 

Humboldt Seed Organization has developed a collection of auto flowering cannabis seeds using elite Californian genetics: a set of innovative seeds that preserve each and every of the old-school traits with which everyone will be able to enjoy the amazing sensations provoked by these top-quality genetics, regardless of their region or their experience. Enjoy the most exclusive Californian gardens!

OGKZ Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

OGKZ cannabis seeds' parents, the famous Zkittlez and OGKB (OG Kush Breath), boast lots of hype and bag appeal, the Zkittlez is one of our favorite tasting weed seeds strains.

OGKZ cannabis seeds is a stunning marijuana plant that oozes terps and quality. You can "taste the rainbow" after the first puff. A longer veg growth is recommended for OGKZ cannabis seeds indoors while outdoors the greenhouse and dry, warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates are preferred. The production of resin is above average.

The aroma of OGKZ cannabis seeds is gassy and sweet, and reminds of citrus fruit and cedar, while the intense flavor is gassy with hints of pine, incense, grapes and cinnamon. OGKZ cannabis seeds that produces a powerful, long-lasting, clear, cerebral effect.

Reviews Of OGKZ Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Excellent strain to grow you must try!! 3/5 mold resistance - compact buds and dense, even the stem heavy in resin 5/5 and 5/5 for the zkittlez taste! Really long lasting indica cerebral effect.

Love this strain. I grew it next my beloved gg4 clones and the ogkz just oozes out the terps just like the description! I was happy to smell all kinds fruit notes with a dank kushy gassy background. It’s hard to choose a pheno because they are all winners! Good job humbolt and keep up the great work! 

I would recommend this strain to anyone. The taste and smell are amazing. I will run ogkz again soon.

Chocolate Mint OG Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Deriving from the cross of Emerald OG and Grandaddy Purple, the origins of Chocolate Mint OG cannabis seeds are pure and of great quality. It is an exceptional fast-flowering marijuana plant constantly radiating quality which is especially beautiful to observe during the flowering phase due to the purplish hues it takes on.

Not particularly resistant to moisture, Chocolate Mint OG cannabis seeds is advisable to control its growth when growing indoors. Sybarites will fall for this Californian wonder from the very beginning. The icing on the cake is its incredible yield, allowing for the production of generous crops of dense big buds with an intense scent.

Chocolate Mint OG cannabis seeds has a very deep flavor and aroma, with hints of chocolate, mint, pine and spices, with an acid aftertaste. The effect of Chocolate Mint OG cannabis seeds providing both physical and cerebral long-lasting sensations, is so potent that only the most experienced users ought to make use of it. Chocolate Mint OG cannabis seeds should be present in the collections of those in love with high-potency strains.

Reviews Of Chocolate Mint OG Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

I've grown this strain both indoors and outdoors. Indoors I was very impressed. Outdoors I was blown away. Both methods produce a very nice product. %100 germination success every time on my 5 seed purchases both times I've grown this. As always I am happy I chose Humboldt Seeds and would strongly recommend this strain. Easy to read. Resilient. High yield. It smells amazing! 5 stars!

The best strain I have grown for years very consistent 100% germination strong complex flavours and high Highly recommended with beautiful rockhard buds A1 strain.

Wonderfull growing strain. Very potent and complex taste. Great yield with rock hard buds.

Blueberry Headband Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Blueberry Headband cannabis seeds is a cannabis hybrid which blends together potency, aroma, flavor, and high-yielding as majestically as it could have been expected and with the best possible quality. HSO has succeeded in creating this new cannabis creation by crossing the Blueberry and the 707 Headband.

The result of Blueberry Headband cannabis seeds is a cannabis plant that yields plentiful crops with subtle fruity notes highly appreciated by the general public. When indoors, it is necessary to control Blueberry Headband cannabis seeds growth and, during the flowering period, the contact with low night temperatures will lead to the emergence of extraordinarily beautiful reddish and purplish tones.

Blueberry Headband cannabis seeds will tempt even the most demanding users thanks to its intense flavor and aroma, brimming with nuances of spices and aniseed. Its effect, a combination of cerebral and physical, is really potent and long-lasting. This high-quality Blueberry Headband cannabis seeds will meet the expectations of those experts looking for seeds with high potency.

Reviews Of Blueberry Headband Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Blueberry headband has to be my favorite strain. Glad I went through HSO because it’s the only way. Plants are vigorous.

This is my new favorite strain. Solid potency without a heavy stone, and overwhelming smell and flavour. Grew two plants and got one of the early pheno and one of the standard 70 day. Early pheno was super dense, covered in crystal and was a gorgeous purple with dark orange hairs. The second to pheno wasn't as dense and had just a bit less crystal and was green with very light colour hairs. Both have an obnoxiously strong odour with the first pheno being more floral/pungent and the second has a citrus smell and taste. Definitely a strain worth growing again.

Probably the best tasting girl to come out of my greenhouse this year. It didn't look big but it yielded very well. Surprising because it showed early problems Potent, a surprisingly uplifting and energetic high for a 70% indica. I was very surprised and impressed with the yield, I did not handle this plant nearly to its potential. It went almost black and so full of terps the leaves tasted like blueberries. Loved it. Definitely trying again next year see if I can make it even better!

Chem Bomb Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization is a highly productive and aggressive auto flower created from some classic American weed seeds. Strong and hardy lateral branching is achieved in the first month of development, which later supports very large and dense bud sites. 

Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds displays broad fan leaves with good spacing between internode sites, allowing for deeper light penetration into secondary layers of the canopy.

Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds Plants begin flowering after just 30 short days, and they will continue stretching into the 55th day of the flowering period. Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds is ideal for short summer seasons and is best grown in high density. During the early stages of development, light watering is recommended to maximize growth rate prior to the flowering period.

Aggressive metabolic demands require very strong feeding regimes both indoors and outdoors. Single trellising is recommended to assist in very large bud development in the final stages of the flowering period. Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds performs well in both dry and humid climates due to strong disease resistant characteristics.

Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds has gassy and lemon citric overtones are followed by sharp pine and woody undertones. The Indica-leaning weed seed expression makes for strong cerebral effects followed by a long-lasting body high. Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds is Great for end of day use.

Reviews Of Chem Bomb Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

very fast germination !!!All 3 seeds popped 2nd day and performing great for the moment they seem strong we'll have to wait to see the quality of the end herb.

With all these incredible weed seeds available to buy from Discount Cannabis Seeds plus many more on our website visit us to shop for your cannabis seeds today.