Cannabis Seeds The Most Trippest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Most Trippest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Most Trippest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Have you ever been so high from cannabis that you have tripped out? In this blog I will give you the most trippest cannabis seeds.

Smoking cannabis can trip you out and if you have experienced this you will know what to expect. All those beautiful colours, faces start to change and the world seems bigger and brighter. 

If this is the type of experience you want then these cannabis seeds will give you that so you will be buzzed out of your head. 


Trippy Gorilla Cannabis Seeds by Big Head Seeds. 

Say hello to a strain that combines the clear-headed effects of a Sativa with the amazing grow properties of an Indica. Trippy Gorilla cannabis seeds from Big Head Seeds is guaranteed to please both growers and users, with a THC rating in the mid to high twenties.

While she may be a hybrid, her effects are pure Sativa and will go straight to your head. With a delicate aroma of pine and citrus, she also smells great, making her a good choice for when you have guests or nosey neighbours.

Trippy Gorilla  is a feminised Sativa-dominant hybrid that grows aggressively by nature, rewarding cultivators with impressive harvests.

This unique and standout strain is sure to make some noise in the cannabis community, both for growers and consumers.

Her flowering time is just 8 weeks or 56 days, after which you’ll be rewarded with incredible yields. For outdoor grows, Trippy Gorilla cannabis seeds flowers in October.

Calamity Jane Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Buddha Seeds.

Buddha Seeds’ Calamity Jane Auto cannabis seeds is a Sativa-dominant autoflowering strain that’s certain to help you find your way to nirvana.

After just a few tokes, you’ll find yourself lifted by waves of euphoria and bliss up into the clouds.

Expand your consciousness by pairing this strain with some relaxing yoga: first, enjoy her sweet citrusy flavors, then plop down on the mat for some super elevated stretching.

This lady is really potent, so it may not take much until you’re riding that high! 

Calamity Jane Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds strain is not difficult to grow, but it’s a little bigger than most due to its Magnum’s inherited Sativa-dominance. Not ideal for novice growers who don’t know how to manage big auto-flowering plants.

But a big difference from its Magnum genetics is that it will be done sooner, being ready for harvest in just 75 days.

After these 11 weeks, yields should be around 100g per plant but can reach up to 250g per plant if at least 20 hours of light are given per day and proper nutrients are provided. Indoor yields are usually about 600g/m2.

Calamity Jane Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds strain produces flowers that are dense and resinous, filled with trichomes that contain THC levels of up to 20%.

Such rich crystalline production may lead to easy moisture build up, so make sure to have proper growing and drying environments


Durban Poison Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Nothing will throw you for a loop quite like Durban Poison cannabis seeds. Your first impression of this delectable dame will be the spicy, fruity flavor, reminiscent of licorice and cherries.

From there, the effects are immediate and can even be slightly disorienting.

Cannabis Users have even reported visual and auditory hallucinations after smoking Durban Poison cannabis seeds, but typically with quite an uplifting attitude.

Pair this psychedelic strain with some mulled wine or hot apple cider for a smoky stroll through the snow, and see what delights the world has to offer you! 

Photoperiod strains that are adapted to cold climates aren’t exactly known for their potency. However, Durban Poison cannabis seeds seems to be an exception.

With up to 22% THC Durban Poison cannabis seeds is a strong weed, and for an outdoor Sativa, such levels are just short of a miracle.

Gorilla Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

A list of the most  trippest cannabis seeds strains would not be complete without Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm, another auto flowering variety that busts out potent buds in a fraction of the normal time.

Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds tests at 25% THC and above, inducing a super stoney experience with her hybrid-tastic effects.

This strain will lift your spirits to an absolutely euphoric level, with long-lasting effects that will have you grinning for hours. 

There's a reason why this cannabis seeds strain remains popular among medicinal and recreational users. It produces a highly relieving body high effect.

You will also experience a psychedelic experience like many Sativa strains offer. The effects start minimally before creeping into total knockout territory, so beware.

Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds produces potent levels of THC at 25%+. While there is zero CBD content, it still has medicinal user fans. With a percentage that high, it's safe to say it works well for any consumer.

Black Ghost OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

A legendary cross that’s proven to be one of our favorite psychedelic cannabis strains, Black Ghost OG cannabis seeds from Original Sensible Seeds is certainly unique.

Bred from Colorado Ghost OG and Black Domina, this cannabis seed is pungent, kushy, and strong! Tasting of strawberry candy, she might just be the perfect date for a trippy picnic in the botanical gardens.

You’ll feel ultra-relaxed, yet with stimulated senses, making this strain ideal for soaking in the beauty of nature. 

Black Ghost OG cannabis seeds comes from a very select cut of OG Kush which allows her to deliver large yields of dense, resinous flowers which have a fresh, grass-like smell during early flower which becomes more complex as she matures.

She grows best in temperate climates and is ready for harvest at the start of October while indoor growers can harvest after 56 – 63 days.

Indoor yields for this Indica dominant cannabis seeds are up to 450 g/m2 and outdoor growers can expect to bring in as much as 700 g per plant  fantastic returns on such little time investment. 

Crystal METH Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

If you’re really looking for a strain to break bad, Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds is your girl. This auto flowering cannabis seeds strain from FastBuds is super high in THC and easily one of the trippiest weed strains out there.

Her piney aroma will send you on an adventure of creativity and energy! Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds is sure to be the perfect companion for a colorful art session, or even for a trip to your local modern art museum. 

Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds has a very pleasant smell, taste and aroma; nutty with piney undertones, and due to her genetic Sativa-dominance, her effects are creative, energetic and happy.

Due to her combination of a high THC and high CBD content, she’s used medicinally for treating stress, migraines and nausea among other ailments.

LSD-25 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

Sure to deliver a truly psychedelic experience, LSD-25 Auto cannabis seeds lives up to her namesake.

Another strain from FastBuds, LSD-25 Auto cannabis seeds is one of the most psychedelic strains on the market.

Such a potent dose of THC 21%, to be specific makes for a truly cerebral experience that can lead to a more psychedelic trip. Don’t worry though, this girl is still pretty chill, and you’ll definitely enjoy feeling a happy connection to the universe. 

The effects of LSD-25 Auto cannabis seeds are highly euphoric, at times almost psychedelic, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The strain is also used medicinally to treat symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis, stress, anxiety, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

With THC levels usually testing at up to 21% and CBD at around 1%, LSD-25 Auto is a highly potent strain.

What is better than getting lost in cannabis! With all these cannabis seeds strains plus many more we will supply your trip!

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