Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Strains Christmas - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Strains Christmas - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds - Humboldt Strains Christmas - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

We are coming up to the best time of year ....Christmas! In this blog you are going nuts trying to find gifts for the ones you love for the perfect cannabis seeds.

What if this year, instead of buying the typical socks, books or perfumes, you innovate and give your loved ones peace of mind, happiness and relaxing.

Fill your Christmas tree with cannabis seeds that will turn into beautiful plants which will, in turn, bring a little color and happiness to the ones you love. Discount Cannabis Seeds have made a blog so that you can choose the cannabis seeds strain that best suits each member of your family.

In this blog you will find the best weed seeds from Humboldt Seeds!

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Chocolate Mint OG Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Deriving from the cross of Emerald OG and Grandaddy Purple, the origins of Chocolate Mint OG Cannabis seeds are pure and of great quality. It is an exceptional fast-flowering marijuana plant constantly radiating quality which is especially beautiful to observe during the flowering phase due to the purplish hues it takes on.

Not particularly resistant to moisture, it is advisable to control its growth when growing indoors. Sybarites will fall for this Californian wonder from the very beginning. The icing on the cake is its incredible yield, allowing for the production of generous crops of dense big buds with an intense scent.

Chocolate Mint OG Cannabis seeds has a very deep flavor and aroma, with hints of chocolate, mint, pine and spices, with an acid aftertaste. The effect of Chocolate Mint OG Cannabis seeds  providing both physical and cerebral long-lasting sensations, is so potent that only the most experienced users ought to make use of it. Chocolate Mint OG Cannabis seeds should be present in the collections of those in love with high-potency weed seeds strains.

Green Crack 2.0 Feminised Cannabis Seeds b y Humboldt Seed Organisation.

Green Crack 2.0 cannabis seeds is a marriage between two heavyweights on the family tree  a High Times Cannabis Cup winner and a heavy Indica perfected over many decades. Skunk #1 was created by crossing several strains from America and Asia, while Afghani, appreciated for its heavy resin genetics Green Crack 2.0 cannabis seeds derives its name from the Afghanistan mountains, believed to be the place of origin of cannabis thousands of years ago.

With a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica lineage like this Green Crack 2.0 cannabis seeds it's no surprise that Skunk #1 and Afghani are at the forefront of this genetic masterpiece.

You’ll forget what fatigue is after only a couple of hits of this Green Crack 2.0 cannabis seeds and its nearly 20% THC. Dive deep into a trippy, active high while feeling awake, positive, and motivated the perfect combo for focusing and feeling good at the same time. Green Crack 2.0 cannabis seeds induce a psychedelic influence, complete with visual distortions and a sense of time slowing down.

Chem Bomb Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds Organisation.

Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds has a relatively modest THC rating of around 15.52%. However, that number belies what are, in fact, very strong effects from this 65% Indica/35% Ruderalis hybrid. The high begins in the mind with very powerful cerebral effects, and is soon followed by a deep and long-lasting body high. It’s therefore recommended to save Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds for the end of the day or the weekend.

Chem-Bomb Auto weed seeds has a very interesting aroma and flavor profile that tends to exhibit two very different personalities in one plant. On one hand, the aroma is predominantly diesel, but on the other hand, there’s also a lemony citrus smell that’s just as strong. Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds is heightened by notes of pine and wood, making this strain one with a lot of character.

Chem-Bomb Auto cannabis seeds is an auto flowering weed seeds that rewards careful attention by growers with some rapid and impressive grows. It does well in both dry and humid climates and is especially good for areas that have a short summer. It’s highly resistant to disease and should be lightly watered early on before flowering.

OG Kush Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seed Organisation.

OG Kush Auto cannabis seeds has rapid vegetative growth and long internodal spacing. Good light penetration allows for rock solid flower development all the way to the bottom of the plant. Finishing around 1,2 meters at the 75 day mark, staking is recommended as this weed seeds strain tends to stretch more than any other.

OG Kush Auto cannabis seeds has complex flavors with strong, dominant pine cleaner and petrol overtones accompanied by citrus and pepper undertones. Powerful cerebral effects OG Kush Auto cannabis seeds followed by a couch locking body high.

With these great cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seeds you will find your perfect weed seed strain this christmas with Discount Cannabis Seeds.